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  1. 270Hunter

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    I scouted for 14 days over the course of the summer and this was the best buck I found and my biggest buck to date. Public land solo hunt.
  2. 270Hunter

    Free Elk Hunt!!

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-13-18 AT 00:06AM (MST)[p]SC2 Outdoors is giving away fully guided hunt for one Junior tag holder who has the north eastern California elk tag. The hunt code for this tag is 409, this is a great opportunity for one of the two lucky youth tag holders if you know one of the tag...
  3. 270Hunter

    Deer Hunting around Phoenix

    My family moved to the Phoenix area and I'm an avid hunter, I was wondering what unit would be best to hunt deer in around that area, mule deer or Coues it doesn't matter to me. Any information is appreciated.
  4. 270Hunter

    Late Season Deer

    I've been thinking about applying for the unit 192 late deer hunt, I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with this hunt. I was also wondering about the trophy quality, if there was any rutting activity and how much public land there is, thanks in advance.
  5. 270Hunter

    Calling in bears

    I'm new to bear hunting and I was wondering if anybody has had any luck using calls to get a bear. And if you have had success what type of call and method do you use, thanks in advance.
  6. 270Hunter

    NE Whitehorse

    Has anybody ever hunted NE Whitehorse during the muzzleloader hunt? If so what quality of bucks did you see, and was there a lot of deer?
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