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    Bookcliffs roadless access

    The road up hay canyon is better than the road up Sego, but it is also a place you dont wanna be with a heavy rain. It is better at times, but the county has been pretty lazy the last year and it's been real washboarded.
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    spot and stalk mt lion in Utah

    There's very very few cats left on the Bookcliffs. I'd say we need to quit beating this dead horse, but dead horses would do wonders for the Bookcliffs. The cats aren't the problem out there. There are far less cats now than when the deer herd was good. They need to shut down deer and elk...
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    spot and stalk mt lion in Utah

    Can't tell if this is sarcasm or the dumbest comment of the week....
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    GoHigher wouldn't be able to find the fight. But he'd give everybody directions to the wrong place....
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    Where is our money going?

    The lions, bears and turkeys are also doing terrible in many places of the state. It's hard to see much beneficial coming from all the money the division takes in. Maybe they used it for their alaska fishing trip for all the head guys to go with sfw, or maybe sfw footed the bill on that so they...
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    I'm not hunting this specific hunt. It is however in my back yard. My day job is in the unit as well as all the time I spend hunting and guiding in the area. I certainly wouldn't cash points on this HAMS hunt.
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    The DWR is doing just about everything possible to destroy everything in the Bookcliffs. You've got a far better chance of killing a good buck on a general hunt than this hunt.
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    You should probably research what this HAMS hunt is about. Anything you were seeing on a bison hunt is almost certain to be irrelevant for this hunt.
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    Best Archery LE Elk Unit

    Some people complain about the early archery dates, yet some of the biggest bulls in Utah are killed every year because of the early dates. If you want the best archery chance at a giant, do Boulder and call Ryan Carter. You could also look at some mid tier units for rifle or muzzleloader hunts...
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    OTC Bison

    If you buy the OTC tag, you will forever be ineligible for the OIL bison draw tags.
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    OTC Bison

    Honestly if you haven't had some prior experience with this country and all the permits, access difficulties and private land, it will be super tough. The DWR will make a bunch of money off tags, but very few buffalo will be killed.
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    Book Cliffs South sheep info

    I live in Green River and may be able to help you out some. Send me a PM or my number is 435-820-1553.
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    Mt. Dutton packer

    If Mecham Outfitters is available, you wont find better people for the job.
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    Utah Tooth Data

    It seems pretty common that they don't send the tooth packets til the very last minute. We've had several non resident clients that didn't get their packet delivered until they were already here on their hunt.
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    looking for a good butcher/processor near the manti unit

    Ungerman meats in Huntington does a good job. They also do taxidermy, so they should be able to take care of whatever level of work you need done. We've taken several clients animals there.
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    Sep. 23th - Oct. 1st Here's a buck from that hunt last year.
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    Watch today's Wildlife Board work session

    I am also speaking of the board and Wade specifically. He passes what is good for him. We're now at the point we have so poorly managed some species that we have to attempt to wipe out other species to cover up the failures. But keep drinking that koolaid.
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    Watch today's Wildlife Board work session

    I'd have to disagree. I think our game management is in a downward spiral. I think the university studies are positive, but the wildlife board decisions have been a whole bunch of negative.
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    Watch today's Wildlife Board work session

    Sure was refreshing to hear Wade Heaton say that neither the public opinion or the RAC recommendations matter. The only people that matter are the 7 board members. Aren't we so lucky to have that mentality on the board.
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    Bear pictures!

    Add another for the hound guys.
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    Utah bear back from the taxidermist

    Just got my bear mount back as well. It's always good to get them home to look at and relive those memories.
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    Trophy Buck on the Wall Photo Contest!

    The 2 together are Bookcliffs bucks. The other biggest buck is my grandpas that I am lucky enough to have at my house. It was his first buck, on a general unit, shot with a borrowed gun in the 60's. Official B/C score of 240"
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    Distance of sego canyon dirt road

    15 miles, about 45 minutes.
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    Book Cliffs Archery

    Couple points to consider from someone who spends his life on the unit. There are some of the better bucks killed right off the road every year. As much as it seems lazy, when the roads go right through where the deer are, it makes sense to use the roads. The unit is nothing like it was 15...
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    Book Cliffs Archery Deer

    It's really dry and dusty out here right now. Things are starting to green up, but if we don't get more rain it won't last long.
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    Utah Sheep Tag

    Congrats. Looks like you'll be in my neighborhood come November.
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    Any CCs been hit yet?

    Contact Mecham Outfitters
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    Book Cliffs Roadless Bear (Spring)

    I agree. I've made phone calls and sent emails trying to understand the camping ban. But I'm nobody and my opinion doesn't matter. Maybe if they hear from more people. Contact the Southeastern Utah Health Department if you wish to comment on the closure.
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    Book Cliffs Roadless Bear (Spring)

    Quick update for those interested. Still can't access the roadless from either end by truck. Quite a bit of snow melt in the last week, but still a ways out. Also, camping is currently prohibited in Grand county. They have been out patrolling heavily. Grand county sheriff's office has gone...
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    Kennetrek size 15 mountain extreme Uninsulated

    Could be. I wear a 15 sometimes but definitely happier with a 16 Kenetrek.
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    Kennetrek size 15 mountain extreme Uninsulated

    I wear a 16. I love Kenetreks but everyone has different shaped feet. People have this idea that there aren't any people that big because you don't find them in box stores. There are actually quite a few guys that wear bigger sizes, unfortunately there are limited options for gear.
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    Bear cc hits

    It was fun hunting with you guys. Let me know if you decide you want some help again.
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