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  1. tailchasers

    wolf reintroduction bill

    Having a chat with Kate Greenberg, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture this evening with the wolf introduction as one of the topics. At this point we are pressing them to follow the plan and not expedite the introduction. Should be interesting.
  2. tailchasers

    New Traeger

    3-2-1 ribs are impossible to beat. Dammit now I want some baby backs.
  3. tailchasers

    2021 point creep

    Spend those points! We have yet to decide if we are going to play the Colorado game this year. Not sure it's worth it even with the later seasons. Numbers and quality are chit then add tag increases? I guess hunting is better than no hunting.
  4. tailchasers

    New Traeger

    Serve him, I've not tried searing in bacon grease but I will now. Great idea! My preference is steaks in flame or screaming hot!! I like the char and it holds the juices in better IMO. I've done a couple of Tri-tips as well on the traeger and they were ok but again my experience has been best on...
  5. tailchasers

    Resourceful woman...

    Seems to be a recent trend around here as of late. Sooooo I'll play too.
  6. tailchasers

    I had no idea.....

    Homosexuality is natural selection.
  7. tailchasers

    I had no idea.....

    Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. Screw chickens for all I care but don't force your sexual preferences upon me or anyone else nor expect special treatment.
  8. tailchasers

    New Traeger

    I use oak and get a bit more heat outta it. Don't do steak on it cuz it doesn't get hot enough, that's what the propane grill is for. Make bacon, hamburger, ham, fish, pork, turkey, brisket, pastrami, & chicken all wonderfully and truly it's hard to screw meat up. Keep the burner pot clean and...
  9. tailchasers

    You Always Knew They Are Mentally Screwed

    Polis' partner is a PETA puffer. True story!!
  10. tailchasers

    Make a run to Canada

    Not sure Canada would even let you drive in today. If ya fly in maybe.
  11. tailchasers


    Not a Utah resident but feel it should be banned. To many hunting advantages in favor of humans.
  12. tailchasers

    Colorado Wolves Next Steps
  13. tailchasers

    Hatfield custom knives

    RELH. You hiring? Sounds like business is good.
  14. tailchasers

    31 is getting seeded

    A large group of people freaking out about the potential risk to the water supply so they had to start. Irritating though that other areas with similar or more severe fire damages from recent or previous years are largely ignored. Just glad to see them do something proactive to restart the...
  15. tailchasers

    Co. Unit 21 cell service?

    On the ridges your fine. Verizon is primary carrier. If ya have a booster it helps a bunch.
  16. tailchasers

    .30-.30 dies

    I'm presently working on a 30-30 myself. Have gone so far as to casting my own bullets due to the limited bullet supply. And I'll be SOB if gas checks are moving into short supply. Nothing is easy right now.
  17. tailchasers

    Good caliber for western hunt

    Muzzle brake.
  18. tailchasers

    It should be fine

    Chit, chit, chit, chit.... Hale Mary full of grace....
  19. tailchasers

    Won’t lie

    Welcome back Hardway!! Dad gave detention to some of the crew with a few others deciding to take break after being encouraged by dad to take a pause without him giving a chit.
  20. tailchasers

    Dean Martin - The Bar

    They sure don't make comedy like they used to.
  21. tailchasers

    More Pigs

    What a swell guy offering up assistance!:ROFLMAO:
  22. tailchasers

    Texas is not made for the cold

    Texas can stand in the face of a hurricane holding a budweiser, bbqing a hog, flipping the eye of the storm the bird but get a little cold and they fold up. SMH. 🤠🤠 Hang in there!!
  23. tailchasers

    Gun control coming?

    Don't disagree but the court also carries a verdict that can be nearly impossible to overturn. Consequences for pushing 2A legislation with a gun friendly court can be risky to the party-cause setting a large legal precident. I think they will try something. But what?
  24. tailchasers

    Gun control coming?

    Que the media for selective gun violence.
  25. tailchasers

    What was the toughest job

    Worked beef too at Packerland in Hospers, Iowa. Clean up crew. I had the blood pit.
  26. tailchasers

    Gun control coming?

    Huh, never seen this coming.
  27. tailchasers

    What was the toughest job

    Hog shackler at a slaughter house. I lasted 2 days on that job. Boss noticed me and my build and knew right away what he wanted done. Pay/benefits were great but what an awful job back in the 80's. The hog was shocked, shackled, and stuck in the jugular in 2 seconds 7,500 hogs a day.
  28. tailchasers

    What are you folks doing tonight?

    Started with The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, moved into Quigley Down Under, now Rango. Perhaps a little to good tonight.
  29. tailchasers

    What are you folks doing tonight?

    Hung a new light over the reloading bench in my shop. Stacked wood for the week, enjoy a brar and tater salad meal, and watched Quigley Down Under. Took a nap too. Mighty fine day if I don't say!
  30. tailchasers

    Talk me out of it !

    Happy with 160's. So would many other hunters in 21. Sure its possible but let's be realistic realizing a 3.5 yr old deer in 21 is the norm. Even in 3rd season ya find dam few in that range. It's what it is and our local CPW biologist would agree.
  31. tailchasers

    Unit 22 colorado

    Live in Rangely and USED TO hunt 22. We now hunt other areas because of the units downfall that is not just limited to unit 22. Every adjoining unit has fallen and will fall even harder. CPWs management is heartbreaking and will continue to faulter. What has been said is very true and sickening...
  32. tailchasers

    Mass for Dayz...

    Well chit New York! Mass!!
  33. tailchasers

    Change my mind

    Fingers crossed.
  34. tailchasers

    Hunting music

  35. tailchasers

    Can you sell area coordinates legally?

    Sounds like a great way to make the hunting system work better.
  36. tailchasers

    3rd or 4th Season This Year

    I here those midwestern whitetail hunts are a blast. As a matter of fact I know they are. Grew up in Iowa and know first hand the whitetail quality vs muley quality is way better comparatively. Sucks because muleys are one of the top reasons we moved to Rangely. Friggen dumbbells at CPW and the...
  37. tailchasers

    Utah trail camera and baiting season bill

    Fine examples there you shared with baiting and trail-cams is on the proposed chopping block. Got a few others on that sweet list too that could be included. I contemplate fair chase too and when is enough advantage to man enough? Tough debate for sure.
  38. tailchasers

    Another big un

    Big SOB !!
  39. tailchasers

    Utah trail camera and baiting season bill

    Legislation blows but with so many pressing the system for all it's worth is there much other choice? Don't like it? Then maybe we do a better job as as hunters and leave some advantage to the game.
  40. tailchasers


    Reloading components are doing the same. Dam shame.... Wife asked if I'd be willing to sell a few boxes of 22s and use the cash to buy a new diesel.
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