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  1. Ranger1

    Book Cliffs

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-01-14 AT 10:06AM (MST)[p] Here is the 20 inch 3X3 we got that the domestic dog had torn out a third of the hind quarter off of Seep Ridge road. Was able to share with DWR about the dog and hope they found him...
  2. Ranger1

    Utah Spring Turkey

    Just had a call asking about Spring Turkey hunting in Southern Utah. Looks like great weather for the opening weekend. Anyone have their spots stacked out? My wife has the CWMU tag at New Harmony just can't get her down there for this weekend. I had the same tag last year and had a great hunt.
  3. Ranger1

    Utah Youth General Deer Rifle tag

    Can youth who draw a general rifle deer tag hunt all three seasons this year? I know they could last year but don't have my Big Game book handy. Thinking of taking my youngest out on the smoke pole maybe with less competition than on rifle to try to get his first deer.
  4. Ranger1

    Wyoming Deer Area 120 or 118

    Considering putting my son in for area 120 or 118 for Wyoming with his two points. How is the public access in both of these units or do you have to go through private? How is the size of bucks- would like to get him a 160 buck for his first one? How is the terrain for the hunt- it is...
  5. Ranger1

    Wyoming Antelope Area 80

    Anyone have some info on area 80 for antelope in Wyoming? Considering putting my son and I in for it for this fall. We have 2 points. How is access to public and is there good hunting on public? How are the size of the bucks? Like my son to better his first buck this past fall 73 incher...
  6. Ranger1

    Utah East Canyon Archery Moose

    I was able to get a nice bull on second morning of Moose season with my bow. Was a twenty yard shot. He went 40 yards total. The shot was a pass through which I can't believe. I followed up with a couple other arrows to insure he was done. Not the biggest moose in the unit but a real nice...
  7. Ranger1

    Utah East Canyon Moose

    I drew this tag finally after fourteen eyars of applying. Been scouting southend so far and access is issue. Does anyone have some pointers? Going to start checking out north end now that snow has melted. I'm planning on hunting with my bow and willing to hike. I have a friend with horse...
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