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  1. NPHunter

    Trout Creek Traditional

    I'm looking for a hunt where I can find older-age class deer and attempt to stalk in and kill them, I hope this turns out to be that place even though I will have to use a traditional bow to kill one. I like hunting deer in the open country and every unit I've been in it is hard to find a big...
  2. NPHunter

    Trout Creek Traditional

    Thanks, I actually just ordered a new hoyt satori bow specifically to start doing this hunt. I’ve been wanting to do the hunt for years and am finally committing to doing it. I’ve been out shooting my older 38lb black hawk and feel like I could do very well out to 25 yards with it. The new bow...
  3. NPHunter

    Trout Creek Traditional

    Thanks, I figure with it being the only deer opportunity now there should be quite a few less people. I’ve been wanting to do it for years anyway and figure now will be as good of time as any to start. I will be happy if I can find a few bucks to stalk.
  4. NPHunter

    Trout Creek Traditional

    I am putting in first choice for trout creek traditional in 2021 so I will draw it for sure. I am planning to do the hunt every other year to line up with another hunt I'm doing. I have never spent any time in the trout creeks but have spent a lot of time hunting and finding mule deer in high...
  5. NPHunter

    Mt. Emily Elk

    Will you post up a picture of the score sheet? It's always cool to look at the pictures and the score sheet to get an idea of what a person is looking at for field judging.
  6. NPHunter

    Sled Springs Elk

    If you put in the work you will do fine, bulls will be in steep stuff most likely by rifle season. Some of the bulls on the west side private will probably still be with really big cow herds but for the most part, they will have moved to sanctuary areas. All of the units you mentioned are good...
  7. NPHunter

    Big 3 Elk

    I did Walla Walla archery. Lost a big 360+ bull early, looked for him for 9 days and after not turning anything up decided to take my two kids and let them call me in a bull. I ended up killing a 315” bull with them standing right next to me. Saw 2 bulls over 360”, once was big big and had a...
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  10. NPHunter

    Gonna take a beating here. BUT....

    I agree with the folks who don't think the NR are the issue with overcrowding in ID. The same thing happened in OR and we are losing 100% of our OTC opportunity for deer in every eastern OR unit starting in 2021. NR are also losing out, we will be losing OTC archery elk starting in 2022 all in...
  11. IMG_9483 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_9483 - Copy.JPG

  12. NPHunter

    Bull Elk Photo Contest ... Let's See Pics!

    2020 OR Archery Bull. My two boys called for me and were standing right beside me when i shot him.
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  14. NPHunter

    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    2020 First Muzzleloader Animal
  15. 4DB7A65B-DA31-455C-93BB-C75BFBF17F1D.jpeg


  16. NPHunter

    How big is this bull? Taker?

    320-330, he’s heavy up top which means he’s older and his tines are probably longer than they look. Good fronts, OK 3rds and a little weak up top, shooter in most areas for most people.
  17. NPHunter

    Score? Would you shoot?

    If that bull breaks 300” it won’t be by much. If i had a pile of kids with me like that I would drop him for sure. I’m not familiar with that area but if you can get close enough to kill a bull with your muzzle loader dragging 5 kids with you then you should shoot.
  18. NPHunter

    This years pictures

    Cool little buck on my elk cam in Oregon. Has a 4" drop tine on the left.
  19. Pic 4.jpg

    Pic 4.jpg

  20. NPHunter

    2020 Bull Elk Scouting Photo Contest

    First Look at the unit with the family.
  21. NPHunter

    2020 Bull Elk Scouting Photo Contest

    Way out a single track scouting.
  22. NPHunter

    2020 Bull Elk Scouting Photo Contest

    Same bull two weekends later.
  23. Pic 3.jpg

    Pic 3.jpg

  24. NPHunter

    2020 Bull Elk Scouting Photo Contest

    Drew a very good tag on luck here in Oregon, have never hunted the unit since it takes 18 points to draw. Talked to a lot of the past hunters, bought a topo, and marked it all up with their info plus areas I thought looked good. Here is a photo from the very first camera I placed, this is a...
  25. Pic 8.jpg

    Pic 8.jpg

  26. NPHunter

    Blue Mountains

    There are very few options for hunting off of 84, most of the land from Pendelton to Lagrande is a reservation or private property that borders the freeway. There are a couple of spots you can access Hancock land but its currently closed to motor vehicles so you would have to walk in. 95% of...
  27. NPHunter

    Premium Hunt ?

