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  1. Nevadahunter

    Vortex Razor HD-LHT 3-15x42

    It was between HD-LHT and the VX-5 for my 28 Nosler but after more research I ended up going with this scope and love it. Highly recommended
  2. Nevadahunter

    No More Baiting

    You forgot people selling the location of deer.
  3. Nevadahunter

    No More Baiting

    You forgot flat brim hats. 😂
  4. Nevadahunter

    2021 utah permit recommendations

    Could you please place a link for the online feedback form? Thanks
  5. Nevadahunter

    2021 utah permit recommendations

    I agree with all the tag decreases in the southern units. Only numbers that made me scratch my head is Mt Dutton; only 225 buck tags but they are still going to issue doe tags? Even if it is only 10 doe tags it should be zero if the herds that bad.
  6. Nevadahunter

    Camping lanterns?

    I have two of these and the y are great!
  7. Nevadahunter

    Utah Trail Cam Ban

  8. Nevadahunter

    5yr waiting period...

    Let's pretend CWMU tags where a 1 to 1 ratio instead of 9 to 1 and let's just pretend the expo didn't get any tags. How many tags would that put back into the draw!?
  9. Nevadahunter

    2020 Bonus Point Data

    I look forward to seeing this data in the next couple years with the party hunt tag return changes. I think the majority of the hunters in the deer draw with over 8 points aren't hunters and just family members that people have used to benefit themselves. With people moving to Nevada every year...
  10. Nevadahunter

    2021 Party Hunt Tag Return Changes

    Just looked at Nevada's 2021 regulations and returning a tag in a party hunt was changed.
  11. Nevadahunter

    Lets Get the Trail Camera's Outlawed

    Slow down turbo, the Bill now says "The Wildlife Board SHALL make rules regulating the use of trail cameras".
  12. Nevadahunter

    Lets Get the Trail Camera's Outlawed

    Maybe if Eric Chesser would untuck his ears from his hat he would hear most DIY hunters in the state want them banned.
  13. Nevadahunter

    POLL: Utah Trail Camera Ban

    I’m sure he’s coming up with a bad grammar response and a space between every sentence. 😂
  14. Nevadahunter

    Utah trail camera and baiting season bill
  15. Nevadahunter

    Slim Odds at the expo!

    Not only do you not have to validate in person but they are also allowing non-residents to apply for everything. SFW really screwed Utah residents this year.
  16. Nevadahunter

    CWMU expansion?

    If the CWMU public tags where changed even to a 7-3 ratio instead of the 9-1 current ratio it would do wonders on brining down the point creep in Utah.
  17. Nevadahunter

    For Sale Leupold Riflescope Delivery & Inventory Update

    Doug, any idea when you will be getting any VX-5HD 3-15x44mm wind plex? Thanks!
  18. Nevadahunter

    Watch today's Wildlife Board meeting

    You got a point, we should just make all Utah tags OTC. Those who have the fastest bandwidth or could take off work and sit in front of the computer all day get a tag. If you don't get a tag you had the OPPORTUNITY. Sucks but that's just way it is.
  19. Nevadahunter

    Watch today's Wildlife Board meeting

    It wouldn't be based on any type of point system and still would be over the counter. I don't really know what the right solution to the problem is, but there is a problem. There is more of a demand fo the tags than tags available and they are selling out in 8 hours. I am glad the wildlife...
  20. Nevadahunter

    Watch today's Wildlife Board meeting

    If the Division of Wildlife really wants to help everyone hunt every year why not only allow the first 48 hours of general elk tags only open to residents not successful in any big game draws? After 48 hours allow everyone else to purchase a tag. Just a thought.
  21. Nevadahunter

    7mm Rem Mag Scope

    Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 wind plex or Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15x42. These two scopes are about the best, lightest hunting scopes on the market right now.
  22. Nevadahunter

    5yr waiting period...

