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    Cody to Clark - Trailer storage - Game processing ???

    Anybody have any suggestions on where to store a travel trailer and eventually game processing up by unit 54 ??? I checked with the Edelweiss as @mightyhunter suggested in another thread, but they said no on storing my trailer there :( Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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    A little winter get away

    Finally got away for a few days to go explore in AZ on the late archery deer hunts. No one else could join me so I just packed up the new truck and hit the road. Didn't find any coues bucks to go after, but did get drawn on the little 3x3 mule deer before he bolted. Will be back for more of...
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    AZ coues shed

    Found this guy on my first scouting/hunting trip for late season deer in AZ Not sure I'll ever get to see one like that on the hoof, but it was a cool find to say the least. Cheers, Pete
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    2019 Scouting Pics & Video's

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-10-19 AT 08:42AM (MST)[p]I'll get this one started :) Post up your good ones Cheers, Pete
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    What actions for 28 Nosler ???

    Interested in what actions could be converted into a 28 Nosler that can shoot 195 grain bergers? Wanting to build up a super cost effective fast flat elk gun. Just for kicks. Cheers, Pete
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    Filming winter elk ???

    Heading down to Kingman for the hunter ed class Sat and wanted to spend a few days after scouting around before I head home. I'm particularly looking to see the lay of the land around 17a and 7w. Much snow up in 17a to stay away from? Any suggestions on cool places to look for bulls this time...
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    Archery only Elk units in Sept ???

    So what are the differences between most of these units? Terrain, season dates and type of hunting specifically is what I'm asking about. I've been looking at 38, 39, 45 and 54 with my 10 points, but would love to hear what people think. I'm a pretty fit mid 50's solo diy type of archery...
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    Pics of the bull hit up parleys ???

    Wondering if anyone happened to have pics of a bull elk that was hit up parleys last week? I heard it was a 5x5. Curious with all the fences and boondoggles going on up there with game crossings and such, how an animal like that gets hit still. Cheers, Pete
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    2018 LH Bowtech RealmX 60lbs 25.5"-31" Left Hand

    Nearly new (200 shots) Bowtech RealmX left hand 60 lbs peak draw weight. Can be set up from 25.5" to 31" draw length. Has the flip disk set on Performance. Can be set to comfort for a smoother draw cycle. $750 with Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro rest and peep. Will have more pics tomorrow...
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    Bighorns NR Archery Elk info ??? Also where do we check our points ???

    Firstly, isn't there a spot online to check your points ??? Secondly, with 4 or 5 points what's a fun type 9 unit up that way? Super fit mid 50's guys who are willing to hunt anywhere from desert to the highest peaks. Thinking of going with a friend who only has 1 point. I think I have 8 or...
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    ever had a weath tag holder shoot a 400"+++ bull with a rifle right in front of you as you were hunting it?

    ever had a weath tag holder shoot a 400"+++ bull with a rifle right in front of you as you were hunting it? LAST EDITED ON Sep-18-17 AT 11:05PM (MST)[p]chasing big monster bulls these days can be a cruel and harsh mistress to say the least :( my buddy was 50 yards...
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    J.R.'s Super Moon Rising

    Had the privilege to go help and film on a friends late hunt. This one is about as cool as it gets !!! Merry Christmas !!! pete
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    Unit 21 archery elk ???

    Anyone have any experience with this unit? I put in for it by mistake with 7 points and it appears I can't change my app once I paid online. Seems like it's a 10 point unit in the 1-2 pass so I should be ok if I draw by change anyway. As a side note you have to be careful when scrolling down...
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    DATUS Spots & Flakes Classic 2015 - Nov. 14-15

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-15 AT 08:03AM (MST)[p]If you're into or want to check out what target archery is all about, come down to DATUS 8000 so. 1300 w. Nov. 14 and 15th to see a good number of the worlds best archers including Reo Wilde, Tim Gillingham, Rob Morgan and local DATUS legend in the...
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    WTT - SYLO GEAR Revel Rain pains M for S

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-05-15 AT 03:56PM (MST)[p] is a new company doing the Mountain Mimicry 2.0 camo like sitka and c4e used to sell. Super high quality stuff. I also have their Native Soft Shell Jacket and it's awesome! I bought a pair of their Revel Rain Pants in Medium I'd like...
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    Wasatch Front Campers - Make sure your garbage fires are dead out !!!

