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  1. 270Hunter

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    So I found out I had drawn the tag and I was out there the next weekend scouting and hanging trail cameras. Running trail cameras was really fun and it was interesting to see how these deer behaved at day and night, the first big buck I found was on my second scouting trip, he was a really...
  2. 270Hunter

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    He was about 3 miles away from the nearest source of food and water, and in the pictures it looks like good visibility but when you’re down in there it’s like a labyrinth.
  3. 270Hunter

    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    My 2020 California Mule Deer Public land solo hunt, scouted for 14 days over the summer
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  8. 270Hunter

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    I scouted for 14 days over the course of the summer and this was the best buck I found and my biggest buck to date. Public land solo hunt.
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  12. 270Hunter

    Hart Mountain Pronghorn

    When my dad and I were up there last year there was a lot of antelope. Great area with some killer genetics. It should be a fun hunt for you and your daughter. PM me if you want some more info, happy to help out.
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    I sent you a message
  14. 270Hunter

    NE archery elk

    One of the youth tag holders killed a 400" bull last year in Northeastern, and it was the cover page of Eastman's Hunting Journal a few issues back.
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    LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-19 AT 01:32PM (MST)[p]>We live in a State that >covers most of the West >Coast, but has very little >to offer. A smaller State, >such as Virginia on the >opposite coast has much more >opportunities for hunters. B Zones 14,642 D3-5 Zone 19,023 I see roughly...
  16. 270Hunter

    Draw done

    I drew B-Zone, I'm thankful for the opportunity to hunt deer in my home state every year, even if its not the most glamourous tag. If you hunt hard, scout and put in the time, you can still have a quality hunt.
  17. 270Hunter

    Big muleys

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-14-19 AT 07:34PM (MST)[p]Well if you look at draw odds people really like to hunt X5b, X5a, X2, M3, M9, A14, A27, G3, G6, G37, G38 and G39; and I have seen some really big deer come out of those units, so if you have maximum points and put in for one of those tags go ahead...
  18. 270Hunter

    Grizzlies to Calif.

    Yeah thats fine, but they have to release the grizzly bears in the Bay Area and Orange County, no shortage of food down there for the bears.
  19. 270Hunter

    Green City Kid

    My dad taught me a lot about hunting and he still is, but what really helped me understand deer hunting even better was Mike Eastman's book "Hunting High Country Mule Deer", now I know that you may not be hunting deer in the high country, but the book just contains a lot of practical information...
  20. 270Hunter

    Free Elk Hunt!!

    Yes, in the article on their website it says "This is 100% fully donated by the Rickert family and SC2 Outdoors, we just now need the youth hunter."
  21. 270Hunter

    Free Elk Hunt!!

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-13-18 AT 00:06AM (MST)[p]SC2 Outdoors is giving away fully guided hunt for one Junior tag holder who has the north eastern California elk tag. The hunt code for this tag is 409, this is a great opportunity for one of the two lucky youth tag holders if you know one of the tag...
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    Pm sent
  23. 270Hunter

    Deer Hunting around Phoenix

    My family moved to the Phoenix area and I'm an avid hunter, I was wondering what unit would be best to hunt deer in around that area, mule deer or Coues it doesn't matter to me. Any information is appreciated.
  24. 270Hunter

    Late Season Deer

    I've been thinking about applying for the unit 192 late deer hunt, I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with this hunt. I was also wondering about the trophy quality, if there was any rutting activity and how much public land there is, thanks in advance.
  25. 270Hunter

    X2 Archery =A4

    X2 is definitely a great zone, if you can get on a ridge or bluff it is good for glassing. But getting down on the deer is tough, with that being said if can find bucks that are using the same trail every day you can set up an ambush for them. Most of the trees in X2 are juniper so using a tree...
  26. 270Hunter

    Round Valley Hunt

    Kika Worldwide guides that hunt for some juniors, I would give them a call and ask them if they know of anything that's happening; like rut activity or the deer migration.
  27. 270Hunter

    Steens Mtn.

    Are you going for the steens mountain antelope?
  28. 270Hunter

    Calling in bears

    I'm new to bear hunting and I was wondering if anybody has had any luck using calls to get a bear. And if you have had success what type of call and method do you use, thanks in advance.
  29. 270Hunter


    I'd suggest Phil Brown from Wild Times Guide Service, I've hunted with him multiple times and I had a fun and successful trip every time.
  30. 270Hunter

    Big Valley Antelope

    Congratulations on a couple of nice bucks!!
  31. 270Hunter

    Big Valley speed goat

    Hey, how did your scouting trip go?
  32. 270Hunter

    NE Whitehorse

    Has anybody ever hunted NE Whitehorse during the muzzleloader hunt? If so what quality of bucks did you see, and was there a lot of deer?
  33. 270Hunter

    Big Valley speed goat

    I would suggest driving around and glassing the farm fields till you found a buck you want to kill, then try to pay the farmer a fee to hunt on his property. Good Luck
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