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  1. elkhunterUT

    License for application

    yep - if you were able to complete the application process, then they had a valid license. The system will not let you finish if you don't have a valid license without either purchasing a new license as part of the current transaction or leaving the application and purchasing a license and then...
  2. elkhunterUT

    Utah Bear

    I'll definitely keep that in mind! I didn't realize Washington had so many bears.
  3. elkhunterUT

    Utah Bear

    Would love to - can you send me a couple waypoints? :ROFLMAO:
  4. elkhunterUT

    Wasatch LE Elk vs Fish Lake

    Pretty equal in all reality - on the Fishlake, many of the elk move to private property/CWMU with pressure. Similar challenges on the Wasatch. Quality of bulls is about equal. Agree with other posters to pick the unit you know best and can scout the most. That is what will make the difference.
  5. elkhunterUT

    How many pairs of hunting boots do you own?

    I bought a new pair of Zamberlan boots last year and have loved them so far. I also have a lightweight pair of Asolo boots that I really love if the weather is good.
  6. elkhunterUT

    Utah Bear

    Here’s a couple pics of my Nebo bear from 2017 to get you guys excited that draw this year. It was such a fun hunt
  7. Utah Bear

    Utah Bear

  8. Great Looking Utah Archery Bear

    Great Looking Utah Archery Bear

    Forum member, elkhunterUT, shared this photo and others in a Utah bear hunting thread. Here...>>>
  9. Utah Bear

    Utah Bear

  10. elkhunterUT

    20 Resident Points in Utah

    My hunt was everything I wanted in a good elk hunting experience! Spent around 25 days scouting leading up to my hunt and watched a lot of different bulls both through the spotting scope/video and on trail cam. My hunt ended quickly opening morning on a bull I had been watching since July, but...
  11. elkhunterUT

    20 Resident Points in Utah

    I had 21 points last year and went with the Pahvant muzzy tag, so I was in your shoes last year. If you have opportunities to hunt elk in other states, I would hold out for your San Juan or Boulder muzzy tag. I honestly would take the muzzy tag over an any weapon tag every day of the week and...
  12. elkhunterUT

    Utah Bear

    Drew the Nebo multi-season tag in 2017, so after my waiting period and only one bonus point going into the draw this year, I don't have much of a chance, but someone has to draw, right? (y) ;)
  13. elkhunterUT

    Super Duper Mega Archery Buck

    Wow that is an awesome buck - love all the mass! What state?
  14. elkhunterUT

    How’s the Wasatch Elk Herd?

    The top units are pretty much OIL already. The quality of bulls on these units is better overall than the middle tier units, but not enough to justify waiting 30-40 years for one crack at a bull that MIGHT be 20-30" bigger than you can kill on the Wasatch or the Manti. Now that I have burned...
  15. elkhunterUT

    Anyone shoot Techno Hunt?

    Loved techno hunt, but haven't done it in a long time. Would love to take my boys and do it again. What shops in Utah still run techno hunt?
  16. elkhunterUT

    Archery Beaver or Pavhant?

    Honestly-the unit is steep and deep and most aren’t willing or simply can’t hunt it effectively to get to the elk. The elk are there-maybe not the size of bulls that used to be on the unit, but there are good bulls to be had.
  17. elkhunterUT

    Archery Beaver or Pavhant?

    Harvest odds are out for 2020-1 archery tag holder out of 13 killed a bull last year on the Pahvant😳😳 Not great odds, but having hunted it last year and having scouted a bunch during the bowhunt I know how dry and hot it was with little bugling or rut activity, and the hunt ending on Sept 11th...
  18. elkhunterUT

    2020 big game harvest data now online

    Amy, Do you know when we will get back age data info from 2020 harvests?
  19. elkhunterUT

    Archery Beaver or Pavhant?

