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    Don Martin

    Holy crap they need open up some dang classes even if they limit the people
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    Application Mayhem!

    Email Kristy Sanchez EMAIL. 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086 . I had the same problem and she fixed it for me.
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    It passed.....

    The liberals all stay in the city
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    Iota rings

    Thanks Homer
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    Iota rings

    Has anyone heard much about iota nomad rings I won some. Just wondering if they are decent. Thanks
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    Iota rings

    Has anyone used iota nomad ZL rings?
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    Paunsaugunt buck found

    Probably got corona
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    55 3rd

    Did you see any nice bucks jimf if you don't mind me asking?
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    55 3rd

    Did you find you a elk
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    2018 muley

    Great Buck
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    55 3rd

    Anybody seeing any rutting I've heard they were starting a bit
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    55 3rd

    Good deal thanks for the update
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    55 3rd

    Just wondering if there getting any snow down there sounds like it's supposed to get some this week I Drew the 3rd season 55 deer thanks for any info.
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