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    Horseback wilderness fishing adventure

    Bighorn Crags are awesome . Went there by horseback 2 years ago with the wife. Be prepared in case rain and winds have their way. We really enjoyed it and the fishing was good.
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    Well....that wasn’t there yesterday

    Elkassasin has a gut -hook knife for that deer.
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    J & J vaccine.

    I have no desire to preach or encourage vaccine decisions. I took the Pfizer and ok so far. Who knows what long range problems or efficacy will turn out to be. I will agree that I'm not a Fauci fan. Donald was right about him. I hope it all turns out ok but it will be another year or so before...
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    For Sale No Tellum Ridge Prints

    Buck Fever, The Crest and Slipping Away for sale. All are framed. Considering best offers. If you want to see pictures send an email. Only serious offers considered.
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    The world we live in

    I'm surprised someone with a job that is usually their own business would do anything to destroy it. He is surely finished at least I hope so.
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    The world we live in

    Needs his tool removed.
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    The world we live in

    Ok, what the hell is up with people? What a sicko ...
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    Equality ? Black Guns Matter !
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    Destroying it !!

    I'm jealous of you all. Always been a fan and never saw him. Heard of how much fun his shows were.
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    Sad news about my Best Friend

    I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope you can find solace in the places you've shared.
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    Destroying it !!

    George at the Capitol!!
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    Vaccine question....Poll

    Hep-C is blood to blood so shouldn't be a concern except for needle sticks.
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    Put this in your pipe

    And then smoke it. I have no doubt of it's validity. I've seen and read and the Govt we have is doing us wrong.
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    Havalon question

    I hadn't even heard of it and they already had one here 2 years ago. Now they have something new - it js called escape rooms. You go in with 2 to 8 people and find a way to escape. If someone had egg salad for lunch everyone would want to escape.
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    Need to throw the politicians off the bridge. We have a great country being ruined by greed and idiocy. No one is honest anymore.
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    Havalon question

    You missed the point boys- hatchet throwing is in . Using them in the woods not. 😄
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    Vaccine Side Effects

    One left to go. Get your shots, it is better than what could happen if you catch the virus. I have friends who hit the hospital and they didnt have a good time.
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    Chevy Vortec

    I read that about the bolts and water pump at 150,000. I won't have 150,000 for at least 7 or 8 years unless I retire even earlier.
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    Chevy Vortec

    Hey Elk I'm trying to deal with the power loss, but that truck had glowplugs 3 times in 25k miles plus the other parts and won't start at 30° like it used to. Im getting ready to retire and see no reason to have payments.
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    Chevy Vortec

    Its a 366 cu in engine. At least that is what 6 liters equals. 380 ft lb torque and 345 hp. The 7.3 has 225 hp and 450 ft lb torque so yes I lost 70 ft lb torque. I guess I will find out . Chevy only has 100 k miles.
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    Chevy Vortec

    A 2000 Chevy 2500 Vortec. It has very low miles. Anyone like this engine ? I grew too tired of 7.3 glowplug, relay, fuel bowl heater b.s. I may buy this as I don't tow more than 1400 miles a year. I had a 97 Jimmy with the 5.7 and it made it although underpowered.
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    Grand Slam award

    Great job AW !
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    Ok, you all have fun. Every thing you want to say gets expunged. It is Founders site so I'm not attacking him. I enjoyed the classifieds and the stories and pictures. Maybe it is a little on the toxic side at times so I need to be positive. Keep the shiny side up and the hairy side down.
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    Water Treatment Grit Snail

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    Water Treatment Grit Snail

    Magnesium Citrate sure reduces bowel transit time. It gives you barely enough time to avoid premature releases.
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    For Sale Leon Parson

    1500.00. Lowest offer.
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    FB and Twitter got dumped

    What provider blocked them ?
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    The purge has begun

    The real answer is it will go as far as this new extremist regime wants to go if judges back them up. The left has the majority now. When Harris was an actual presidential candidate, she did clearly state that, should Congress not enact several of her gun control ideas within 100 days of her...
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    The purge has begun

    Cortez is a wack job far left. Bernie also. It is hard to say what will be implemented in the next term. Just remember any person with a cell phone or a PC is being monitored. I see things in different sites being posted that I know puts them and every single person they know and the people...
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    The purge has begun

    Ok, if you all watch the Snowden movie you will understand even more than you already know. It is very easy for them. And if I was anyone here I would not post things you feel or know you shouldn't. Get it ?
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    Shoulder surgery

    I had a stage 3 AC separation. I had surgery and it took over 2 years to sleep on that side. It is great now though.
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    Tech censor

    Trump is being cut off from all communications. It was even on the news tonight. They may get Fox shut down soon also. Ted Cruz and others will be removed from office soon also.
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    For Sale Leon Parson

    1700.00 for the Crest.
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    Kid Rocks T-shirt

    The Divided States Of America
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    Hog squared!
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    Buck Camp 2020 Campfire!

    I like big fires but my Dad said make smaller fires. He said a big fire makes you move farther away and then get cold. I never agreed with that.
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    The trucks and trailers are lined up

    And Claymores in the flower beds.
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    The trucks and trailers are lined up

    I wanted to since the windows were replaced in 1995 . I had a window guy come and say they were still good.
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    The trucks and trailers are lined up

    I hate the stimulus checks. It scares me to think about how much taxes will rise when they try to fix a debt that is unfixable now.
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    The trucks and trailers are lined up

    I'm getting the siding replaced at my house. It is mostly T-111 almost 50 years old with the garage being 25 yo Vinyl. It is costing 12k . Ouch. If I wasn't having so much back and neck troubles I would get help and do it myself. Everything is so expensive now.
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