    All 3 are great units - Beaver is probably top of those 3 from a quality perspective. Monroe access and terrain is probably the easiest to navigate, Beaver can be very thick and nasty in some areas. The Pahvant is steep and deep in most areas (southern part of the unit is a bit easier to get...
  20. elkhunterUT

    Utah moose draw with 22 points

    Saw one bull on day 4 of his 5 days allowed to hunt and he killed it. I think with some scouting we could have found more moose/bulls but it is what it is and my Dad was happy in the end, which is all that matters.
  21. 5811116A-ACB7-4298-8BEA-55492153480F.jpeg


  22. elkhunterUT

    Utah moose draw with 22 points

    My Dad drew a CWMU moose tag last year (Grass Valley). The operators were great - no problems there, but I would never personally do a CWMU. Your hunting days are assigned to you, and on most CWMU's you can't do any scouting which really detracts from the overall experience in my opinion. I...
  23. elkhunterUT

    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    Get a little more sneaky - ha ha ;) In all seriousness though, it is not extremely hard to get close enough to be deadly with a muzzy when bulls are rutting hard. Keep the wind right and be careful to not spook the cows and it is very doable, especially on Utah's top LE elk units.
  24. elkhunterUT


    Love wrestling - I wrestled from the age of 8 all through high school. It is the best foundational sport there is in my opinion. It teaches mental toughness and ability to "embrace the suck" better than anything else I can think of. No one else to blame when you lose either - it is just you...
  25. elkhunterUT

    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    Go muzzy with 21 points - dates are a little later this year, but it is typically an amazing hunt and you can draw some good units with 21 points.
  26. elkhunterUT

    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    With your resident points, those are the units I would be considering as well along with Boulder early rifle. Good luck - you should be close on the hunt of a lifetime!
  27. elkhunterUT

    Tagging up for points.

    I shared my points for a Wyoming deer hunt a couple years ago with some guys that hunt Wyoming a bunch and have killed some monster bucks. We did not hunt together but they shared info with me that put me in some good locations and we did well. Worked great for both parties!!
  28. elkhunterUT

    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    What tag are you trying to draw and are you a Resident or Non-resident?
  29. elkhunterUT

    Desert ram is back from taxidermist

    Looks really great - congrats on an awesome ram!!
  30. elkhunterUT

    Big Buck!

    Full send!!
  31. elkhunterUT

    Point Sharing/Point Guard

    If I had the points, I would be all over this (assuming it is legal of course 😂) Unfortunately I don’t have enough AZ elk points to help you.
  32. elkhunterUT

    Youth online account?

    Good to know thanks!! I know through this change process, I received a new Customer/Department ID that is different than my original ID, so I assumed you had to have that new ID to apply this year.
  33. elkhunterUT

    license question

    yes that is correct. Arizona allows you to choose your valid dates for your license when you purchase it (you can actually buy the license today and make it valid 2/9/21 - 2/8/22), so I always select the last day of the application period for the current year which runs through the last valid...
  34. elkhunterUT

    Youth online account?

    I am not sure about this, but I believe everyone needs a newly issued Department ID as part of this change process to apply going forward, so while youth aren't required to have a portal account, I believe there has to be some action taken by the applicant to get that new ID before applying. Am...
  35. elkhunterUT


    WapitiBob is correct for the elk/antelope draw - as long as your license is good on February 9th (last day of application period), you are good to go. If you plan to apply for deer later on this year though, you will need a new license then.
  36. elkhunterUT

    Youth online account?

    Bummer - not sure what to tell you there. Pretty bad planning for AZGFD to make this massive of a change right before the largest application period. It has been a cluster it seems.
  37. elkhunterUT

    Youth online account?

    My two factor code sends to my cell phone # associated with my portal account. Do you have a cell phone tied to your account?
  38. elkhunterUT

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    That is a buck of many lifetimes right there! Such a pretty typical! Congrats!
  39. elkhunterUT

    Wyoming archery success!

    Awesome bull-congrats!!
  40. elkhunterUT

    Youth online account?

    I was in the same boat with my 12 year old son and emailed Kristy Sanchez at She connected my son to my portal account as a dependent and gave him a new Dept ID. After doing that, I verified his previous points were present and then applied him for the draw with no issues...
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