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    Alpaca socks

    My wife usually sews me socks from the Alpaca wool. You can also try.
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    Sweet Treats

    Also, love them with my favorite coffee.
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    Meat and Greens Tonight

    Looks so delicious :sneaky:
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    Plumbing question

    Hi, everyone! Glad that I found this thread. Now I am redecorating my bathroom and trying to choose new plumbing: have you heard about this toilet? A came across the review and it seems that flush can be not really good. I am not really concerned with plumbing so could you give some criteria on...
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    Sons first duck

    Great job! Congrats!
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    Black Friday ideas

    Hi, everyone! I have started building a woodshed recently and I am looking for a new chainsaw. I've come across this article while choosing. I also want to find the right one for sale, as now is Black Friday, and perhaps the price could be lower. By the way, let it be a thread where you can...
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    A Proper Steak Dinner

    Looks so tasty. I really like preparing deer steaks on grill. Wanna to share my favorite recipe. This is how you grill them for a family of four: 4 venison steaks, about 2-3 pounds total Salt Vegetable oil Black pepper Lemon juice (optional) Step 1: Bring the venison out of the fridge and...
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    Mushrooms as Medicine????

    Feel really suspicious about the mushrooms...
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    2020 success so far

    Good start!
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