    Somebody dug platforms and camped up Emigration before or during the rains last week and left a garbage fire burning intentionally or unintentionally. Pretty sure they were fellow bowhunters and nearly burned down the forest up there. I had three bulls going crazy Thursday on either side of the...
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    WTB - Mountain Mimicry 2.0 pants - 32" - 34" R

    I need a couple new pairs of pants in mountain mimicry 2.0 C4E, Sitka, Cabelas and Kryptic all made somethings in mm 2.0 Cheers, Pete pm or emial
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    Panasonic DMC-G6K Wasatch Front wildlife flyfishing velvet bull elk in slow motion Americas Cup sailboats going almost 50mph blood moon This is the second best wildlife camera...
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    Elk are so docile in the winter

    Here's a nice bull from a group of 11 I saw yesterday. They just lay there and let you move in close sometimes. Gotta love this time of year for filming! Cheers, Pete
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    Crazy Clouds over the Wasatch range

    Shot this one of some wild clouds over Lone Peak yesterday morning. Was amazed to see how it looked when I adjusted the levels to center the histogram. It's darker than the actual scene like that, but really what they looked like. Happy New Year! May it bring you many a fine picture to...
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    HJB's monster velvet bull adventure video

    Special thanks to HJB for the invite to see his honey hole. Needless to say it didn't disappoint :) Cheers, Pete
  22. c3

    early winter in HD Cheers, Pete
  23. c3

    Bow theif in Grantsville - Tooele area !!!

    KW got all his bow hunting gear jacked in Tooela last night. Top of the line Hoyt, Swarovski Bino's, Leica range finder, etc.... Pics and more details to come shortly. If you see any of it for sale or suspiciously aquired, please contact the Tooele Police department. Cheers, Pete
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    How far do big muleys roam during the rut ???

    Curious if any of you guys have kept track of big bucks during the rut to see how far and how much they move around during the rut. Been watching this guy for a few years now, have one of his right side sheds from a few years ago, but this is the first time I've found him during the rut...
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    Manti Muzzy Hunt Video

    Here's a video of my buddies Manti Muzzy hunt. One of the funner hunts I've ever been on. Cheers, Pete
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    Rifle Scopes ???

    Since the late 80's when we switched to choose your weapon here in Utah, I've pretty much exclusively been bowhunting. I have an old Bushnell 4x scope on my 270. Looking for something new to make it a little easier for Jr to use on his upcoming rifle deer hunt. Obviously I could just go buy a...
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    Jr's first big game - Wy antelope video !!!

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-02-12 AT 03:10PM (MST)[p]I posted this earlier in the Archery forum, but thought it would be appropriate here as well. One of the funnest hunts I've ever been on. As you'll see, Jr thinks so too :) Cheers, Pete
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    Sr gets schooled by a 13 year old - HD video

    A little clip of my antelope hunt. Lets just say Pete Jr outshot me quite handily on this hunt and I'm just thankful I was able to see my buck fall in 16 seconds and about 40 yards from where I shot him! Cheers, Pete
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    Jr's first big game - hd video

    Had the great fortune of hunting antelope with my youngest son and BB the last month. What an incredible hunt! Here's a sample of the wildlife we saw and Jr getting down to business about the 5 minute mark :) Cheers, Pete
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    4th of July Bull - repost

    I've been stuck bulldozing my house from the inside out for 4 weeks now and I needed a reminder of what it's like to actually get out and film. I don't have anything new, so here's a bull that I caught last year on the 4th of July! Happy 4th everyone! Cheers, Pete
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    Keeping track of my boy!

    Been watching this bull for a couple years now. Was fortunate to find him again this year. Here's a little video teaser from this year - And from last year - Cheers, Pete
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    Target Archery at it's finest !!!

    Here's a quick vid from last weekends DATUS - Spots and Flakes Tournament. Utah and southern Idaho is home to quite of few of the best target archers in the world. We were fortunate enough to have 2 time World Cup Champion, 3 Time World Champion and two Time Vegas World Archery Festival...
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    420 Ute bull mount

    Here's a pic of the 420 something bull that was poached last year. My buddy Bill at Custom Taxidermy has the mount over in his shop. He does a number of the mounts for the Ute tribe. As you can see he does some pretty incredible work too! An incredible bull for sure! Cheers, Pete
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    HDR software ???

    What are you guys using for HDR software? I've tried Photmatix Light, but it is not working very well for me. Creates grey skies and is radically noisy. I'm on a PC as that is what I use for all my CAD/CAM software and switching to a Mac isn't an option for where I do most of my work...
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    Moose Seasons Dates - Sportsmans and Governors Tags ?

    Currious when the Sportsmans and Gov tag holders got to start? Cheers, Pete
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    Stickers and Clubs

    A little video from the weekend! Cheers, Pete
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    Finally found a decent buck for Jr to hunt his first opening day !!!

    Found a decent buck for my 12 year old to go after for his first deer hunt Sat. !!! Wait, maybe I need to let him sleep in and I'll go after him. Hmmmmmmm...... :) Let me know what you think he scores. After Jr. gives him a dirt nap I'll let yoall know...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x26 PRF Rangefinder

    Brand New in box unused. $550 The ultimate rangefinder with hold over indication on the LCD display for your ballistics and distance out to 1100 yards. Bowhunt mostly and really don't have a need for such a long range range finder. Pete 801 915 2508
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    4th of July Parade

    Here was my 4th of July Parade shorty after filming the 4th of July Bull! Cheers, Pete
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    Anyone have an elk permit around Jackson/Wilson?

    I found 16 bulls up there over the 4th and got a ton of great film. This one was the coolest looking one to me, but there was one other bigger 6x6 as well. If anyone has a tag up that way, give me a shout and I'll let you know where they were last weekend...
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