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    For Sale No Tellum Ridge Prints

    Buck Fever, The Crest and Slipping Away for sale. All are framed. Considering best offers. If you want to see pictures send an email. Only serious offers considered.
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    The world we live in

    Ok, what the hell is up with people? What a sicko ...
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    Destroying it !!

    George at the Capitol!!
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    Put this in your pipe

    And then smoke it. I have no doubt of it's validity. I've seen and read and the Govt we have is doing us wrong.
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    Chevy Vortec

    A 2000 Chevy 2500 Vortec. It has very low miles. Anyone like this engine ? I grew too tired of 7.3 glowplug, relay, fuel bowl heater b.s. I may buy this as I don't tow more than 1400 miles a year. I had a 97 Jimmy with the 5.7 and it made it although underpowered.
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    Ok, you all have fun. Every thing you want to say gets expunged. It is Founders site so I'm not attacking him. I enjoyed the classifieds and the stories and pictures. Maybe it is a little on the toxic side at times so I need to be positive. Keep the shiny side up and the hairy side down.
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    The trucks and trailers are lined up

    I'm getting the siding replaced at my house. It is mostly T-111 almost 50 years old with the garage being 25 yo Vinyl. It is costing 12k . Ouch. If I wasn't having so much back and neck troubles I would get help and do it myself. Everything is so expensive now.
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    For Sale Leon Parson

    I'm selling The Crest of No Tellum and Slipping Away On No Tellum Ridge. Both are framed. I will sell both for 2900.00 or 2000 for The Crest and 1000.00 for Slipping Away. or pm for #
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    Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I do dis a brie ? 😁
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    Merry Christmas

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    Which MMer ?

    Whose son would this be ? Lol
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    Merry Christmas

    Kelsea sings
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    Black Friday ?

    Did you go today ? I did 1st time in my life. Ended up with wool socks, Prepper Survival food buckets and a nice meat slicer. It wasn't a wide enough variety of items.
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    Oh well

    Don't get mad Founder. I guess I goofed
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    Idaho is ruined

    The mule deer populations are the lowest I have ever seen them in 50 years since I was 12. Predators and shooting does, winter range disappearing in some areas. I always found bucks and shooters at that. It will be like Utah where we have to draw tags within the next 3 years mark my words...
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    SOLD Rest Of No Tellum Framed

    For sale, 516/750. Nice frame that compliments this hard to find limited edition print in pristine.condition. I have to make some room for my Trophies so need to sell. I could deliver from SLC to Rexburg or to Twin Falls area but I would not dare to ship. 2200.00 firm price . Please PM if...
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    Fraudulent Hunt

    Maybe enough tags were fraudulent. The hunt will be declared a sham. Lol
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    If I have 8 guns and Biden takes , how many guns do I have ? > > > > > > > > > > > 48 ! Some absentee guns just came in.
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    Turkey anyone ?

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    The Doctor

    If an election lasts this long aren't you supposed to see a Dr ?
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    We needed some supplies at the feed store today. They usually have good ammo supply. Well, it was almost sold out and all ammo was 1 box per person.
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    R.I.P Sean Connery

    He was a giant in Movies !
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    A kinder , gentler MM

    It looks like the days of political discussion are over here. Better post more hunt pics up as it is getting boring. Lol
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    Dead trailer batteries

    I have 2 6v hooked up in series. Tgwy must be toast as I put on a charger and it says leads reversed. Red to positive and black to neg. So I switched and it says charging. I looked online and it says if voltage is below a certain point then you will get a leads reversed warning. I guess taking...
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    If you have Netflix

    If you do watch The Social Dilemma if you can. It is eye opening and scary. I plan now on reducing my internet time even when I don't have anything else to do. Facebook was for family and a few old friends but I added a couple extra groups. I..going to opt out of them.tonight.
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    Mexican word of the day
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    Stove question

    What would be a good stove for my 10x10 Flexbow tent ? Price and quality are important. I don't want to croak from CO.
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    For Sale Buck Fever or Crest

    Buck Fever On No Tellum Ridge for sale or Crest Of No Tellum . I can send pictures if you want but both are professionally matted, framed, limited edition etc. I want to sell one of them is all. Pick one and PM.. As soon as one is sold I am going to mark sold on this post. Buck Fever - $1000.00...
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    Laughter is the best medicine

    Dad at Comedy Barn
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    No China products or food

    The things they are doing is despicable.. Poaching, trafficking, Hacking ,making crap product. Im going out if my way to avoid their junk
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    For Sale Crest Of No Tellum

    Signed and numbered . #516 of 750. This and Backside are the hardest to find. I'm offering for 2100 if I don't have to ship. I don't trust shipping these. Idaho Fallls location. 2100.00 ]
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    For Sale Crwst of No Tellum Rifgdse

    516/750 it is certified limited signed editin. 2100.00
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    Don't think you are safe. That is all I have to say about that.
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    Bumped a rock

    With my diff oil pan cover in the high country . Made it home and found kill on driveway while unloading the four wheelers. Lucky that is all it did. New ones look inexpensive. Caught a few fish including a 19 " we cooked right over the fire. We had 2 does and a spike hanging out right in our...
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    Have a safe 4th !

    Going to go camping , and I'm sure it will be packed. Oh well, will catch fish. There I fixed it Homer.
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    Plumbing question

    How much should it cost to get a Bathroom Vanity, toilet and shower replacement installation?
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    I bottle Catalina Dressing 1 package Lipton Onion Soup Mix I can 12 oz Jellied Cranberries 4 Tablespoons Huckleberry Jam Cook down until thick. Parboil Ribs in water with garlic and salt for 20 minutes. Poir sauce over ribs and bake for 3 hours at 250°
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    For Sale Ths Crest Of No Tellum

    2250 lowest price. Limited Edition.
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