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    Poll: Would you support banning baiting (except for bear) in Utah?

    Well somebody on the trail cam ban brought up that he was surprised everybody wanted to ban trail cams but not baiting. I am willing to bet that more people would even be willing to ban baiting than trail cams. I am for banning trail cams during certain times of the year and baiting all...
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    Places to backpack in southern Utah this time of year?

    Cabin Fever is Setting in. Need to get out in the mountains. I was wondering if you guys know of anywhere in southern Utah where the weather is decent where I could go backpacking with my family of 7. My youngest two are six years old. The oldest is 13. We could probably go in 2 miles. My wife...
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    Teepee tents with a wood-burning stove.

    Anybody have any suggestions on a backpacking shelter that you can stand up in and has a wood-burning stove. I'm aware of seek/kifaru. Any other brands I should look at?
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    2021 General Deer.

    I'm going to switch up my general deer unit. Tags in the west are getting harder and harder to get. I want to pick a decent unit and stick with it for a while. I'm looking at Panguitch Lake, Pine Valley, Beaver, or Boulder. Of course the size of deer matters but I won't ask you guys about that...
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    Grizzly kills bull elk

    Man they are impressive animals! Not only to have the endurance and speed to catch a bull elk, but then to have the strength to actually kill it, drag it out of the water and eat it. Maybe the elk was either tired or injured from the rut but still.
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    What does this bull score?

    What does this bull score?
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    Swarovski question

    what is the difference between atx and stx?
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    Absolute Alaska Adventures

    I wanted to give these guys a shout out. I wasn't able to go with them due to covid-19. However they worked hard and quick to get me my refund even though I cancelled 4 days before I was supposed to go because I was supposed to quarantine. He gave me the full refund before he even got the money...
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    More practice on scoring.

    Shot this buck in Wyoming 2007. What does he gross. I will post score Sunday night. The multiple choice questions are scattered, and not in order from smallest to biggest.
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    What does this one score.

    I've got a buck here that I shot in 2015, and I know what he scores. After seeing some of the guesstimates differ by as much as 40 inches on some deer I posted I'm curious to see how close everyone gets to bucks I actually know what they score. I'm not an official scorer but I'm sure I'm within...
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    Poll, what will this one score

    Here's another one guys. I just think it's fun and interesting comparing my guesses with others. This is not a giant Buck but one of the better ones I saw. Curious to your opinions.
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    Choose where you think you will finish it

    I already posted a thread on this but wanted to turn it into a pole question. However, I could not delete my old question.
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    Where will he finish

    Went on a scouting trip. Saw some decent bucks. He was probably the best. Curious to see what you all think. It will depend on how good his back Forks finish.
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    Grizzly eating a dead cow

    Not the best pics because it was getting dark but wanted to share these. There was a dead Angus cow out in a Meadow. I said we would stay till 9:40 and watch it. It was literally 939 and 59 seconds when I held up my binoculars for one last glance. This grizzly shot out of the Willows like a...
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    Where will he end up scoring?

    160ish is my guess, maybe a touch better. What say you?
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    Backpacking/ Fishing in the Uintahs

    Our youngest kids, 5 year old twin boys are finally ready to go backpacking with us. We are looking for their first trip to go 2-3 miles in and be able to camp and fish on streams and lakes. Thanks for any suggestions. We are planning on going mid July.
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    Antler growth pics.

    So I don't have any pictures of yet but as soon as I do I will post them up. I thought it would be fun to start a thread and post up some pictures of bucks along with the date and the state. Let the fun begin. I would love to see what you guys have been seeing and how far along the Bucks are...
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    Dad made a mistake, need unit 40 private land access

    So my dad Drew a unit 40 deer tag and was super excited. Come to find out he put in for private land only by mistake. He is ready to just get his money back and lose all his points. I told him to hold off and I would try to see if I could find him access for private land. Any phone numbers or...
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    So what are you in for?

    Well deadline has came and passed. I'm nervous point creep might get me. We are in for 34 regular with 11.3 points as a group. Let's here what you all put in for.
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    If you had the points would you go unit 34 or 89

    I know some of you will say region G. I think 89 and 34 are pretty similar would love to hear your opinions if you have any.
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    Environmentalist learns hunting helps wildlife

    Give this a watch pretty cool. Too bad more people aren't this open-minded. When an environmentalist discovers that hunting h…:
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    Distance of sego canyon dirt road

    I'm taking my kids and wife backpacking into the roadless bookcliffs. Once you leave Thompson Springs how far is the drive on the dirt road until you reach the trailhead? Thanks everyone!
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    Torn between unit 141 unit 34 and region G deer

