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    G3 Zone 2020

    Anybody have G3 zone scouting reports for this year?
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    Mule Deer Bucks Crawling

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-15-14 AT 08:50PM (MST)[p]I believe I saw two four point type mule deer bucks crawling on the same day in the same area in November in the Eastern Sierra a few years ago. They were not together. Have not seen that before or since as far as I know. How common is this anyone...
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    Summer Range

    All Does anybody know where the G3 herd spends its time in the summer. One area or many areas? Also, where do the does have their young? Anybody seen recent fawns not too long after birth and what elevation (summer range or other). I have been at different elevations from 11000 to 5000...
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