    >The premium hunts have nothing to >do with points. Just a >lucky random draw like a >lottery. It's another way for >ODFW to make $ shooting >more deer that we can't >afford to loose. > >But good luck if you apply! > 1 deer per unit is not going to make any difference at all in our deer...
  28. NPHunter

    Fixed Blade Braodheads

    >I've been shooting Shuttle T's for >awhile now because I feel >they fly true like a >field point but I also >feel they don't come out >of the box feeling sharp >like other broadheads I've had. >I'd really like to go >to a fixed three blade >broadhead that I can hand >sharpen to my...
  29. NPHunter


    >I've always believed true bragging rights >are for those who sneak >in close. The closer you >get the harder it is, >so brag it up. Anyone >can cast a stick and >get lucky. Not really that >cool. It seems we see >more and more pics and >videos of deer or elk >with an arrow hanging out...
  30. NPHunter


    There are lots of guys taking 30 yard shots that have no business shooting a bow. To me distance is relative to each person shooting, i know guys i would rather see shooting 100 than others at 40. I was shooting at the range last fall, I was having issues at 50 yards with a broadhead i...
  31. NPHunter

    Old Age Doesn't Always Matter

    I would like to see that same bull in 2020 or later, he is way bigger in 2018 than he was in 2017 and hes not even finished out on the tops. Some bulls i agree don't get huge but a lot of really big bulls live to be older than 7 or 8 years old. I'm watching a few bulls now that are in a...
  32. NPHunter

    Unit 48 Elk/Deer

    Sent you a PM
  33. NPHunter

    Lets see some Starkey bulls

    >Anyone have any luck finding big >bulls in Starkey, I am >excited to start scouting and >want to see some bulls. > There are plenty of big bulls in Starkey, they are just hard to find on public ground because they are in thick nasty spots. Rifle season it is hard to find them in the thick...
  34. NPHunter

    Hart Mountain Bow Hunt

    I've never hunted Hart, plan to in the near future though. I do hunt late season mule deer every year and have for the last 3 years straight. I would suggest covering ground, as much as possible and glass as much as you can. I personally would hold out for a 180+ inch buck if i had that tag. A...
  35. NPHunter

    Rifle Mule Deer Tag

    Buy and read Hunting Open Country Mule Deer, by Dwight R Schuh for starters. Buy or borrow a good spotting scope and do some long to extreme long range glassing. Look for areas near water with lots of cliffs, bucks will bed under rim rock cliffs and in deep sage. If there is ag land anywhere...
  36. NPHunter

    Late Season Elk

    Cool thanks, I'll search it up >NP, > >I asked some similar questions last >fall in the Idaho forum >about 39. I got some >good responses that confirmed some >of my thoughts.
  37. NPHunter

    Late Season Elk

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-01-17 AT 05:23PM (MST)[p]Looking for advice for finding mature bulls in Early November. I have a good spotter, lightweight tent and good boots to use. I have more places marked on the map than I do days to hunt. The area I am hunting will be anywhere from 3000' river/sage...
  38. NPHunter

    How much would you charge

    If I shot it I wouldn't sell it for any price. I have crates full of shed antlers that I can't bring myself to sell.
  39. NPHunter

    Unit 39 "B" Elk

    Thanks for the reply. By looking at IDFW site it looks like the herds are healthy. I am not looking for a monster bull just a older mature animal. Your right about deer being hard to stalk. I have never hunted more skittish deer in my life than on that late hunt. I love it though and it's...
  40. NPHunter

    Unit 39 "B" Elk

    I got your PM and sent you one in return. Thanks >PM about to be sent.
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