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  1. Bluehair

    Tiger is 55th

    Ranked 55th in driving. Too much time in the woods.:poop:
  2. Bluehair

    Poll: should drones be legal for shed hunting?

    With shed season right around the corner, may as well start the spring wildlife harassment thread. :)
  3. Bluehair

    Mini Tap/Die sets?

    So, I’m fighting some screws again and figured that a set of small tools might help. My question is whether I need a combo sae/metric set. What do you see on guns? I guess lots of the jewelry is are the scooters I have hanging around. I suppose I should just get a combo set.
  4. Bluehair

    Poll: brisket

    So, I doubt the debate will be settled here, but when smoking a brisket is it fat side up or down? I think I like fat side up because it seems like the meat is a little juicier.
  5. Bluehair

    Poll: Christmas Tree Hunting

    I have been accused of being far more picky about my Christmas tree than my trophies. This has caused "stress" in my wife, often causing her to want to kill me. Who else tests their marriage with an annual tree cutting adventure?
  6. Bluehair

    Dangerous Game in Flagstaff!

    OMG! Javies are terrorizing the neighborhood! The snorting beasts gave my dog PTSD! :eek: Any bets that (Mrs, Ms, Mr, Other) Faguy is a snarling beast her/him/itself? I would post a poll about who she voted for, but it's still too soon for some of you.:ROFLMAO...
  7. Bluehair

    National Parks according to ABC

    Ok, thru rigorous scientific analysis ABC News has been able to determine that our National Parks are racist. Because more white people visit them. I was going to run up to my local park to check on 'da peeps, but they only accept credit cards. I don't go anywhere that doesn't accept currency...
  8. Bluehair

    This has been going on at strip clubs for years....,_2018
  9. Bluehair

    Plumbing question?

    I know you guys think I'm a perv and get "targeted" advertisements like the ebony dating site. But actually I'm wondering if the algorithm is whopperdicked and it isn't targeting the previous poster?
  10. Bluehair

    Safer at Home

    I have not seen any of my fellow Coloradans complaining about this, so I just wanted to make sure nobody missed it. :mad: 10 miles boys, or if you ain't from around here you're getting written up...
  11. Bluehair

    Wyoming Question

    Actually more than one, but WTF is a good start. :oops: This Is The Single Craziest Thing You Never Knew Happened In Wyoming Wyoming has quite a wild past, and there are always fascinating stories of outlaws, rangers, and...
  12. Bluehair

    Why aren't 22's $.99 a box anymore?

    I thought it would be easier?
  13. Bluehair

    SW Elk Draft Mgmt plans

    Ok, read up and enjoy. Be warned, it's an hour you wont get back. Here is the one for 71/72/711 (my hood). I would review it point by point, but that takes the fun away. My summary is that we have a large number of imaginary elk here, but its not enough because something is ruining our calf...
  14. Bluehair


    Ok, let's say I'm wanting to pm a moderator about something. Is there a way I can tell who the moderators are in the various forums? I think I've seen it but can't seem to find it now. And a suggestion. Rename it and keep this forum as a place the members can pose stupid questions like this.
  15. Bluehair

    Poll: Best Bowhunting Movie

    Banjo music :oops:
  16. Bluehair

    Buck in the livingroom...

    So when is one of you social media types going to post up the CPW link of the moron feeding the buck in her living room? :rolleyes:
  17. Bluehair

    Gun Paint Jobs...lets see them

    I sent this old timer in for a spa day. Besides some upgrades, I decided on a Cerakote paint job. Its hideous and I currently have another in that I hope turns out just as hideous. :) I like the tiger-stripe camo but these days I'm trying to make things easier to find not harder. Lets see...
  18. Bluehair

    Founders Albums

    Ok, under the members tab it says "Most Albums" and Founder is the only one with 4. What the heck is it talking about? Where are they and are they for the masses?
  19. Bluehair

    We're on the elk problem....

    ...but the collars keep falling off. Seriously. .CPW Article
  20. Bluehair

    Ammo - too old?

    Rooting around in the reloading room and I got to wondering if some of this stuff is even safe to shoot anymore. Talking about stuff I got from my dad when he died years ago, like WWII ball and old Super-x boxes. Last old stuff I shot was some WWII tracers and that was 30 years ago. Not sure...
  21. Bluehair

    Local Gal in Maxim?

    I only have a day or so to vote, but I'm holding out until I figure out what the tattoo on her behinder says. Careful, there are some NSFW pics in those links. On a serious note, is there any fashionable...
  22. Bluehair

    These CWD rules are new right?

    I havent been following the rule changes for the last few years, but yesyerday I got this from AZG&F. Looks like planning your outa state trips just got harder. On the bright side I dont have to look at heads strapped to the top of trailers and campers anymore... PINETOP, Ariz ? Chronic...
  23. Bluehair

    Lets see if this works....

    Some trail cam pics from SW Colorado. These are all from the same camera although it gets moved around a little changing batteries and stuff. Bluehair Splitting my time time between the winter and summer range......
  24. Bluehair

    The REAL story...

    Dawg was excited about his new rifle. So, he went bear hunting. He spotted a small brown bear and shot it. There was then a tap on his shoulder, and he turned around to see a big black bear. The black bear said: "You've got two choices. I either maul you to death or we have rough sex." Dawg...
  25. Bluehair

    I'm way too lazy.... congratulate all of you sheep killers and thank you individually for posting your pictures, so I'm doing it here. It's all good......:-)
  26. Bluehair

    Some sheep pic's

    Spent a little time this summer looking for desert bighorns. Here are a few pic's of sheep I saw. Hey, I'm no Deerking so I stayed quite a ways away for the most part. A few rams... This guy is freakishly wide.
  27. Bluehair

    Test post

    Hey, I asked upstairs and they said to test my pic posting skills out down here. Well, that and it is sorta a test.;-) Carp or coues?
  28. Bluehair

    Hey Brian (webmaster)!

    I just sent you an email regarding a firewall issue we experienced with this site yesterday. Your help in investigating the problem is appreciated, because I don't want to have to discipline myself for violating our anti-porn policy. :-) In discussing the issue with our IP dudes we came up...
  29. Bluehair

    Ok...which of you was it?

    The bear hunter walked into the bar and bragged to everyone about his skills as a hunter. From his stories, it was obvious that the man was undoubtedly a good hunter and no one could dispute that. But then he said that they could blindfold him and he would recognize any animal's skin from its...
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