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  1. MuleyBuck

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    Agreed! I've seen some impressive bears myself that time of year scouting for deer as well. Probably a pipe dream though. Here we are discussing a bill that would outright ban Bear hunting and we're talking about expanding existing seasons. SMH. Don't that go to show how shitty California...
  2. MuleyBuck

    HMA draw odds

    I called about it last year and was told it was not published data. I asked for a figure and the best I got was an estimate.
  3. MuleyBuck

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    We really do need a spring season here.
  4. MuleyBuck

    SOLD 270 bullets

  5. MuleyBuck

    SOLD 270 bullets

    Thank you sir. Just trying to help someone out that can actually use them.
  6. MuleyBuck

    SOLD 270 bullets

    Bullets are SPF for the time being. I'm waiting on a check.
  7. MuleyBuck

    SOLD 270 bullets

    Central California
  8. MuleyBuck

    SOLD 270 bullets

    I have some boxes of 270 bullets that I'll never use. Piece counts are in front of each box. Also there is some loose random 270 bullets I'll throw in with also. I do not want to separate and I'd rather sell the entire lot at once. $150 shipped PP F&F or buyer pays fees.
  9. MuleyBuck

    Flaming Gorge

    Nice! Thats pretty cool to be able to catch kokanee in December! They are definitely one of my favorite fish and probably top of the heap when it comes to table fare. They won't be showing up in the lakes I fish till about mid to late April at the earliest.
  10. MuleyBuck

    Flaming Gorge

    Is that a kokanee?
  11. MuleyBuck

    Old Desert Buck

    Nice buck! Got any more pictures of him?
  12. MuleyBuck

    2020 WY buck down

    Excellent buck, congrats!
  13. MuleyBuck

    Tag return, anyone else returning their tags?

    He sure did!
  14. MuleyBuck

    Stanislaus Forest &Others Closed

    If the NF stays closed and tags do get turned back its also going to fast track point creep too.
  15. MuleyBuck

    Stanislaus Forest &Others Closed

    I understand thier reasoning behind it. I just don't understand closing entire forest lands that aren't on fire. I don't believe it should be a violation for merely being on forest land when its nowhere near an actual wildfire, to me it is unwarranted.
  16. MuleyBuck

    Stanislaus Forest &Others Closed

    @BuzzH could you possibly shed some light on full/entire forest closures due to fire danger? I've seen certain areas and activities/behaviors being limited before because of fire danger, but never a full on closure of 8 National Forests for all public access.
  17. MuleyBuck

    Stanislaus Forest &Others Closed

    Absolutely terrible.
  18. MuleyBuck

    Which one to get after???

    Second buck for sure! The triple forks on each side sells it for me. that's my dream buck.
  19. MuleyBuck

    Truck tires

    I just got into my second set of Toyo RT's on my GMC Duramax. I got 40,000 miles out of them. They wore great and performed great as well.
  20. MuleyBuck

    Non hunter carrying shot gun in field

    Tell me more. What exactly did they do or what were they trying to accomplish?
  21. MuleyBuck


    Got my non res deer tag today.
  22. MuleyBuck

    Powell Tribune

    I'm a non resident, I completely understand and support the wilderness law. At least in the respect you've shown. Honestly, I am just glad I get to come have a great hunting experience every now and again in the great state of Wyoming. The law doesn't bother me in the least. Hopefully some day...
  23. MuleyBuck

    COVID negative test.

    Chew on this for a moment. I had a specific load recipe for a friends rifle that shot great. I gave him all the information and when he tried to duplicate it, it wouldn't shoot near as good. Why?? The problem had to be diagnosed, and it turned out to be a combination of how he was sizing the...
  24. MuleyBuck

    COVID negative test.

    My point being most doctors and professionals don't even try to stick with what we factually know. It's always what "could" be. Even when you try to look up "facts" one can't help but wonder how those numbers and totals are generated. As pointed out above, if indeed not all the tests are created...
  25. MuleyBuck

    COVID negative test.

    Human arrogance combined with human ignorance is a helluva thing...
  26. MuleyBuck

    Wyoming unit 43

    I agree with Buzz. I hunted there with my wife a couple years ago and it was not a fun hunt for the reasons buzz pointed out. The B.S. and blatant disregard that many of the other hunters were displaying was extremely off putting. Wyoming is my favorite state to hunt and IMO that hunt is not a...
  27. MuleyBuck

    Wyo Draw

    So we get it a day early than expected?
  28. MuleyBuck

    Current Motel 🏨 Information -Baggs, Wyoming

    With full hookups?
  29. MuleyBuck

    Wyo Draw

    Thank you!
  30. MuleyBuck

    Wyo Draw

    When exactly are the results to be expected?
  31. MuleyBuck


    As a resident?
  32. MuleyBuck

    Southwest desert mule deer?

    Yep it certainly can be a tough hunt. Definitely low densitys with a LOT of big country, It can be intimidating. It's very possible to not even see a deer some days, definitely have to have a positive attitude and be dilligent out there. I'd definitely scout the unit as much as possible, not...
  33. MuleyBuck

    Dandy Buck for Joey

    Right on! Great buck! Congrats! You earned him.
  34. MuleyBuck

    General season keeper

    Sweet!!! Stud buck for sure!! Good job!👍🏻
  35. MuleyBuck

    General season keeper

    He's a STUD! If I had the chance, I'd drop the hammer.
  36. MuleyBuck

    Garmin Rino 750 with onX Hunt chips

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-22-19 AT 03:53PM (MST)[p]This Rino is in excellent condition. Practically brand new. I only used it on one outing. It has a screen protector as well as all cords and box it came in. I will also include two onX Hunt chips one for Wyoming and one for Arizona. $450 shipped. F&F...
  37. MuleyBuck

    Sako 85 Finnlight Stock

    Shoot me an offer.
  38. MuleyBuck

    Sako 85 Finnlight Stock

    If you run the bolt hard and fast all the time I could see maybe having an issue. I usually load single rounds when practicing and I am not running the bolt back hard enough to where the brass will make hard contact on the windage knob.
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