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  1. Captain_coues

    Locked Antlers

    It looks healthy. I wonder it happened.
  2. Captain_coues

    Water Treatment Grit Snail

    I did a roofing job at a water treatment plant almost 20 years ago. One piece of equipment I saw was a Grit Snail. It’s job was to take the fine solids and separate them from the process. I noticed it caught a lot of corn. I assume it’s undigested from poo. Also earrings and small chains...
  3. Captain_coues

    Another Help With Score

    What do you think he will score?
  4. Captain_coues

    Craft Holsters

    I just found their website. It looks like they have good stuff and even a custom shop. Do any of you have them? If so, what do you think about them?
  5. Captain_coues

    St George, UT

    I heard about the passing of Wilford Brimley and just found out he lived in St George. I guess there are a few famous people there. Did any of you that live there ever meet him? How about the other famous people like Asia Carrera or others?
  6. Captain_coues

    First Striker Fire

    I ordered the Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame 9mm. I played with one that a co worker brought to work and it felt good. I think I’ll like the trigger, it felt better than any semi auto pistol I own. I always thought I would never buy a striker fire because they seem unsafe to me. At least less...
  7. Captain_coues

    +P Ammo

    I know it’s a higher pressure and shouldn’t be used every time you shoot. Is there a pistol that can take the constant high pressure and survive for a lifetime of about 40,000 rounds? I reload and have loaded up some hot rounds just like everyone, but I haven’t really studied what it does long...
  8. Captain_coues

    Background Delay

    I’ve been buying guns for over 20 years and never had a delay on the background check until today. What causes a delay?
  9. Captain_coues

    Pistol Lanyard

    Every semi auto pistol I have has a lanyard loop. I’ve never seen people use them. Is it something for combat or do people really use them?
  10. Captain_coues

    Lori Vallow

    This lady knows what happened to her kids. It’s in the news that her husband knows as well and they have a dirty past with deaths. Is there a way to make them talk so the investigation can end? I was thinking about me and how easy it would be for me to fold under questioning. I’m a bad liar...
  11. Captain_coues

    Clay Shooting

    I’m starting to do more and more. A few years ago, I would go only once a year. Now it seems like I go once a month. How often do you guys go and what do you use? I use a Browning BPS 20 gauge, but I just bought a Mossberg 590 A1. It’s a tactical, but still fun. I’m not too serious about...
  12. Captain_coues

    Cool Hat

    I know this is wrong because it has to be miserable with an item glued to your head. Part of it is hilarious because you just don't see this every day. Whoever is doing this, try a MAGA flatbrim.
  13. Captain_coues

    Outrage Check
  14. Captain_coues

    Biker Question

    I was watching a video on YouTube and it was of angry motorcyclists breaking side view mirrors of someone who's driving bothered them and hauling ass away as quickly as possible. Do they speed away because they know they're going to get their ass kicked? I would love to see one where they...
  15. Captain_coues

    Rabbit Fight

    I've glassed up and watched short fights between rabbits, but this is good footage.
  16. Captain_coues

    Ambi Pistols

    When I shoot pistols, I try to practice with both right and left hands. I added a ambi safety/decocker to my HK USP and it has a ambi magazine release but the slide release is on the right side. This is not a real big deal because when shooting left handed, I always use my right hand to rack...
  17. Captain_coues

    Great Deal
  18. Captain_coues

    YouTube Guns

    It sounds like the gun channels are having a difficult time. What some of those that have channels are explaining are that YouTube is preventing some advertising to them and screwing up the recommendations so that they're not viewed as much. I love watching SOME of the gun videos because...
  19. Captain_coues

    Rough Ride
  20. Captain_coues

    1979 International Scout II

    I bought this two years ago and had dreams to put an LS and 6L80 trans but changed my mind. Located in Arizona. 345 V8, 3 speed Automatic. $5000 OBO
  21. Captain_coues

