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    Most Wyo folks don´t understand what the laws/rules are governing public access to Wyoming State Lands.
  2. dwalton

    Grand Slam award

    Quite a few more than when I ended up with #1393. The 700 Club is a rare one, indeed!
  3. dwalton

    Anyone shoot a 6.5-06 or 6mm-06???

    I shoot a 240 Wby mag, which is essentially a 6mm-06. Itś lights out on deer and antelope! Have whacked quite a few cow elk with it, too.
  4. dwalton

    Grand Slam award

    What is the number of Grand Slammers up to now? I dropped out of the sheep hunting scene about a decade ago. Spectacular bronze, Adventurewriter!
  5. dwalton

    2020 Bonus Point Data

    ¨I should draw my cali ram this or next year🐏🐏¨ That´s the power of positive thinking, treed! Good luck to you! I drew a desert ram tag as a resident in 2003.
  6. dwalton

    2020 Bonus Point Data

    I´m with littlebighorn: Nevada has become incredibly difficult to draw a non-resident tag. The sheep draws are astronomical odds! I have 27 points for Cali rams, and will most likely never draw (7,000 to 1 odds) Starting to wonder if it´s worth the $400+ a year for me and the wife.
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    Bad News Lope in 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 106

    Had a great hunt in 106 this past fall.
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  9. dwalton

    Barbary sheep hunting

    The reason I want to hunt them comes down to economics. A Dall hunt in NWT is now $32,000+. Add in all the other costs, and youŕe looking at $40K. The other three sheep are about $20-30K more than that if you can´t draw a Western bighorn or desert tag (Stoneś are pay to play). Roughly $6,000...
  10. dwalton

    One hunt, one Animal...

    Any of the Argalis in Mongolia would be my pick.
  11. dwalton

    Predator control Pictures

    I recognize that guy with the big mustache!
  12. dwalton

    New Cody Regional Office

    Supposed to be a $500 million shortfall in next year budget for Wyoming......might want to trim back the plans on the building just a bit.
  13. dwalton

    Head butting a Game Warden. SMDH.

    I have had contact with this game warden many times in the field during the course of hunting seasons. He´s a really decent guy: fair, honest and helpful. (thanks for spreading rumors, Roadless) It´s too bad the state attorney general can´t step in and handle the case. A strong message needs...
  14. dwalton

    Unit 34 whoppers

    Muleman1 If you see any whiteys, show the pics. My 17 yr old son has a type 3 whitetail tag.
  15. dwalton

    Wyo Draw

    Sure hope to draw a buck antelope. It's been five years since my last one.
  16. dwalton

    Laramie hotel

    A second vote for Americinn. Their breakfast is good, as well.
  17. dwalton

    Longest sheep tag application drought?

    Started applying for sheep in 1995. Drew a Nevada desert as a resident in 2003, and a non-resident Wyoming rocky in 2007 (one point less than max). Started to drop out of the various states, as the fees vs odds began to sway my application process. Still apply in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and...
  18. dwalton

    B & C ram

    A 180 class Wyoming ram is rare, indeed! Congrats on a spectacular sheep!!
  19. dwalton

    Stone Sheep

    LBH, I took my ram out of a group of 17 on the first afternoon out. Sounds like a lot of things have changed.
  20. dwalton

    Stone Sheep

    Bluestone is operated by Myles and Sherry's youngest daughter Devlin and her husband. Like Zeke, my info is ancient. I killed a 38", 10yr old ram in 1998.
  21. dwalton

    CO Draw #2

    LAST EDITED ON May-26-19 AT 09:16AM (MST)[p]I opted out of the $100 point fee on sheep. I had max points, and couldn't see how another weighted point would make that much of a statistical difference in the non resident draw. Received the same result in the 25+ previous year's draws: unsuccessful.
  22. dwalton

    Credit card hits

    Congrats on the sheep tag!
  23. dwalton

    Credit card hits

    Struck out across the board. I now have 26 points for Cali bighorn.
  24. dwalton

    Fate of your trophies

    Exactly why i quit taking stuff to the taxidermist a few years ago. Would rather have that money be spent on memories and new adventures, rather than another mount on the wall.
  25. dwalton

    Colorado's weighted point fee for sheep?

    Pretty sure I'll opt out of the optional $100 fee. Looks more like the law of diminishing returns. Even if the system is changed, being one weighted point behind won't make that much of a statistical difference. Of course, my viewpoint is a bit different since I already have a dandy Rocky Mtn...
  26. dwalton

    Draw OPinons Needed... Please Help...

    I'd go all in with the Unit 2 elk. You can draw some great deer hunts as a NR with 15 points.
  27. dwalton

    Colorado's weighted point fee for sheep?

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-19 AT 06:42PM (MST)[p]Thanks for the replies! I'm not sure at this point if I'll opt in for the extra $100 point. Best of luck to all in the draw! Edit: Pushing 60 yrs old used to seem far off. At 53, I definitely can see it on the horizon!
  28. dwalton

    Colorado's weighted point fee for sheep?

    What's the consensus on the $100 preference point/weighted point for sheep in Colorado? I'm sitting at 3 pref and 18 weighted points. Can't see how purchasing another weighted point will help me much in the nonresident draw. Any thoughts?
  29. dwalton

    WY Moose

    I'd stay away from area 20, unless you have lots of time and horses.
  30. dwalton

    Wyoming Sheep Unit 8

    My info is dated, but I hunted with Muleshoe in 2007. I killed whopper of a ram on opening day. Justin & Cody outfit a great sheep hunt. One thing to think about Area 8, is you may only get one chance at a ram. A missed shot or blown stalk may mean going home empty handed.
  31. dwalton

    Cow Elk

    RE: Cow Elk Do you have any preference points?
  32. dwalton

    Looking to Move This will give you a listing of available jobs throughout Wyoming.
  33. dwalton

    128 Late Dubois

    Congrats on the excellent 11 point buck!
  34. dwalton

    128 Late Dubois

    A shout out to Blank for his help! Our first evening this buck was in one of the spots he told us to look. We made a great stalk, and my son sealed the deal with the 240wby mag. Thanks, Blank, for helping make a 15 year old?s day...
  35. dwalton

    128 Late Dubois

    Sent you a PM. Am headed up Thursday for my 15 year old's type 3 hunt. Congrats on the deer!
  36. dwalton

    ATV/Side by Side

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-21-18 AT 05:24PM (MST)[p]Depends upon where you will be hunting. In the hunter management areas around Evanston, ATV/UTV's are prohibited. You can't even have them in the back of your truck or on a trailer. Driving them in a national forest will require a permit sticker...
  37. dwalton

    Burned Out

    Going back to cow elk hunting really helped me: no stress, can draw a tag most years, and I'm always happy when I have a successful hunt. Can't say the same when I had some premium bull elk permits.
  38. dwalton

    Wyoming 36 moose

    I believe elkrazy01 was referring to Medicine Butte HMA. Have seen some decent bull moose in there the past couple of years.
  39. dwalton

    A year ago today

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-13-18 AT 02:13PM (MST)[p]LBH, I know exactly what you mean....8/4/98 Stone, 12/4/03 Desert, 8/11/05 Dall, 9/1/07 Rocky. I remember every detail like it happened yesterday! Fantastic ram, elk247!
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