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  1. ruger1022

    Utah Bear

    I can't put in this year due to my tag last year... but I'm not disappointed!
  2. Bear.jpg


  3. ruger1022

    What happened to the Parker Mountain Antelope herd?

    Agreed, I've spent a lot of time on the Parker recently, and there are almost no pronghorn left. You should never have to stop hunting an area due to overhunting and mismanagement in this day and age.
  4. ruger1022

    What happened to the Parker Mountain Antelope herd?

    Reading the Utah hunt planner, it sounds like the excessive hunting has pushed the antelope into the country surrounding the parker, so they are now trying to push them back in with the Plateau Highlands hunt.
  5. ruger1022

    Reduce Bull Elk tags in AZ

    What about the hunters who have been elk hunting once? My little brother has killed 1 cow. He will have to wait 3-4 years at least to be guaranteed another cow tag at this current rate. I personally have killed a lot of elk, and am okay with not hunting as often. But how will hunting continue if...
  6. ruger1022

    You Shootin'?

    For sure
  7. ruger1022

    Ever been totally lost and still denied it?

    Never been lost in the hills to the point I couldn’t find my way back, but have gotten miserably lost in Manila, Philippines. I was more terrified being lost there surrounded by millions of people than I ever would have been back in the States all by myself in the hills.
  8. ruger1022

    Javelina Polish Kielbasa and Breakfast Sausage

    However, she won't eat any medium rare steak anymore... which sucks because that is what is mostly in the freezer lol.
  9. ruger1022

    Javelina Polish Kielbasa and Breakfast Sausage

    You would be surprised, my pregnant wife, who can smell ANYTHING off, has enjoyed everything I made out of the Javelina. Took it into my work and let some of my coworkers try it. They all thought it was made out of pork.
  10. ruger1022

    Javelina Polish Kielbasa and Breakfast Sausage

    You bet, I'll post some tips I like to do when I am making sausages and burger, but I'll post a link to sausage making process that covers it better than I can. I've enjoyed making different things out of my animals the last few years. So far I have made summer sausage, snack sticks...
  11. ruger1022

    Javelina Polish Kielbasa and Breakfast Sausage

    We were able to fill 3 archery Javelina tags in AZ to start 2021 off right. I was a little hesitant on what they may taste like, as I had heard a lot of bad things about them. I found out Javelina is a lot like any other wild game animal. If you take care of it, the meat is amazing. I saved a...
  12. ruger1022

    More Trophies Photo Contest ... Bino Harness Prize!

    Started the new year off right with a double on archery Javelina.
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  14. ruger1022

    Ever seen one of these??

    I killed a spike elk in Utah 10 years ago like this, I thought he was a one horned spike when I shot him. At the time I shot his other spike was laying backwards.
  15. ruger1022

    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    If I want the meat, absolutely. Love venison, eat wild game 1-2 times a day, 7 days a week. There is nothing wrong with taking a "meat buck" if you use it.
  16. ruger1022

    Is this rocky big enough to shoot on Utah.

    Great story and awesome videos! Congrats!
  17. ruger1022

    9 non resident points for deer..Can I draw 12AW early rifle?

    Seems like point creep went way up the last couple years. Idk what this year took to be guaranteed a tag, but 2019 it was 13.
  18. ruger1022

    2020 Pauns Cactus buck

    Awesome buck, cool rifle!
  19. ruger1022

    Dad’s Late Season Bull!!!

    Sounds like it couldn't have happened to a better guy! Congrats! What an awesome bull!
  20. ruger1022

    Fire and Coues

    That's good to know. I enjoyed my time down there, and I plan on heading back soon. My wife's family is in Tucson, so we find ourselves down there once or twice a year usually around thanksgiving or Christmas. Maybe in a couple years I can try again for my first Coues.
  21. ruger1022

    Early Kaibab Reports?

    I was down there on the early hunt helping out my father in law. Saw a couple big ones, quite a few average bucks, and plenty of yearlings. Saw what looked like to me 2 really nice bucks in the back of trucks. Lots of 2-3 year old bucks hanging in trees.
  22. ruger1022

    It passed.....

    That’s a bummer. Hopefully sooner or later when they get established, hunters can help manage the population...
  23. ruger1022

    Is this rocky big enough to shoot on Utah.

    Good luck! I’m really enjoying following along.
  24. ruger1022

    Fire and Coues

    Hey everyone, last year I drew out a 33 late Coues tag. I had a great time, but wasn't able to get a buck. The Bighorn fire seems to have burned everything I hunted last year, and basically every other spot I wanted to check. My question is, how do Coues respond to fire? I sure would like to go...
  25. ruger1022

    2021 Mule Deer Plan

    The only thing that gives me hesitation on bashing the lowering of the mule deer objective is the current state of the rangeland throughout Utah. Utah has been under extreme and exceptional drought conditions 2 of the last 3 years. These exceptional droughts leave lasting damaging to the range...
  26. ruger1022


    I've loved eating shanks lately. I'm a little disappointed I've left a few laying in the hills. I'm interested in your recipe, would love to try it out.
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  28. ruger1022

    what is your favourite hunting dog

    We got a WPG this year, my wife has really enjoyed her as a family dog, and she has been great in the field so far.
  29. ruger1022

    Utah OTC Bison Adventure

    Awesome story and amazing bull, congrats!
  30. ruger1022

    Utah's New National Park?

    I agree, if Trump can shrink a monument, future administrations could definitely remove hunting from the new park.
  31. ruger1022

    Utah's New National Park?

    Yeah for sure, I would like to see maps before I supported the designation of a park.
  32. ruger1022

    Utah's New National Park?

    In the proposal it says the DWR will continue managing wildlife in the same way it always has, including predator control. “Nothing in this Act affects the jurisdiction of the State of Utah with respect to the management of fish, wildlife and predators in the State. I’m assuming guzzlers can...
  33. ruger1022

    Utah's New National Park?

    Yeah, I get you. Other than extra visitation calling it a park, what are the negatives you see with it as it pertains to hunting?
  34. ruger1022

    Utah's New National Park?

    Grizz, I get what your saying though. I bet tourism went up, but other businesses went to hell. Just depends what angle you view it on. I was just stating that some of the local leaders want more say in the management of the land in their counties, and this is one way to do it. This is why...
  35. ruger1022

    Utah's New National Park?

    I’ve spent a lot of time in the area with locals, and I disagree. It may have brought out of state people in to make seasonal restaurants and guide services, but the people who have contribute to the economy 365 were pushed out. Here is a good article on the subject...
  36. ruger1022

    Southwest Utah coyote hunting

    There are going to be about 1000 tag holders hunting the Pine Valley this weekend. Your stands may be busted by people driving around looking for deer.
  37. ruger1022

    Muzzy Buck

    Stud buck! Love the mass!
  38. ruger1022

    Utah's New National Park?

    It's a play to keep environmentalists groups and Washington influence out of the decision making when it comes to the staircase. He is trying to get local input on land management. Escalante is basically a ghost town since the monument designation. From a hunting standpoint, the negative would...
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