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    CVA Paramount Pro for Sale

    I am selling my (Very difficult to find) CVA Paramount pro with 10 packs of bullets (150 rounds), nightforce NXS 3.5-15 F2 mill dot scope and the extra accessories that I purchased separately. It does NOT come with the bipod. I bought this gun in September and took it on my NM elk hunt. I have...
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    Mule Deer Voucher needed for 68,681,682

    I am looking for a 2nd season voucher for my son and I am looking for a 3rd season for myself. If you have a voucher or know of someone that has a voucher please let me know with a PM. Thanks
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    Colorado mule deer 68,681,682 - Needed

    I am looking for a 2nd or 3rd season unit wide Mule Deer voucher in 68,681,682. If anyone has one for sale or knows of someone who might have one for sale please contact me with the information. Thank you.
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    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    GOOD LUCK to everyone on CC hits today!
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    Unit 51, ELK UW archery tag for sale

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-19 AT 07:46PM (MST)[p]I have a New Mexico unit 51 elk, UNIT WIDE archery tag for sale. The dates are (Sept. 1-14) or (Sept. 15-24). I paid 2900.00 for the tag and I am just trying to get my money back out of it. I am selling the tag because the tag holder is having health...
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    Kiabab guide

    I have a 12A west early rifle tag and am looking for guide options. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Good luck on CC hits

    Good luck to all on CC hits. Those who are lucky enough to draw are going to have an amazing year. Still a lot of moisture!! Good luck!!
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    Point creep / Deer

    How bad is it going to be on a good moisture year following a terrible moisture year. I have 12 pts and hoping to draw a early rifle NR tag. Took 10 pts last year but feel it will be tough odds.
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-07-19 AT 05:35PM (MST)[p]It would be great if AZ posted results today. Doesn?t look like it's going to happen. Utah deadline is tonight and was hoping to know what tag one of my family members drew.
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    Today is the day for cc hits

    Good luck if the cc hits start rolling today!
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    Hopefully the results will be out soon. Good luck to those who have an app in!!!
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    323 goat tag

    I drew a 323 - 20 Mt goat tag. I am looking for input on the use of a guide or DIY. Any info would be of great help. Thanks
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    Montana Mt. Goat 323

    I drew a NR Montana 323-20 mountain goat tag. Not sure if I should consider a guide or DIY. Any info would be a great help. Thanks
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    2nd draw results

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-21-17 AT 08:10PM (MST)[p]So when is the day? Hoping for better odds than the first draw.
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    Tripod for spotting scope

    I am looking to buy a new full length tripod for my Swarovski spotting scope and binoculars. I will need it to fold down so that I can pack it in with back country hunts. Would like to spend around 400.00. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Tripod for spotting scope

    I am looking to buy a new tripod for back country hunts. I have a Swarovski spotting scope and binoculars and would like to buy one tripod for both. I would like to spend 400.00 at the most. Would also like a full length tripod. Any input would be great. Thanks
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