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    Kuiu Super Down Ultra XL Jacket

    Hooded-Excellent condition, Verde pattern. $180.00
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    WTB Stone Glacier 5900 or larger -Bag Only

    I have a frame, looking for a 5900 or larger bag.
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    Kuiu Icon 5000 pack Vias pattern

    Pack is used but good condition. M/L belt. $300 plus $25.00 shipped. One tie strap has a small tear in fabric. I can provide more pics.
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    Unit 18 Elk

    Anyone have any success stories for 18 Archery Elk? My 16yr old son drew this tag and we are looking forward to chasing some bulls there.
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    Daughters 1st Elk Hunt 21A

    Well. I'm excited that my daughter drew her 1st Mature Bull Elk tag and it's the 1st rifle hunt in October. I am not familiar with the unit but will be headed up this summer to scout. Does anyone know if any landowners surrounding this unit allow hunters access? As any father would like to see...
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    Bugling Yet?

    Its about time to start hearing some early morning or late evening whistles....any reports?
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    Unit 9 Water

    Anyone scouted the tanks West of Tuscyan bordering the park? Curious if there is any water out there this year? I am headed out there next week to look it over...but seems realy dry.
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