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    For Sale Two Browning Abolt and one REM 700 For Sale

    I'll take the 270 wsm. Text me 575-770-2441
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    Valle Vidal 2020

    Hadn't had a chance to post about this bull. Here's the story... I was guiding Steve Brewington, Jr. from Tennessee on the 2nd rifle hunt in Valle Vidal. After 2 days of passing bulls the snow set in. Boy was it more than we expected! 28"+ of snow! We found this bull that had been pushed down...
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    NM valley Vidal youth

    Was good meeting you guys! Tega
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    NM valley Vidal youth

    Valle Vidal is the driest I've seen it in my life! Elk numbers are down...not sure if elk have just moved to somewhere with more water. Didnt see near the number of elk we usually do
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    For Sale Savage 16/116 Trophy hunter 270WSM with Leupold scope

    I'm in Northern New Mexico. I believe you ship it to my FFL.
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    For Sale Savage 16/116 Trophy hunter 270WSM with Leupold scope

    Would you be willing to ship the gun?
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    For Sale Hunting lot!! Great items

    Ok I'll do so in the morning
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    For Sale Hunting lot!! Great items

    I'm interested in one of the cell phone booster.
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    NM valley Vidal youth

    Bone dry up there. Rain has been missing it. Worst I've seen it in several years. Hopefully it rains soon!
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    ISO New Mexico Landowner Elk

    I have unit 53 Archery and Rifle tags. Unit wide. $1,700 + NMGRT
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    Call me Robert Ortega United States Outfitters 575-770-2441
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    Valley Vidal elk youth

    Call me. Robert Ortega United States Outfitters 575-770-2441 I've been guiding hunts in Valle Vidal for the last 20 years.
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    Post up what you drew

    Valle Vidal Deer Tag!
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    Draw results up

    Valle Vidal Deer for me!!
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    Draw results up

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    Draw results

    Valle Vidal Deer!!
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    Draw results

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    Draw results

    Very well said
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    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    Yessir. Me and one of my daughters have drawn Valle Vidal
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    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    Something must be going on with it today. The "Once In A Lifetime " status on mine and my daughters' accounts says currently unavailable. That info was there yesterday
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    Draw on? Already happen?

    NM Game and Fish does have a pretty good turnaround time compared to other states. If they have the ability to release results early, why not? Especially with everything that's going on right now. I'm sure alot of people could sure use their refunds sooner rather than later. Some people's...
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    Wanted-Unit 50 NM NR rifle elk tag

    I've got one. Call me 575 770 2441
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    Thanks man. I'm super stoked. Didn't think I had a chance with 13 points. I guess it was in the random draw?
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    Unit 1 early archery elk!!
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    Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B

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    Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B

    Yes they do
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    Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B

    Having trouble uploading photos. If interested I can text pictures
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    Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B

    I have a pair of Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B for sale. These binos are in excellent condition. Had them for about 2 years. They range out to 2200 yards. My name is Robert. 575-770-2441. Call or text. $1500.
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    Let me know if trade falls through. I've got a pair of 15x56 swaros is trade Tega
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    Leica Rangemaster 1000

    I'll take it. Let's work out details. Robert 575-770-2441
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    They're up!

    16D 2nd Archery elk for me! Dad drew Valle Vidal Rifle Bull after 25 years! 2 older daughter's drew Antelope tags! 2 younger ones drew Valle Vidal cow!
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    Unit 55 Valle Vidal Greenwood Bear Hunt

    Used to be a lot of bears in Valle Vidal, not so many any more. I scouted for the Spring hunt last year and did not see a single one! On the flip side, in October while guiding elk hunters there I saw 2 bears. One near Elk Meadows that wasn't very big, and one not far from the Chuckwagon...
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    Valle Vidal Elk Hunt

    Call me. 575-770-2441 Tega
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    White Tail Deer in Sandias

    Cosmic (Jack) is right. They're here in unit 53. Started seeing them in Cerro last summer, have seen them plenty more times this summer. Had a 8 point buck run up my driveway early one morning last month in Cerro. Also seen them back on the Wild Rivers area.
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    Where are the Goats In 52

    I was out there about 10 days ago scouting also. Saw good amount of antelope, but they're pretty spread out. Plenty of grass, water everywhere so they were just spread out. Will be out there tomorrow doing the same
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    Valle Vidal

    Joe, Yes I was with USO in 2004. Did some hunts on the Cottonwood, but most across the fence in Valle Vidal. Tega
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    Pronghorn outfitter?

    Have him call me 575-770-2441 Tega
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    Me too!
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    Valle Vidal

    Sbeard4 call me 575-770-2441 Tega
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    Valle Vidal

    Call/text me 575-770-2441. I can give you some options. Have plenty of references. Tega
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