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    Well Boys....

    Could it not be less group apps and more solo apps? I could see COVID19 causing that, i.e. travel restrictions for groups.
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    Well Boys....

    Didn't recieve an email either with positive draw.
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    Area Advice plz: Toddlers shed hunting

    Looking to take 2 Toddlers (drain their energy and start them down the right path!) and a Military family antler shed hunting in and around ABQ, day trip/hike, and picnic. What areas could you recommend? Was thinking Jemez Springs and that NF. Guess the Valle Caldera is off limits, but man...
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    Drop Camp service in Colin Neblett WMA?

    Not outfitters but pack servicers...Nancy Birch, but $$, or Red River stables perhaps with prior coordination.
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    First Timer

    Work the small, rolling hills, you find them in the depressions until they are pushed everywhere, then they herd in the long flats where they can see far.
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    Any Luck Unit 9

    Saw 1 lone bull/tracks hiking today (~10k') and fresh droppings....there is half a hope, more if there is/were cows around
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    GMU 16A-Heavy Smoke on western side

    In that above link is an active fire map Also try:
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    GMU 16A-Heavy Smoke on western side
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    Two oryx

    That meat is so good cold smoked as sausage
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    NM Bugle Report

    Everyone I've talked to says the bulls weren't going full tilt until last Monday or Tuesday. People from 51, 53, the 6's, 55, 48, 54 That puts day-length at ~12 hours and 50 minutes. Now I wonder if the ruts started more northerly earlier with the same day length on a different day?
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    NM Bugle Report

    Muzzle hunts should definitely be good this year afyer what I saw 2nd archery. The only way they could get better is snow at altitude to drive them down
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    NM Bugle Report

    Same here, very timid in 54/55. I get back location bugles then they jet with their cows.
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    NM Bugle Report

    Bugling and rutting in Angel Fire and South of Eagle Nest. Won't come to calls however. Herd bulls have their herums and are guarding them as the 5x5s are working the edges. A lot of nighttime action in Angel Fire resort and golf course.
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    NM Bugle Report

  15. 20200918_163538.jpg


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    NM Bugle Report

    Bugling some, shyly, in 54/55, Angel Fire, and west/north of Eagle Nest. Evening time 1 bull had a docile herum of ~15 on private not one mile from US64.
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