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    free brass

    free brass 25-06 300 win mag 280AI 26 nosler
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    300 win mag ammo

    I have four boxes federal 300 win mag ammo, trophy bonded tip 165gr forsale. $40.00 per box. call or text 775-741-0112
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    280 AI

    35 cases 280AI @ $55.00 all one shot Nosler Brass 775-741-0112
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    Hoyt Defiant

    im lowering the price of my Hoyt defiant to $450. Call or text for pic 775-741-0112
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    Gitzo tripod

    I have a gitzo tripod for sale.I can text pictures. asking $250 OBO 775-741-0112
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    Hoyt Defiant 34

    Hey guys I have a Hoyt defiant 34 60-70lbs that I am selling. I bought it a few years ago and can not draw it anymore because of shoulderr issues. Im asking $600 Bow only I can text pictures 775-741-0112
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    mountain caribou sheds

    I have a set of Boone and crocket mountain caribou sheds for sale.I found them on a sheep hunt in the Yukon, on a sheep hunt asking $800 OBO call or text 775-741-0112
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    Nosler Brass

    Hello maybe someone out there can use this brass.? 2 boxes 26 Nosler trophy grade.$100 3 boxes 25-06 Nosler, Hornady $60 1 box 280AI Nosler trophy grade $40 All one shot brass. Please call or text if interested.775-741-0112
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    300 win mag ammo

    Well guys I no longer own a 300 Winchester magnum, so I'm selling my ammo. I have 9 boxes total.3 boxes of federal 150gr trophy bonded bear claw.1 box of federal 180gr nosler partition.1 box of federal 180gr trophy bonded tip.2 boxes Winchester 180gr fail safe.2 boxes of hornady 165gr GMX. I'm...
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    Leupold VX6 2x12-42

    Leupold VX6 2x12-42mm forsale new in the box. Never mounted. $1000 OBO I can text pictures 775-741-0112
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    Browning high wall 1885 38/55 in mint condition.

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-15-16 AT 04:05PM (MST)[p]I have a beautiful Browning high wall in a 38/55 win. for sale this rifle has an octagon barrel, falling block action, with a tang sight and a gold front bead.The wood is AAA walnut with high gloss.I am asking $1050.00 OBO. Call Dave @ 775-741-0112
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    Hoyt Rampage

    Hoyt Rampage forsale 29" draw 60-70lbs less than 100 arrows shot threw it. Bow only $325.00 OBO. 775-741-0112
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    Browning high wall

    I have a high grade browning high wall 223rem.grade111 wood forsale this is a hard to find mint condition rifle.asking $1.000.00
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    Browning Titanium abolt 243 win,

    Browning Titanium abolt 243win. mossy oak camo stainless steel.$1,400.00 tac driver
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    Ruger number one mannlicher 243

    I have a Ruger number one mannlicher 243win for sale.This rifle is in excellent condition.It has an 18" barrel and come with no scope.This a very rare rifle.It is very compact and will shoot 1/2"moa with iorn sights.great saddle gun,backpack rifle,or truck gun.asking $750.00
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    Leoupold vx3 long range 6.5x20

    I have a like new Leoupold vx3 long range 6.5x 20 forsale.Asking $450.00 O.B.O. this scope retails @ cabelas for $699.00
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    Hoyt Rampage

    I have a Hoyt rampage forsale the draw length is 29" this bow is 4 years old and has less than 100 arrows threw it.asking $375.00obo sorry no extras
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    Browning high wall

    I have a browning high wall 223 octagone barrel in excellent condition.This a rare caliber in this model.This rifle will shoot 1/4inch groups asking $1000.00 obo
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    Leoupold 6.5x20 vari x 111 rifle scope

    I have a like new 6.5x20 varix3 asking $500.00 obo.
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    Leoupold 6.5x20 vari x 111 rifle scope

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-18-15 AT 03:42PM (MST)[p]I have a 6.5x20 vari x 3 rifle scope for sale.asking 800.00 obo.This scope retails for 1000.00 new.
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