    Swarovski DS

    I just found out about this scope. It seems like it would be what the long range shooters would want. It has a built in range finder that figures out the angle, temperature and humidity. All you have to figure is the wind. I'm just getting into long range shooting as another way to have fun...
  22. Captain_coues

    Leica Visus

    I'm looking into a scope for a new 22mag rifle that should be done soon. It's finish will be gloss black. That makes me want a gloss black scope. I've thought about Leupold since they could make me one, but like the idea of trying other makes out. What do you think about Leica Visus? I...
  23. Captain_coues

    Funny Video

    I thought this video was funny with the way he was describing things.
  24. Captain_coues

    Arrested When I was younger, the cops would have been on my parents side. It makes you think about the future, what will parents get busted for in 30 years? That "time out" crap may be too cruel...
  25. Captain_coues

    Gloss Black Scopes

    I ordered a Cooper rifle last year that should be ready in a few months. The finish will be gloss black. I was thinking about putting a gloss black scope on it because I think that will look good as it should be a real showpiece with the high grade walnut and gloss steel. It's hard finding a...
  26. Captain_coues

    1974 permit

    My Dad's buck from 1974. 191 gross 181 net.
  27. Captain_coues

    Nye County

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-26-18 AT 04:40PM (MST)[p]I was watching the A&E cops show and noticed Saguaros in a few places over there. I've never seen Saguaros outside AZ and northern Mexico. Are those transplants or wild cacti?
  28. Captain_coues

    Mercury Recoil Reducers

    Does anyone have one in their shotgun/rifle? Do they work? I met one person years back at a shooting range that had one in a shotgun. It's been to long to remember if it was effective or not.
  29. Captain_coues

    Colt Archives

    Has anyone used them to look up a gun? I've used them a few times. This is the only one I have that's worth sharing here.
  30. Captain_coues

    Cool video of take down

    Happened today
  31. Captain_coues

    Poor Kid

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-04-18 AT 08:40PM (MST)[p]Kind of a scary thought of what the future will be when kids like this grow up. He seems like someone that might lose his cool over a camping spot.
  32. Captain_coues

    Shilen Rifles

    I know about their barrels, they make complete rifles as well. Has anyone here had a complete build from them?
  33. Captain_coues

    H&K 770

    Does anyone here have one? I've never seen one outside the web.
  34. Captain_coues

    Holley EFI

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket EFI to an old ride? I have a Scout II with a 345 with a 4bbl that I've been thinking about swapping. How was the reliability?
  35. Captain_coues

    GMC 1500 lift

    I'm no fan of lift kits and usually believe that they're fine for 16 year old high school boys as I've never seen the practicality or need to have one because I never drive in too wild of places to require one. I bought a 2016 sierra 1500 and had the dealer install a leveling kit. For the last...
  36. Captain_coues

    CZ 75

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-17 AT 07:43PM (MST)[p]I was dreaming about another pistol. One that really catches my attention is the CZ 75 ts Czechmate. It's very pricey. Do any of you shoot any of the CZ 75s? How do you like them? I would use it for competition shooting, amateur of course...
  37. Captain_coues

    Concentricity Guage

    I just ordered one. I've been reloading for 25 years and have never used one. I figure I'll try it out as an attempt to produce the best. Do any of you use one? If so, have you ever found a chamber that's garbage? Is it helpful or just another one of those measuring methods that doesn't matter?
  38. Captain_coues

    Poacher caught
  39. Captain_coues

    Chris Cornell

    He was one of my all time favorite musicians. In the early 90s, I wore out the Soundgarden cassette tape in my truck from listening to it constantly. I stayed a big fan of all his work like Temple of The Dog, Audioslave, and his solo work. Anyone else a fan?
  40. Captain_coues

    22 K Hornet

    Months ago, I placed an order for a 22 Hornet. I'm a lefty, so it needed to be custom made. Long story short, it didn't go through. There were difficulties getting it to cycle, and the builder gave up. No hard feelings, they really gave it a good shot. For years I have wanted a 22 Hornet...
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