    I like it as a 50/50 split and 5 year wait. Helps out the max point holders and gives everyone else hope when putting in. I think the changes that where made on returning a tag will help out a little with point creep and benefit the max point holders but it's still just a drop in the bucket. It...
  23. Nevadahunter

    5 point or Better Any Bull

    Kind of a change in subject, but a change I think they should also make is only open a unit every other year for spike hunts. If you split it up you would still be able to hunt spikes every year just not the same unit every year. Hard to have 6 pointers when you are killing to many spikes......
  24. Nevadahunter

    Harvest Data

    Maybe landowner tags?
  25. Nevadahunter

    Beaver Mtn. Goat

    I really like that mount! Coolest pedestal I have seen.
  26. Nevadahunter

    Beaver archery buck down.

    This can't be from the Beaver unit, there isn't any bucks left there! 😂
  27. Nevadahunter

    Hogs on Southwest Desert?

    What the heck!?! What part of the unit was this in?
  28. Nevadahunter

    Thoughts on purposed changes

    HiDesert, Here is a link to the video addressing it and it looks like they are really stoping it at all angles. In the video they even addressed family members using Grandpa every year for this loophole and having Grandpa go to the doctor to get a letter saying he can't hunt. Sounds like they...
  29. Nevadahunter

    Thoughts on purposed changes

    I watched the some of the videos from the recent meetings. I'm glad to hear this is the last year of the party hunt lop hole.
  30. Nevadahunter


    I can already see next years Instagram post.... #booneandcrockettbullfrogs #bullfrogfreak
  31. Nevadahunter

    FTW, 2020 big game draw odds

    I was really surprised when looking at the Dedicated drawing odds that several units went to zero quotas this year. Dang I wish Utah could post tag allocations prior to applying!
  32. Nevadahunter

    Pine Valley Map?

    Here you go.
  33. Nevadahunter

    Nevada Electronic big game permit return/surrender

    Yep! I know what party hunting is and don't have a problem with it. I just have a problem with the party hunting and returning a tag scam. It just screws the odds up for us not taking advantage of the system. Sounds like you think it is BS to from your post #14: "It is BS....but I didn’t write...
  34. Nevadahunter

    Nevada Electronic big game permit return/surrender

    I'm embarrassed to say I even applied for deer in Nevada this year with how rampant the party hunting scam is. NDOW YOU READ THESE FORUMS FIX THIS CRAP FOR THE HUNTERS NOT SCAMMING THE SYSTEM HAVE A FAIR CHANCE!!!!
  35. Nevadahunter

    221-223 late Elk

    Congrats on a great tag! The Mt Grafton benches across from Geyser Ranch and the Mule Shoe burn are definitely worth checking out.
  36. Nevadahunter

    Zion Desert Ram Tag/Intel

    Chad Mendes drew that tag at the expo and put the hunt on youtube. With not much scouting shouldn't be to hard to figure out where he was hunting.
  37. Nevadahunter

    Creep Lives On

    I'm sure I'll get some heat for saying this as a Utah resident but a NR applying in Utah is just a tool to bring more money into the system. Not all NR's know this but Utah only allows residents to apply for only one Lifetime, one LE, Dedicated, and General Deer to improve our draw odds. They...
  38. Nevadahunter

    Utah raises NR fees, a ton!

    I'm not complaining but one thing I'm surprised Utah hasn't changed is having a hunting license that is valid for 365 days. It is nice getting to skip buying one every other year. I applied in Nevada as a non-resident this year and had to fork out $155 for a license. NR fee of $72 for a license...
  39. Nevadahunter

    2020 turkey hunt

    Looks like it's a no go for turkey season for Kane county if your not a resident.
  40. Nevadahunter

    Thoughts on purposed changes

    The Wild Commission was having a meeting March 21, but got cancelled due whats going on right now. If you read number 2 on the attached link it looks like they will be discussing returning tags in a party application. Great news for Nevada Hunters...
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