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    Gray Wolf in Tuolumne County

    So cute looking.
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    Man, started watching this show on Paramount. Anyone watch this? Who's the chick on there? Dang!
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    Working out

    I was in excellent cardio and strength shape before this China virus hit. Haven't done chit in the last 3 months or so and lost all my gains. Started hiking again the last couple weeks. Planning on upping the cardio and doing strength training again. So damn hard to get back into it. I'm in...
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    12pts Antelope

    Hi, My son has 12pts for elk/deer/antelope. I in the other have 9pts for deer and 6pts for antelope. So our current plan is to apply for unit 67 antelope this year with 9pts average for antelope and scout for deer (same unit) for the following year which we will average 11.5pts. What do you...
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