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    September onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    "I want the Hunt App!"
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    Man without a land

    Mountain goat hunt I went mountain goat hunting with a friend and he brought a huge 10 year old billie goat off the mountain opening day. His goat was so fat it could barely walk. Of course he rolled 500 feet downhill after he was shot, but nothing broke when he tumbled. I hiked 22 miles in...
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    Man cave confusion

    It was a walk-in closet. I will have my shoulder mounts and elk in other parts of the house. Maybe I will just use it as storage and a place to make arrows.
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    Man cave confusion

    My wife and I are going to be remodeling a house near Kamas Utah and I finally get a man cave... The space is 6 feet wide and 30 feet long, has 8 inch cement walls, and no windows. I only have a few guns and a bow so I don't need a huge gun room. I could probably shoot a bow in there in the...
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    20 inch 4 pt

    Not unless he was super tall. I have seen two bucks killed over 180" with only a 20" spread. It is very rare, but special. I don't like killing opening day because then I have to go back home and go to work. I love my family and my job, but my time hiking around with my bow in hand is sacred.
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    Thoughts on this one?

    I would put him closer to 160. He is a cool buck. Imagine what he will look like in a year or two if he gets to grow up.
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    Good luck

    Good luck fellow archers. Keep us posted as your hunts unfold. Be safe, have fun, make memories, and shoot straight.
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    Wow Vortex!

    I can't afford Swarovski so I am in love with my Vortex optics and their customers service is top notch.
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    Draws are over, where are you all going this year?

    Just third season deer in Colorado this year. I have a friend with a mountain goat tag, and a family with a whole bunch of general deer tags in Utah. Right now, I only have 64 hours of annual leave so I am going to be depressed this fall.
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    Man without a land

    I had a near perfect life when we lived in Glendo Wyoming until I was offered a promotion and we moved to a state park near Moab, Utah. My wife and I are both from Utah. Long story short, I am a man without a land this year so I decided to burn my preference points on a third season rifle deer...
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    Trail cams?

    I usually go ever two weeks when I have mine out.
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    CO Draw

    According to the report I drew my unit with five points along with all the other people who applied with 5 points for deer. Good luck everyone.
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    Mattress advice

    I have never found a great option. The Alps Mountaineering lightweight series in my preference.
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    Newbie to Utah

    Welcome to the pumpkin patch. All the general deer and elk hunts get hammered hard. You can get good bucks and bulls on almost any unit or season in the state, but it takes alot of effort and don't expect much help from online folks. I would recommend picking one unit and get to know it really...
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    T minus 10 and a WU.........

    LAST EDITED ON May-25-18 AT 09:45PM (MST)[p]I put in for a deer unit that took 3 points last year and I had 5 points...still feeling nervous. I just moved this spring so I am a man without a land again until September. Pulling a deer tag as an nr in Colorado is my second to last hope. I could...
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    Back Door Draw Results

    Colorado deer is my last hope this year. If I don't draw I guess I will do a spike elk in Utah...good thing I am super busy and don't have time to over think my fall.
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    Just a simple"I did"

    I didn't, nr.
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    Unit 7 elk help

    I hunted it last year. I hunted 17 days before I got a small 5x6 during rifle season. I saw some good bulls during archery, but I could not close the gap. My advice, go way back off the roads. I hiked almost 100 miles, and most of the elk were 2 miles deep. I would not hunt it again...
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    Colorado 62 or 70 3rd season

    Kpbennion, I have been living in Glendo for two years, but I took a big promotion that is moving me substantially closer to family. This year I am a man without a land so it is a good year to hunt deer in Colorado as a non resident. I loved living in Glendo, but I could not pass up this...
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    Colorado 62 or 70 3rd season

    I have enough points to draw 62 or 70 for 3rd season deer. I am moving to Moab so they are both close by. I have 5 points, but I probably only need 3 to draw either unit. Any suggestions? Feel free to send me a Pm. Dillon
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    Best rifle for around $1000.

    Tikka t3 lite, 7mm rem mag, vortex scope.
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    Hoyt in my hand

    End of Year I just want to close out my HAC by saying that 2017 will be a tough year for me to top in the future. I hunted 29 days and harvested my biggest archery mule deer to date, my second buck antelope with my daughter, and my first bull elk. I have no complaints...
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    LE deer or LE elk

    Both. I apply for deer and elk every year.
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    Question for Wyoming Residents

    Not interested.
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    You can download unit maps from and view them as kml files in Google earth for free.
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    Have a great Thanksgiving

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    Two big bulls in two days

    Congrats on both bulls. It can be hard enough to find just one bull.
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    Hoyt in my hand

    Whitetails and the rut I went hunting whitetails on a Type 3 permit, but I didn't see any bucks on public lands where I could shoot them. I don't have time to keep hunting whitetails thanks to Thanksgiving and the fact that I have hunted 29 days this season. I saw this whitetail buck on two...
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    My '17 Late Utah Bull (expo tag)

    Great bull. Congrats.
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    Hoyt in my hand

    My first bull elk I took off a few days from work to hunt elk the first week of November with my brother-in-law, but we didn't see any elk. On November 10th, I got on the mountain at about noon and I shot my very first bull elk at about 1:30 PM. I saw the bull at about the same time that he...
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    I love Wyoming

    I absolutely love living in and work for the great State of Wyoming. Yesterday, I found a nice 5x6 bull on the right side of the fence and tagged my third animal of the year. I will post more pictures and the story in my HAC under the "Hoyt in my hand" thread soon. Dillon
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    FamDamnLy Reunion

    I agree that August 15-November 30th is off limits. We are are a typical, somewhat boring, LDS family from Utah. Normal reunions tend to involve time on the lake and BBQ. Honestly, I was hoping they would skip my year to plan it in 2018 because I am a bit of an anti my family reunion person. I...
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    Which unit do you know better? I like Vernon better, but they are both good.
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    FamDamnLy Reunion

    I have to plan a family reunion for 50+ people next summer and I need ideas. Most of the people live in Utah, but I don't care if they have to drive to Wyoming where I live. Usually they stay in cabins at Bear Lake or Brianhead, but those spots are getting old. Suggestions?
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    2018 tag price increases :(

    It looks like I will be out about $30 a year. That is not a big deal all things considered. Dillon
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    Guided Hunting Trip

    I would do moose and bear at the same time.
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    Manti 2017

    Great bulls. Thanks for sharing.
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    Number of deer tags

    Yes, these types of equipment have improved, but there are only so many animals that live by roads and most hunters don't hike or get more than a mile from a road. You didn't even mention baiting. A lot of the big bucks that come out of Utah die with an apple in their mouth. Utah won't...
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    Hoyt in my hand

    Wyoming Rifle Elk: Part 1 October 20th-21st, 2017: My rifle elk hunt opened on October 15th, but I was in Utah being a supportive brother-in-law attending a wedding. I didn't get to go hunting until Friday the 20th. On the 20th, and that night it snowed and the wind broke my tent I...
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    Wyoming Elk...

    No, 7. And I was hunting a private ranch as well. I just got unlucky.
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