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  1. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 74 Early Rifle

    Personally if I was sitting on 18 points with the lateeeeeee season dates coming at us I’d be looking at 3rd season hunt. Coloradoboy
  2. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 74 Early Rifle

    Not to piss on the parade but there isn’t a unit/hunt that’s even remotely worth 18 points in this state. Coloradoboy
  3. The_Coloradoboy

    Swarovski NL Pure 12x42's?

    Honestly I have no problem hand holding my 12s. Actually hand hold them better than my EL’s
  4. The_Coloradoboy

    Best Antelope Hunting in Colorado

    The north park herds have really been struggling as of late. I initially was chasing unit 6 before I dumped points on 3/301 back in 2018. You honestly can’t go wrong with 2/201 if you want to hunt the NW part of the state and have the points to do so. Just make sure you’re willing to camp out...
  5. The_Coloradoboy

    Best Antelope Hunting in Colorado

    Wouldn’t be a bad option, or dig into some of the units in the south central part of the state.
  6. The_Coloradoboy

    CO Early Rifle Thoughts

    74 would be my top choice followed by 65
  7. The_Coloradoboy

    Best Antelope Hunting in Colorado

    As far as the coolest country to spend time in I would go 2/201. You’re going to be hard pressed to find anything pushing the 80in mark on public land in Colorado but you should be able to find something in the mid 70s just fine. Coloradoboy
  8. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado's Wildlife demise.

    Don’t even want to get started on this....
  9. The_Coloradoboy

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    I’m not the best about keeping up with PM’s I apologize. I think point creep is going to be absolutely insane this year with the season dates that are coming. Doing a third season hunt would be my personal preference between 2nd, 3rd and 4th. If the stars align 4th season is going to be a merely...
  10. The_Coloradoboy

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Anyone who’s ever done that 44 early rifle hunt will tell you it is a damn tough hunt. A fair majority of the big deer in the unit don’t live in the high basins in the summer or even the actual unit for that matter in September.
  11. The_Coloradoboy

    Advice sought for 2021 deer

    Honestly you’re in a pickle that a lot of people are... I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again there’s not a unit in this entire state worth even close to those amount of points in this day in age. Most know that I spend a lot of time in 44 (I’ve grown up in it and it’s 30 minutes from my...
  12. The_Coloradoboy

    Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Toyota vs Others

    For a hunting rig you can’t beat a Toyota in my opinion. For towing I’m running a 2020 6.7 powerstroke. Just got a Chevy Colorado with the 2.8 duramax for a daily driver. I have no brand loyalty when it comes to vehicles.
  13. The_Coloradoboy

    Gunnison Basin Outfitters

    Sometimes the best thing is for two men to bury the hatchet and move on. I’ve learned over the years a man who admits his own faults is a lot more or a man then those who seeks faults in his fellow man. Coloradoboy
  14. The_Coloradoboy

    Do you have a concealed carry permit?

    Yep, got it as soon as I turned 21.
  15. The_Coloradoboy

    Gunnison Basin Outfitters

    I think you need to call me someone time and let’s hash this out. I don’t claim that to be perfect by any sense. I did some dumb chit 10 years ago as a 19 year old kid as a lot of us have. I’ll own up to it any day of week. I sleep just fine at night
  16. The_Coloradoboy

    Gunnison Basin Outfitters

    Not sure what to tell ya man I don’t design the website or answer the phone I just hunt. But you’re welcome to call me and voice your concerns 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. The_Coloradoboy

    Gunnison Basin Outfitters

    1-800-641-0504. You should call and let them know your opinion.
  18. The_Coloradoboy

    Gun suggestions?

    6mm or 6.5 creedmoor
  19. The_Coloradoboy

    Gunnison Basin Outfitters
  20. The_Coloradoboy

    Gunnison Basin Outfitters

    All can say is if your my client, you’ll get my best no matter the unit. Coloradoboy
  21. The_Coloradoboy

    Gunnison Basin Outfitters

    What unit are looking at? I can personally guide you in 54. But if you’re looking at 55 or 66 I would highly recommend Lazy F bar.
  22. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 44 3rd season

    Man those were the days... here’s a solid 230 dad killed back in the late 80s in
  23. 1670926E-1328-4BBD-9F15-7D929390AE9F.jpeg


  24. The_Coloradoboy

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

  25. 94207A8A-B9EA-4855-A10C-937094F6783E.jpeg


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  28. The_Coloradoboy

    More Trophies Photo Contest ... Bino Harness Prize!

    Here’s a few of my favorites from 2020
  29. 0EA031CA-74FE-456A-AF58-E4A9FD3EE5A5.jpeg


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  33. The_Coloradoboy

    OTC Co elk

    It definitely takes some work to consistently get it done in OTC units each year but usually those who work hard at it are typically rewarded. A lot of people are generally lazy on the OTC hunts which is why the success rates are as low as they are. I’ve honestly haven’t had much of a problem...
  34. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 76 colorado

    Really fun hunt in my opinion. Killing something over the 300 to 315 mark can be really challenging but it is one of the best “experience” hunts in the state as far as hunting beautiful country that is loaded with elk. Coloradoboy
  35. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Elk

    Neither of those units are really an option with 5 points as a non residents
  36. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Elk

  37. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Elk

    How many points does he have? Coloradoboy
  38. The_Coloradoboy

    HEY Coloradoboy/Piebald Deer???

    Yep I have seen that doe. Pretty cool.
  39. The_Coloradoboy

    Savage 110 ultralight

    No I’m developing a load for it with the new 153.5 Berger hybrids.
  40. The_Coloradoboy

    Co unit 40 Hunt!

    Was fortunate to hunt 40 and 61 this year. 61 first season with my brother and unit 40 3rd with my dad. Both were damn fun hunts. Honestly I find 61 to be an extremely overrated unit as far as trophy quality goes. Spent a lot of time scouting in and seen some solid bulls through the summer and...
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