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  1. PacificFork

    D6 advice for a new hunter

    You can at least get by on cheap glass, you do not want to skimp on boots. Pack follow boots. If you cannot afford a good top end pack just get a 100 dollar pack frame from cabelas to pack out quarters. You can always p-cord any old backpack you have laying around to the outer part of a pack...
  2. PacificFork

    oregon draw?

    I was graduating high school when this thread started
  3. PacificFork


    They were baiting deer which is also illegal. Believe I read somewhere else about trespassing too but don’t quote me on that. I remember one of these guys all over social media a few years ago bragging about killing these big Cali bucks. Not hard at all to do on neighborhood deer coming to...
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  5. PacificFork

    2021 point creep

    What do you guys think will happen with the units that were 100% draw at zero points last year 2nd and 3rd? Think guys will spend 2-3 points on those now?
  6. PacificFork

    Gray Wolf in Tuolumne County

    He’s a young male looking for a mate or pack. I’m just going to be hopeful for now that they won’t breed and establish packs down this way because there is no elk or decent deer populations to thrive on. I hunt these counties for deer and while I’m successful on bucks the overall population is...
  7. PacificFork

    Best Archery Taken Trophy Field Photo?

    Number 1 should be disqualified with that visor from the 90s haha!! Jk guy great buck, but the backdrop in number 7 can’t be beat awesome photo!
  8. PacificFork

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    Finally a win for us here in CA. I am still in shock....BUT the Humane Society will surely push this again post Covid, so we have to be ready to fight.
  9. PacificFork

    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    It really is the worst situation for us here. They keep chipping away and I used to laugh and say no way they would ever ban deer hunting here but I actually think it’s possible in the next 10 years, the more I think about it. My good friend is a life long commercial fisherman off the coast and...
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    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    I start scouting the high country in June and July and the amount of bears I see everyday is astonishing! It would be such a good hunt to have a spring bear season. It would be one of the best places in the country to hunt trophy boars just based of my own experience seeing multiple mature boars...
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    Bear hunting ban proposed in Kalifornia

    Make sure to be civil and polite when writing in, and while I agree we are going down the path of a socialist state It might be a bad idea to label people/politicians. Just my 2 cents. I commented politely on Scott Wieners IG (who wrote/introduced this bill) and I think the more the better. We...
  12. PacificFork

    Submitted app not showing?

    I talked to AZ F&G this morning. Basically no need to worry as long as you have your email confirmation receipts for your draw and license for this year. Your bonus points are still there as well, just not showing in your portal right now. They have multiple systems that just arent syncing up in...
  13. PacificFork

    AZGFD accepting Elk & pronghorn applications

    Yea I am still having issues, bonus points are showing, ID issues, I put in for the draw and paid and now it says I didnt. Tried calling today and was on hold for 30 mins and accidently hung up haha. Called right back and I lost my place by 27 others. Going to try again next week....
  14. PacificFork

    Nice buck for CA

  15. PacificFork

    Looking for advice on X9a or X12 or G6 draw

    Which ever unit you are closest to thus can scout more times pick that unit.
  16. PacificFork

    Idaho 2020

    Wow awesome, 7 1/2 years old is amazing.
  17. PacificFork

    I got a wake up call

    It’s really just sad. I haven’t bought ammo in this state since the new law went in effect, I don’t want to experience this.
  18. PacificFork

    Idaho 2020

    Great buck congrats! Please keep us posted on the age and how far he traveled!
  19. PacificFork

    Vallecito Campground GMU 751

    Heading to GMU 751 Vallecito Lake this week. Can anyone tell me in the Vallecito Campground at the trail head into the wilderness is usually full for 3rd season? Will I have a spot set up a small base camp or will I have to check the other camp grounds around the lake? I am hiking into the...
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    Several feet of snow, great Ill be packed in 4 miles solo off trail in the san juans this weekend lol. I wanted snow but not feet...
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    Its looking like opening day snow for the SW region followed by single digit temps, cant wait!
  22. PacificFork

    Late Rifle Bull Elk 221-223

    Is it just that easy to receive GPS waypoints of game on this forum?!
  23. PacificFork

    30" Idaho buck

    Congrats great buck, did you scout him before or stumble upon him during season?
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