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  1. tvbrewster

    Favorite Trail Cam Pics - 2020

    Halloween visit trick or treat. Caught up to him on 12/18.
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  3. tvbrewster

    Jan 10th goose hunting

    Nice looks like a great hunt.
  4. tvbrewster

    Jan 10th goose hunting

    How many guns for that pile?
  5. tvbrewster


    If he is still alive can you hold my hand and take me to the promised land? PM me and I'll try to draw the tag for this fall.
  6. tvbrewster

    Gila Bull

    You done did well. I'd say that he is just north of 375 great lookin critter.
  7. tvbrewster

    Bull Elk Photo Contest ... Let's See Pics!

    Muzzleloader Bull
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  9. tvbrewster

    Archery Success

    Great 5 X 5 nice long tines congrats.
  10. tvbrewster

    Dad’s last elk hunt

    Thanks for sharing happy to see you guys get it done.
  11. tvbrewster

    2020 BIG BUCK and BIG BULL Contests!

    Nice 340 class NV elk I took with an open sight muzzleloader.
  12. NV Elk 2.jpg

    NV Elk 2.jpg

  13. NV ELK1.jpg

    NV ELK1.jpg

  14. tvbrewster

    What does this bull score?

  15. tvbrewster

    2020 Bull Elk Scouting Photo Contest

    Another phone scope video of the same bull. We could identify him by his broken fifth on his left side. Killed him the next evening with my muzzleloader.
  16. tvbrewster

    2020 Bull Elk Scouting Photo Contest

    Phone Scope video of bull I ended up killing. I've got a couple different ones.
  17. tvbrewster

    Shotgun slugs for elk

    Depends on your gun. I have a Savage 20 gauge model 220 that shoots the Remington 2 3/4" AccuTip 260 grain slug best. Get your slug gun then start testing with some different slugs.
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  19. tvbrewster

    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack on my back!
  20. tvbrewster

    Elk in 075

    Soft over weight aging white guy that bought an elk voucher in 075. What's an average bull for this unit?
  21. tvbrewster

    Spring Hunts Photo Contest! Let's see um'!!

    Corona hair turk.
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  23. tvbrewster

    Pics of my sons bull on the hoof...

    Love it. Impressive on all counts
  24. tvbrewster

    Best OTC bull

    Archery Elk 2010 Montana General Unit.
  25. Montanaelk2010.jpg


  26. tvbrewster

    New Mexico land owner tags.

    Yes I've done it. That being said it was not for one of the more coveted units. Get the list and start calling, all they can say is no.
  27. tvbrewster

    Time for my annual 'the wasatch is just fine' post.

    Great pics you guys definitely know how to get it done on the Wasatch. Looks like David Blanton killed a great bull with you guys.
  28. tvbrewster

    What was your best year of Elk?

    Killed 2 one year. One with a bow the other with my muzzle loader.
  29. tvbrewster

    Win a Bino/Rangefinder Harness - Easy to Enter

    Please Set Me Up with Goodies
  30. tvbrewster

    Wyoming Archery Elk - video

    I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing.
  31. tvbrewster

    Elk ivory jewelry?

    Had this made for my wife for Christmas.
  32. tvbrewster

    That was easy!

    Went slick for me and I'm usually challenged with such tasks.
  33. tvbrewster

    maroon bells ER

    I think he meant Labor Day.
  34. tvbrewster

    WIN a Gunrunner Pack! - Easy Entry...

    "Dude, of course I want to win the pack!"
  35. tvbrewster

    your best concert

    Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, and the Band. Watkins Glen NY Summer Jam 1973.
  36. tvbrewster


    Started hunting here in Connecticut Sept. 15th. Killed a decent WT buck on the 16th. Continue to bow hunt as I have 3 more tags for bow season. Went to Wyoming for rifle opener October 1st killed an elk the first day, so back to CT. Had a week of waterfowl Oct 12-19th killed a bunch of ducks &...
  37. tvbrewster

    Guess the score #1

    372 1/8
  38. tvbrewster

    Murderers Creek Hunt

    Call Cody Cole he is an outfitter doing hunts in that area. He would be able to help. 541-620-2431.
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