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    Poll: Would you support banning baiting (except for bear) in Utah?

    Well somebody on the trail cam ban brought up that he was surprised everybody wanted to ban trail cams but not baiting. I am willing to bet that more people would even be willing to ban baiting than trail cams. I am for banning trail cams during certain times of the year and baiting all...
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    Utah Trail Cam Ban

    Could we up the buck to doe ratio already, goodness. I know I know, it may not help herd numbers but it would help increase mature bucks. And do the counts after the winter is over.
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    Utah trail cam tax

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    Utah moose draw with 22 points

    Ogden, hands down, probably can't draw though.
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    Utah Trail Cam Ban

    I for one hope it passes. Go ahead and ban my rangefinder, long range rifle and anything else. I want hunting quality to increase. I want my kids to be able to get tags. We have to limit technology at some point.
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    You Shootin'?

    Shooting for sure!
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    Now, who’s going to WIN the Super Bowl?

    I hope the Bucs win!
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    Extremist threat

    Once the Capital was attacked, they felt like they had the green light to push their agenda into hyperdrive. More violence will only make it harder for us law abiding citizens to own guns and do what we love. We must keep our wits. We must protest effectively but peacefully. They want us to...
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    The purge has begun

    I couldn't agree more. This is no different than Hitler and the Nazis burning books to keep people ignorant and hide the truth.
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    Places to backpack in southern Utah this time of year?

    Yes, of course😉. I have to carry in my ribeye steak.
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    Places to backpack in southern Utah this time of year?

    Cabin Fever is Setting in. Need to get out in the mountains. I was wondering if you guys know of anywhere in southern Utah where the weather is decent where I could go backpacking with my family of 7. My youngest two are six years old. The oldest is 13. We could probably go in 2 miles. My wife...
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    No hunting

    Good luck buddy!
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    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    I would pass. Who knows maybe sitting there watching him in real life I would change my mind and shoot him. I hope I wouldn't though.
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    Would you make a play?

    Yes and yes
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    Last Day

    That is a sweet buck, nice job. I could not care less that she's sitting on the buck. Apparently it is not politically correct. Therefore, I would make sure that I sit on every animal I shoot when taking a picture. 🙂👊👍
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    Favorite Movie

    Braveheart, Legends of the Fall, and Lord of the Rings
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    One hunt, one Animal...

    Multi-season Henry mountains deer tag
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    More Firsts for Daughter

    Awesome! You can tell she is full of personality and life!
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    Are masks working

    No, I think that is the wrong decision. Schools must be left open for numerous reasons I won't go into all of them here. If you are vulnerable or have vulnerable people in your household then it is your responsibility to isolate. Yes we can try to be careful, wear masks in certain situations...
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    Are masks working

    These kids that get sick almost never ever end up in a hospital bed. They are nearly impervious to the virus. If you have a kid at the high-risk then that's when you think about keeping them home. I bet you'd be hard pressed to find 1 single healthy school age kid in an ICU bed in the entire...
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    Are masks working

    Shutting down schools is a horrible idea. The consequences of the kids missing school, from academics, to social health to mental health has been devastating. Suicide, depression, anxiety has jumped off the charts. Students in K-3 have been hit hard academically! These kids are at virtually 0...
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    Just curious? Women hunters- will they handle anything/everything?

    My wife is my best and favorite hunting partner. She's tough as nails. Doesn't mind the cold, or getting up early in nasty weather. She is all in and is always optimistic which gives me a boost. She doesn't enjoy cutting up the meat or gutting the animal, but I enjoy doing it for her. She does...
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    Did you change Thanksgiving plans?

    Have you seen the survival rates? 1 in 300,000 die if you are under 65. Just terrifying🤥.Founder you are more likely to get killed in a car driving up to Wyoming to hunt. But you do that. Plus I remember when you went shed hunting in Wyoming during the whole closure. I guess you were okay with...
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    First CO buck

    Nice job Spencer!
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    2021 General Deer.

    I agree, that is what I am doing. I have picked a unit that allows me to pack in and stay in my seek outside tent with a wood burning stove. Should be an adventure!
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    Made it to the club. B&C Utah buck!

    Nice job. Some people get weird about people sitting on bucks. Some people think it's disrespectful, but really people are just posing for a picture and not thinking much more about it. People that chime in about that are getting caught up in the thick of thin things. Awesome buck!
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    Teepee tents with a wood-burning stove.

    Anybody have any suggestions on a backpacking shelter that you can stand up in and has a wood-burning stove. I'm aware of seek/kifaru. Any other brands I should look at?
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    2021 General Deer.

    I know there are 170 bucks in every unit. However, I do believe there's more in certain units. For example, me and my extended family have hunted the Ogden unit our whole lives. In the last 12 years between six or seven tag holders we have taken 3 bucks over 170. One of them is mine. It is rough...
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    2021 General Deer.

    I know all General units are tough. However, I do believe some are better than others. A decent unit to me is the high possibility of seeing a 170+ buck every couple years of hunting and scouting.
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    2021 General Deer.

    PM sent!
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    2021 General Deer.

    I'm going to switch up my general deer unit. Tags in the west are getting harder and harder to get. I want to pick a decent unit and stick with it for a while. I'm looking at Panguitch Lake, Pine Valley, Beaver, or Boulder. Of course the size of deer matters but I won't ask you guys about that...
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    How Dumb Can You Be.

    I shake hands and will continue to shake hands to anyone that sticks out their hand to me. This whole thing is so blown out of proportion that it is insane!
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    Unit 34 deer

    Saw this one last weekend. Looking for something a little better.
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    Unit 34 deer

    Hey slightlysober. I sent you a p.m. check it out.
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    Unit 44 one day to hunt

    I would maybe even turn in the tag again. No use wasting your time 44/4th season when you can get plenty of meat from a cow elk.
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