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    20 Resident Points Antelope

    I would not consider East BB over West BB and Warner. The top end bucks are possible, but the density does not compare.
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    Portal account changes?

    They sent out an email today with a password reset link. I was able to get in and everything looks ok.
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    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    Yep, I like to eat'em.
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    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    All Oregon in the last 10 years. All public DIY. 2 rifle 1 bow. 170ish, 180ish, 180ish.
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    2020 Oregon Muzzleloader Hunt

    Nice buck. Especially these days in Oregon.
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    SOLD Leica 62mm APO Televid 26x

    TTT $950 shipped
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    SOLD Leica 62mm APO Televid 26x

    Bump. $1000
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    unit 67 3rd

    Gunnison if you want a motel. I would camp out in the unit. The drive 20-90 minutes or more depending on where you are hunting. The deer will be in the sage country.
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    How does the 2nd draw work for non residents?

    Anyone seen a second draw date? I am guessing next week.
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    What states? My CO buck from last year is terrible. My Oregon and Nevada bucks have always been great. Montana Muleys and Whitetail were just ok.
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    Anyone Scouting?

    Yes. Sounds like a good plan. The deer there are in rough shapr, but there are a few bucks to hunt.
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    How does the 2nd draw work for non residents?

    There have been 2 weeks of returned tag updates. I applied aleady. If they post something new I guess I could cange my app.
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    Idaho deer, elk, antelope, bear

    I put in for 4%, 5%, and 16%. We will see. I am not a regular Idaho applier, but I plan to hunt OTC this year.
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    How does the 2nd draw work for non residents?

    Anyone know if the tag numbers are final? Or will they add more tags on Friday as they have been doing? I tried calling them, but got tired of sitting on hold.
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    Anyone Scouting?

    Going to Idaho this weekend. I don't have a Nevada tag to scout, yet.
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    POLL: What binoculars are you using?

    Other. 10-15x50 Duovids. Looking to add a set of 8x Geovids for archery when the right deal comes.along.
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    SOLD Leica 62mm APO Televid 26x

    Eyepiece and scope were manufactured 2003 according to serial numbers. Sold new in 2013 in England. Photos of spec sheet
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    Best guess when NV draw will post?

    Kalkomey won't load for me. For about 30 mins.
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    SOLD Leica 62mm APO Televid 26x

    I am looking to sell or possibly trade my Leica 62mm 26x wide angle APO Televid spotter. It includes a fitted cordura stay on case, original lens caps, and phone skope adaptor. Glass is flawless. There are a few wear marks on the finish, but other than that it is in great condition. $1100 or...
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    Wide Buck Photo Contest ... Nice Prizes!

    3 miles to the truck
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    Wide Buck Photo Contest ... Nice Prizes!

    As he lay
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    Cmon Antelope!

    This during the big eclipse in 2017
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    Wide Buck Photo Contest ... Nice Prizes!

    29 from NV
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