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    CVA Paramount Pro, Colorado version

    New in box CVA Paramount pro, 50 caliber. The Colorado version with peep sight. $1450. Large box, so would rather not ship. Im in Riverton Utah but frequently around the Summit county area.
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    Whites Super 91 demand?

    Been out of the muzzy game for a while, so not up to speed on current trends. Are Whites Super 91's still in demand? I checked Gunbroker but there wasn't much there to establish a price. Im thinking of parting with two of mine that haven't been used for a while now. Just want a fair deal for...
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    40, muzz elk guide suggestions

    NR with 20 points burning a hole in my pocket. Thinking about a muzzle loader elk hunt in 40. I know there is a ton of private land. I used to always read about BiggerStaff outfitters, but haven't heard that mentioned lately and their website hasn't been updated in years. I'm typically...
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    Master baiter, San Juan or la Sal

    Sitting on 16 points as a resident, and thinking about burning them this year. While i was building those points I was hunting the Idaho panhandle for bears every year. Have plenty of bears under my belt from hounds and archery over bait. For some reason I just prefer sitting over bait...
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    Proof Rifles?

    Anybody have any trigger time on a Proof complete rifle. I have a chance to buy one at a great price, and seriously considering it. Not a ton of reviews on the internet or Youtube, so hoping someone has actually tried one to give an quick review. I have one of their barrels on my 3 gun...
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    Deer voucher, private land question

    I'm talking with a rancher about buying a deer voucher that's for private land. Sounds like a small amount of property at 900 acres. He is saying the forest service land behind is accessible on the voucher. The way I'm reading the regulations, private land tag is only good for private land...
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    SOLD CVA Paramount Pro. NIB

    Hard to find CVA Paramount Pro. I don't have any good tags this year, so I would rather see it get used by a hunter this year. Brand new in the box with all the included goodies. New format is being tricky for me to post pics, but a quick google search will show you pics from CVA. $1350 cash...
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    Whites super 91 and Leupold scope listed on Utah Gun Exchange

    Was browsing Utah Gun and noticed a Whites super 91 with the Leupold super slam muzzy scope listed for $600. I dont need anymore Whites, so passing the info on.
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    Kaibab late hunt- Average time hunted?

    Drew a 12B West late deer tag. I see the hunt dates are 11/22-12/01. In a perfect world I would love to hunt the whole ten days, but a new job may have some impact on that. So question is for people that have hunted the late kaibab hunts, how many days did you hunt before harvesting. I...
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    kaibab points predictions

    As a non resident with 19 points I was hoping to draw a Kaibab late tag this year, but after reading huntin fool that's looking unlikely. Any predictions on how many points it will take this year. Am I still a few years away from a tag?
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    Unit 20 Elk outfitter?

    Want to get out of the Colorado elk point game. I have 18 points and it appears I should be able to draw first rifle in unit 20. I'm more of a DIY guy but all the reports make it sound like a outfitter is needed with the private property issues. Looks like Comanche Creek Outfitters or...
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    Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader shortage

    I have had a few messages, so I thought I would post as a general announcement. I hooked up several members with good pricing on Ultimates because I have no overhead costs. I have 12 suppliers that I buy from and none of them have had any of the Ultimates available since a bit after...
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    Zero Guide fees experience/ feedback ?

    Been seeing the postcard for Zero Guide fees for a couple of years now, and I'm curious. I have never used a guide before mostly because of the cost, and I do like the do it yourself experience. Now having said that, I do understand local knowledge and help is hard to beat. Sitting on a...
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    18 points for NR elk, options

    I know its early, but daydreaming about drawing a elk tag this year. I may be retiring for a year, so I would have plenty of time on my hands to scout the unit and dedicate a bunch of time. Waiting this many years, I'm leaning towards a muzzle loader hunt. I am a bowhunter though as well, and...
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    Silencerco Maxim 50

    Just saw a add for an integrally suppressed muzzle loader, The Silencerco Maxim 50. 50 state legal without the wait and without the $200 tax stamp. Interesting concept but I'm just curious how many people will be jumping on board at a grand. I love suppressors and don't mind the tax...
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    Bicycle and hunting

    Reading Eastmans yesterday and read a story about these new electric powered bikes. I can get a deal on the Rambo electric powered bike for $2,000. Seems like a lot of money for a bike, but maybe it's worth it. Says its range is 19 miles without peddling. Any monster muley readers use...
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    Sig Sauer kilo 2200MR. Brand new in the box

    Won this and don't need an extra rangefinder. This is the new model. Unopened box. $400 is firm and can meet in the Salt Lake City area
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    3B Muzzleloader Elk hunt ?