    Well not sure what to do and the days are winding down. I pretty much know what I'm getting with region G but would love to talk to anyone that has personal experience on unit 141 and unit 34. Please PM me if you wouldn't mind talking about these units. I would love to talk over the phone if you...
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    Elkassassin, stop the secrecy

    I've been on this site for over 7 years now. I always anticipate you drawing your elk tag but it hasn't happened yet. So tell us, what unit are you putting in for, San Juan? How many points do you have? If you draw you better document the whole hunt for all of us. Every year the draw comes out...
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    Unit 141 deer

    Wondering if anyone has experience in this unit and would be willing to talk about it with me. Send me a PM with contact info if you don't mind, thanks all.
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    Good heck, can I go camping yet?

    So I am trying to find out where if anywhere in the state I am not allowed to camp. I was hoping to go camping in Grand county the first week of May. Does anyone know where to find this information?
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    80/20 split, for Nonres/res in every state

    I am a Utah resident. I would be all for 20% of tags to go to NR. It would hurt resident odds a little but drastically increase non-resident odds.
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    Hunting season's closing down?

    So Alaska has shut down there bear hunting. Other states have shut down turkey hunting. I received an email from Eastmans saying they think there's a ten to fifteen percent chance that our fall seasons will be closed down. I can see closing down places like Africa or even Alaska where many many...
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    Davis Tents and Delivery Time

    So I love hunting out of and staying in wall tents. My wife was starting to bug me about getting a trailer. I have a hard time spending $10,000 to just let a trailer sit out there in the sun most of the year and rot. She is way cool and agreed to let me get the grizzly package wall tent from...
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    Was your biggest buck off a limited entry unit, private land or general season public land

    Curious to see what the response is. My biggest buck was off of a limited-entry unit. My second biggest buck which was real close to my first buck was off a general season unit.
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    Confused about Nevada draw

    I also posted this in the Nevada forum. Here is the question. So I understand the squaring of the points. What I don't understand is how the first through fifth choices work. For example in Utah, you will almost never draw your second choice because all those tags are gone after first choice...
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    Confused about Nevada draw

    So I understand the squaring of the points. What I don't understand is how the first through fifth choices work. For example in Utah, you will almost never draw your second choice because all those tags are gone after first choice, let alone third fourth or fifth. The way I understand it, is you...
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    Wyoming non res tag quota decrease

    I am hearing that Wyoming may decrease their non res tag quota. Heard it on an Epic Outdoors podcast. Buzz, what are you hearing?
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    Idea for Win-win for deer and hunters!

    This is nothing that has not been said before but if we get everybody on the same page with this maybe we could let our voices be heard through surveys, emails RAC meetings and other avenues. I believe the tag numbers right now are 60% rifle 20% Muzzleloader and 20% archery. Let's go 33% on...
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    Late Season Elk Hunt Video

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-12-19 AT 09:14PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Dec-11-19 AT 08:17?PM (MST) by Founder (admin) The last couple years I've just made YouTube videos for family and friends. However, this hunt was pretty cool and I wanted to share it with you guys. I tried to capture the whole...
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    Dolores triangle elk.

    We are going down to help a friend on this hunt. My brother had the tag a couple years ago. We know where we're going to hunt and know where elk have been in the past. Just curious if anyone's been down there deer hunting, and would be willing to share some information on elk sightings. You can...
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    Tripod recommendations.

    Just looking for tripod recommendations out there along with their price point. I'm not too worried about weight. I have a backpacking tripod and the smaller spotting scope that I use when I need to backpack somewhere. I'll be using the new tripod I'm looking for with an 85 millimeter razor. I...
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    For sale: Browning X bolt 300 WSM stainless stalker

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-16-19 AT 08:42AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-16-19 AT 08:41?AM (MST) Asking 840 bucks has about 200 rounds through it. Willing to negotiate on price if interested thanks. Ps. I also have Winchester brass and a cleaning Rod that goes with it if you are interested in that.
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    Thoughts on Colorado point creep

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-09-19 AT 07:36AM (MST)[p]I have a dilemma now that Colorado does not post their results until the Wyoming deadline has passed. I could draw a pretty good hunt in Wyoming next year. Then in 2021 put in for Colorado when the season dates are very late. The unit in Colorado that...
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    Craziest/Worst Opening Day.

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-19 AT 08:52PM (MST)[p]With the Utah rifle opener coming up it got me thinking and laughing about some things that happen on opening day. Here in tardville about 3 years ago on the archery opener I was excited to watch this basin where I had seen a handful of good bucks...
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