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  1. J

    Pine Valley Dedicated Hunter

    Call the local biologist in cedar city good luck.
  2. J

    "Angry pose" mule deer mount

    Carful he bites ;)
  3. J

    Bookcliffs muzzy

    No different from the book cliffs. 19 points is a lot did you at least put in for the multi season tag?
  4. J

    Bookcliffs muzzy

    19 points for there ..... no thanks 😳😬
  5. J

    What went right on the Oak Creeks?

    The fire
  6. J

    52 yr old with 26 points, UT

    I can reload in 3 seconds so 4 is possible remember he has till fall to practice!!!
  7. J

    Pizza Bombs and Beer!!

    Looks like store bought meat to me not game salami 🤷‍♂️
  8. J

    Locked bull moose

    Yup especially in politics 😂
  9. J

    Last September

    Got the buffalo back waiting on a few others.
  10. 3187E9F0-11BF-4D49-8594-EDEC585731E9.jpeg


  11. J

    Biden to Ban Foreign Big Game Trophies?

    Glad I got all my animals back in the nick of time and don’t have to stress lol
  12. J

    Places to backpack in southern Utah this time of year?

    At home on the Discovery channel
  13. J

    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    Night vision, helicopters ect you name it
  14. J

    UT Youth Any Bull Private Land

    Kinda like drawing a tag and waiting for the last second then getting on here and asking you for help then you get mad lmao!! Let the guy do his research as early as he want good on him!!!
  15. J

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    I never went need all the narcissists post on social media to see their mounts for free lmao.
  16. J

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    5$ each ;)
  17. J

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    Keep putting in for the super tags if you love Wyoming soo much!! 😂
  18. J

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    “it’s not complaining” but you sure have a lot to say about it LMAO.
  19. J

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    Can’t draw if you don’t play drawn two so far so complain all you want lol
  20. J

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    Good the more guys complaining about opting to drop out just up’s my odds again!! 🤪🤣
  21. J

    Anybody draw a turkey tag?

    My Nephew drew with zero points, should be fun for him.
  22. J

    Antelope Island Bucks

    Just park about anywhere and start hiking 🤪😂
  23. J


    All are the same quality. Just depends on which logo you want to purchase 😂
  24. J


    Kings outlet
  25. J

    Bass Pro buys Sportsman Warehouse

    Scheels for the win
  26. J

    2020 LE Muzzle-loader Bull

    480” ;)
  27. J

    What’s my chances

  28. J

    "Angry pose" mule deer mount

    Like this 🤣
  29. 6969E46C-5FCB-405D-B625-6EF2D3874371.jpeg


  30. J

    Utah Game Wardens

    Those of you complaining about not getting checked enough, go to Colorado they have plenty of officers driving around!!!
  31. J


    No deer hunt but maybe a shed hunt race ;)
  32. J

    Poll: Christmas Tree Hunting

    Costco sales a great 🌲 east to set up , no mess and great return policy!
  33. J

    NR Expo Odds

    Those poor narcissistic hunters that post a thousand pics on Instagram that can’t show off their mounts up their 😥
  34. J

    Front buck

    Yup we both think ur a narcissist I guess 🤷‍♂️
  35. J

    Front buck

    Nope different person read thru the thread pal lmao
  36. J

    Front buck

    Started from you basically 😂
  37. J

    Front buck

    Ya I know there’s trophy hunters and meat hunters. I just handle the narcissist hunters that take pictures and come home and post crap on the internet.
  38. J

    Front buck

    I don't believe anyone said anything about it being illegal..... No but you guys are ostracizing this guy for making a poor shot. Glad we all make a poor shot every now and then oh wait I guess ur mr perfect!
  39. J

    Front buck

    So what was illegal about that situation?
  40. J

    Front buck

    Glad we all know as if we were all there as if the Hunter took a bad shot 😂 there could have been a slight breeze, a branch, incline of range finder that didn’t compensate for ect. all this comes Into affect while archery hunting and hunting in general. Plus on here lots of guys assume what...
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