    I have 17 nonresident points this year. The huntinfool description of this hunt sounds pretty good, all though Eastmans gave it a F for access. Huntinfool mentions it took 16 points. I'm looking at the fish and game page and trying to figure out where the past drawing odds are located. Can...
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    Magpul Hunter 700 SA stock. Black or FDE NIB

    I was going to do a couple rifle builds, but never got around to it. Brand new in the box Magpul Hunter 700, Short Action stocks. Have one in black and one flat dark earth. $185 cash each. Located in Riverton, Utah. Message me if interested.
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    Remington Ultimate Muzzy feedback

    I know there has been lots of interest in the Remington Ultimate muzzleloader, and I have sold a ton of them to MM members so I know they are out being used. Starting to read some good hunting stories and good performance reviews like Zeke's journey. Besides the weight of the system does...
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    Short range weapon question

    Trying to wrap my head around the definition of the short range weapon description. If I'm reading it correctly regarding muzzle loaders, it actually allows 209 primers and optics. So its less restrictive then the general muzzle loader description. I read that part about the optics on a Q&A...
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    NIB. SIG Kilo rangefinder

    LAST EDITED ON May-27-16 AT 10:55PM (MST)[p]These new Sig Kilo rangefinders are game changers, plus this a awesome deal if you compare how much they cost. Can meet in the salt lake valley. $400 cash
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    Suppressors ?

    With the new trust law taking effect soon, I'm curious how many of you guys jumped on getting suppressors either for hunting or just messing around.
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    New White's listing on GB

    Seems like there has been some talk about Whites on here lately. Figured I would pass on a tip that a new listing just showed up on Gunbroker. A super 91 in .45. I already have a few so figured would pass on the tip. Goodluck guys
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    lion in Utah, 14 points

    I haven't really been keeping track of how Utah lion hunting has been the last few years and have just bought points. Is there a unit that's outstanding and worth this many points this year? I already have a pretty good one on the wall, so really only looking for a great hunt or I will just...
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    15 NR elk points and ready to hunt

    When I keep hearing about the possibility of non residents odds getting even worse in 2016, it makes me think I should really try for a elk hunt in 2015. Initially I always thought I would put in for a archery hunt, but the last couple of years of reviewing harvest odds for even some of the...
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    Colt XSE, Trijicon sites. $800

    I have a Colt XSE, .45 for sale. I upgraded the sites to Trijicon Night sites ( 150 bucks) upgrade. Carried for a year and half so has a little holster wear but still looks great. Hoping for a face to face sale in Utah. I need $800 or I will just keep it as a spare.
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    Frog Lube

    Just wanted to give a shout out about Frog Lube. I have heard a few people talking about it and one day I saw some on sale, so I gave it a try. I'm hooked on the whole system now and can really see a difference in performance and how much easier everything cleans up. Its all I will use now...
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    Stainless media for brass cleaning

    Wanted to take a minute and give a quick review on using the stainless steel media for cleaning brass since its been a game changer for me. I have used the crushed walnut shells for ever and had decent results but like everybody else I'm sure you notice how long it takes and you have the dust...
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    Two American Classics

    Colt and elk antlers. Found a guy that had these elk antler grips that he never used. Made a good trade with him and now my piece is sporting a new look. The grips are a tad thicker also which helps with my big ol mitts. I'm really digging the new look but the wife thinks the colors don't...
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    Flaming Gorge burbot

    So I read about Burbot fishing at the Gorge and read about how the taste like lobster, so I want to do it. I haven't been ice fishing in like ten years but I have a buddy that has all the equipment needed. I'm going to give it a try in a week or two and I'm curious what the ice conditions...
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    Squib load

    I'm just curious if any of you guys have ever had a squib load? In 30 years of shooting a lot and about the last five years of really reloading a lot I have never had one or really heard about them until I started doing some research for loading for sub machine guns. Some of the these guys...
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    Free .40 brass in Salt Lake

    With the holiday spirit I would like to give away some .40 brass away to some one that could use it in or around the Salt Lake area. Going through my brass stash I realize I have more .40 brass than I could ever possibly use in my lifetime. Its all or mostly once fired, Federal cases. They...
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    Black friday

    I just drove by the Sportsman's Whorehouse and there are around 15 people all ready camped out by the door. Huddling under blankets and all ready look miserably bored at 6 pm. I haven't even seen the sale add but for the life of me I cant imagine what is worth waiting in line for 12 hours...
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    Sportsman tag results

    Just got the email and no surprise but all unsuccessful. Seemed fast this year and I don't know but I kind of like it when they make use wait just a little longer to build up the anticipation for rejection.
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    Indentification in backpack?

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-13 AT 06:10PM (MST)[p] Do you guys leave identification in your backpacks so if the pack is lost the finder has a way of tracking you down? This last weekend hunting a unfamiliar unit in Idaho I'm driving down a dirt road when I see this backpack laying in the middle of...
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    Big boy cot from Davis tent

    Is anybody using the Big Boy cot from Davis tent? My outfitter XL is sagging bad after two seasons so I'm in the market for a cot that isn't going to sag after some use.
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    Mauser collectors?

    I need to unload these mausers and I figured I would give the Monster Muley crew first dibs before I put them on Utah gun exchange. To be honest I don't know much about them except I believe they have booth been sportrized which I know hurts the value. They belonged to my father in law who...
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    Sonic cleaners?

    Any body using a sonic cleaner? I have always used the walnut media and a vibrating cleaner with good results but I'm curious about the sonic cleaners. Actually the wife brought it up because she does lots of mounted shooting and blanks that she shoots through her single actions make a mess...
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    Mind if I sit by the campfire?

    Well I am back after my work completed their investigation and I was cleared of any wrong doing. Basically Bigfish was told that I did nothing wrong and he was quickly dismissed. I am still dumbfounded that he complained to my work in the first place, but I guess nothing should surprise me any...
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