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  1. Waygoner

    Bike hunting

    Is that a Sur Ron B? I
  2. Waygoner

    Scouting - Antelope Opener, who has been out and who is IN?!

    I shot this buck in 551 on the 2nd day of the season. My first antelope tag - very happy to take this one.
  3. antelope2020_2.jpg


  4. Waygoner

    Weather update around Gunnison?

    We have about 8" at my house and lot of downed trees. Still snowing this am
  5. Waygoner

    GMU 65 Muzzleload Deer

    There is dispersed camping on Owl Creek Pass and around Silver Jack Reservoir. Check out High Mesa and Little Cimarron too.
  6. Waygoner

    Gunnison Moisture

    For the scouting I've done this summer, I'm not seeing deer at the low elevations. I would start at the quakies and higher.
  7. Waygoner

    Gunnison Moisture

    It's bad. Almost no rain the entire summer. Sage brush is not looking good. It could be a tough winter for the elk and deer herds. Higher elevations seem to have better forage right now.
  8. Waygoner

    Scouting - Antelope Opener, who has been out and who is IN?!

    I drew my 1st antelope tag this year - muzzle loader buck in 551. There are only a few dozen antelope in the unit, but I'm really looking forward to the hunt. I've been scouting all summer. Nothing for the record books, but I hope to put some meat in the freezer.
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    What a shite show. The whole CPW site is confusing and sent me in circles trying to find the page to buy a tag. I finally got logged in and ready, only to have to re-login when I hit the go button. I got nothing.
  10. Waygoner

    unit 67 3rd

    You can stay in town and easily hunt 67. A 10 minute drive will get you on public land. Low temps in November sometimes drop into the single digits, sometimes even below zero. Keep this in mind if you plan to camp. The Gunnison Basin deer herds are not what they used to be. I think a...
  11. Waygoner

    Non toxic muzzeloader loads for elk

    X3 on Thors
  12. Waygoner

    Places to stay in or around Gunnison

    For eats, I like The Dive, High Alpine Brewery, The W, Blackstock Bistro. Burgers are good at the Power Stop. Lots of lodging options. Gunnison Inn west of town might work.
  13. Waygoner

    Gettin ready for turkey season.

    I'm getting pumped too! Just what's needed after being stuck at home for weeks. My brother is going scouting today.
  14. Waygoner

    Turkey shells

    Longbeard XRs for me too!
  15. Waygoner

    Pronghorn Unit 67

    The Gunnison basin has a very small population of pronghorn. I think the only reason it takes so many points is that there are very few tags available. For the points it takes there are much better units. This winter has been about average for snow and temps, so I think winter kill for all...
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    Good looking knife. What's the pointy thing used for?
  17. Waygoner

    Fourth season buck.

    PM sent
  18. Waygoner

    Unit 62 Recap

    I was hunting down low, close to the hay fields. That's where I was seeing the most deer. No rut behavior from the few bucks I did see.
  19. Waygoner

    Unit 62 Recap

    I spent a week in 62 for 3rd season deer. I had the same tag 3 years ago. I agree that the herd numbers have dropped significantly. I hunted every day and hit multiple areas and saw less than a dozen bucks. The only 2 good bucks I saw were on private. I won't be going back.
  20. Waygoner

    Current weather question unit 55

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-28-19 AT 08:24AM (MST)[p]Snowing this morning with about 4" in town. Supposed to snow for the next 3 days. Temps are supposed to drop below zero. This is early to get this much snow and cold. Should get the animals moving lower. I agree with the strategy to keep moving...
  21. Waygoner

    Need advise for next years adventure- Muzzleloder 551ELK or 74/741Elk

    One thing to be aware of, the CPW cut back the number of elk tags in 551.
  22. Waygoner

    Weed free hay near Crawford?

    NAPA in Gunnison usually has some too.
  23. Waygoner

    Leftover sale......

    So the proposal is to require a 2nd application for the 2nd draw, which means paying another app fee. Figures the CPW would pinch us for more money.
  24. Waygoner

    Leftover sale......

    >Next year it will be different. >They're going to 2 straight >draws, anyone is eligible. The >next new revenue stream, more >app fees, with lower odds >of drawing. The resident advantage >is gone. > > > >"Not sure I grasp BHA motivation". > >Hossblur 7/25/19 > >#livelikezac Where...
  25. Waygoner

    Leftover sale......

    >I would like to see the >people who put in for >the unit and did not >drawn get first choice starting >with the ones with the >most points. I like this idea. Why can they have a 2nd draw? With thousands of tags available this seems like a fair option.
  26. Waygoner

    Hunting mnt bikes

    Look for something used on Craigslist. Get a front shock if you can.
  27. Waygoner

    Gunnison basin winter

    Snowing again this morning!
  28. Waygoner

    Gunnison basin winter

    Water Wheel Inn west of town is a good option too.
  29. Waygoner

    GMU 67

    Check your PMs Comules.
  30. Waygoner

    Colorado winter

    We didn't really get anything out of that storm. Temps are still cold and the snow is getting crusty.
  31. Waygoner

    Gunnison area snow fall

    Snow keeps falling in the Gunnison basin. About an inch of new overnight. Temps have been warm and it's heavy wet snow. The cabin we care take in the West Elks had 52" on the ground 2 weeks ago. We're heading back up this weekend to shovel the roof again. Wouldn't surprise me to see another...
  32. Waygoner

    Colorado winter

    It's been a cold winter so far. Started right after Thanksgiving with overnight temps dropping below zero. The average low temp for January was -10, average high was 23. Snow has been piling up the past few weeks. We're getting heavy, wet spring snow now. Snow is 2 feet deep in my yard...
  33. Waygoner

    OTC Turkey In Southern Colorado

    It's a bit of a drive from Alamosa, but the Spanish Peaks near Cuchara have birds.
  34. Waygoner

    Gunnison 4th season Whopper

    Can you tell us what unit? I understand if you'd rather not say. Did you pass on a bunch of bucks prior to taking this one?
  35. Waygoner

    CO moose draw stats

    I have a question about the application process. Once you hit 3 points, can you apply without buying a preference point? Meaning, can I just stay at 3 points and still apply every year?
  36. Waygoner

    Season Over-Be careful out

    Similar thing happened to my brother a few weeks back. He wasn't wearing a helmet and got lucky. For all of you out there that ride ATVs/UTVs - wear a helmet!
  37. Waygoner

    55 3rd

    Snowing this morning, 5-8" predicted. Not sticking to the pavement in town, but Monarch Pass looks like a mess. Lots of snow above 10k.
  38. Waygoner

    Colorado unit 55

    As I remember there aren't many spots along the road to camp. You'll want to get there early to get a spot. Try the Waterfall Creek area on top for elk.
  39. Waygoner

    Unit 54 cow elk

    PM sent
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