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    Another where to move to in WY?

    Wyoming sucks. Legislators care more about NR than residents, SY/WYOGA are the next Don Peay/SFW, and the wind never stops. I hear Montana is a great place to live.
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    Seen This?

    Oh look another welfare recipient outfitter. Let me guess Table Mountain Outfitters are WYOGA members.
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    Sounds about right. I definitely won't be voting for Landon in the election.
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    Maybe Wyoming should make NR's buy a nonrefundable hunting license like several other western states. I'm sure that would help make up the difference. What do you say Jim's? I mean you're so concerned about GnF losing money here is your chance to help out.
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    If everything works out like planned you might have 10% of the issued tags, but that 10% still won't allow you to hunt the wilderness.
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    Some of you NR make me laugh. I don't know how many times I've seen NR complain about the wilderness law, yet jump up and down to support the biggest welfare recipients in the state, Sy and WYOGA. How's that wilderness law treating you? Places that used to allow a small trespass fee are now all...
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    Feel free to hunt where you like, and if Wyoming isn't your cup of tea you won't be missed. Just makes the odds that much better for those who know what Wyoming has to offer. Now I'm going upstairs to see if my 9 year old was playing on MM and goes by; Mc1963.
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    Replica set of largest 6x6 bull ever killed- Skoronski bull

    7 guys to kill one elk. That must of been 10 years ago. In today's world it would taken a minimum of 15. Cool horns though..
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    South Dakota West River Tag

    Very nice whitetails!! I have 5 points, so hopefully I will be able to hunt there in a few more years.
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    New to the NM Tag Draw-2021

    NM screwed the NR years ago, and I wouldn't spend a dime there. It funny because the residents appear to be getting screwed now. If it's possible give Wyoming a try, or at least start building points if you aren't already doing so. Check your inbox.
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    Bad News Lope in 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 106

    That must mean the one shot got more too.
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    Heinrich's letter

    I love it. Some of the people complaining now about NM were silent when the state screwed NR hunters and allowed public resources (elk/deer/etc) to be handed over to private businesses (outfitters). I've waited years to watch everything come full circle.
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    Bad News Lope in 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 106

    Hunt when you are able you never know what next year will bring. Even with numbers slightly down you will still have a great hunt.
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    2021 Expo

    Ouch. Is it from normal wear, or were you in a MV crash, fall, skydiving accident, etc..
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    300" mega mexico muley

    Tri, do you get discounts....
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    300" mega mexico muley

    My memory isn't as good as it once was. What was the name of the outfitter who shot the sheep in a closed unit.
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    New Montana Proposal

    Wake up people this is what outfitters have planned for all the Western states. Outfitters are the real threat to hunting, however, a lot of people are blind. Where are all the resident hunters that were complaining about Wyoming going to 90/10 split.
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    300" mega mexico muley

    Man, I want to comment but I've gotten too many friendly PMs from Founder I'm scared. Founder, do I have permission to post a few comments.
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    Getting the Vaccine

    I wonder if they double up on the condoms too. I find it amazing to hear some people say, "We just don't know what's in the vaccine, no way I'm taking it", as they puff on their 10th cigarette of the day and sip on Monster Energy drink.
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    Anyone burning points on a Wyoming general tag?

    If I were a NR and like to hunt elk Wyoming would be the place. Not sure I would wait 10+ years for one decent elk tag when you could hunt every 2-4 years on a general tag.
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    Antelope unit 50 help ??

    Yes sir, 50-0.
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    Antelope unit 50 help ??

    PM sent
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    3 Wyoming Bulls

    Gotta love Wyoming general elk hunting. Looks like kids out did dad...Congratulations
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    Wyoming Advice?

    Check your inbox.
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    Appointees to the new Wildlife Group...

    Definitely a crazy winter. Looks like we are going to cancel our yearly ice fishing trip to Fort Peck due to no ice.
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    Appointees to the new Wildlife Group...

    Thank you for your support, thats a lot of money. I took the plunge 16 years ago and moved to Wyoming for everything it has to offer. Wish I would of did it 20+ years ago. I would do it sooner rather than later seems its changed a lot in the short time I've been here.
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    Duwane Adams Hunter Killed a Monster

    I bet more money guarantees you a chance at a bigger animal though. So what is the meaning of "fair chase" these days?
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    Appointees to the new Wildlife Group...

    Sierra, what state are you from? Funny, I've been over to the other state forums on this website and nothing from you. Seems you are more worried about Wyoming than any other place. Is that because you know you're spoiled here. Do tell....
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    Appointees to the new Wildlife Group...

    How's that wilderness law treating you. Just curious..... From what I've seen on this website the residents aren't being unreasonable, some NR not so much. I would wager Wyoming treats NR better than your state treats residents. The last I checked there weren't any road blocks keeping you from...
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    General Elk

    Gotta love Wyoming. Put in for LQ and if you don't draw you still can have a great hunt in a general area. With long seasons go explore and hunt different areas. Once you find a good spot, learn it the best you can and return year after year. It took me a few years to find what I was looking for...
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    Appointees to the new Wildlife Group...

    Make no mistake about it, Sy is only out for 2 things, himself (money) and WYOGA (money). This is a lose lose for all hunters, NR or resident. Anyone who thinks differently is kidding themselves. It's like allowing a sex offender to do community service on a playground; nothing good comes of it...
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    Shrimp Po'Boy Sliders

    Looks delicious! What's the black sauce sprinkled on the tomatoes?
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    Duwane Adams Hunter Killed a Monster

    Are you assuming? 🤔 Sorry founder I couldn't help it.
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    Sweetwater County Members- Muley Fanatic Money

    Ridiculous. Looks like Wyoming has its own Don Peay. Nothing like milking the system. Watching it SS you may get twittered......again.
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    Duwane Adams Hunter Killed a Monster

    RW, the issue i have is this deer was more than likely photographed, then sent to people who were willing to pay the price. Guides/sub-guides go out and photograph deer/elk all the time then put those pictures out to their high paying clients, then the bidding starts. It is a problem all over...
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    Appointees to the new Wildlife Group...

    Is this a joke?
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    What you spending your $600 on?

    I'm more concerned you know how much it costs.
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    What you spending your $600 on?

    Putting it in my boys savings account so in 20 plus years they won't be so pissed off we screwed them.
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    Get that vaccine ASAP

    Damn, maybe I was wrong about those vaccines. They screwed you up horribly. I stand corrected.
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