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    2nd day rio

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    How do you see a pic. of the buck?
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    Deer ribs tonight!

    Atta Boy!
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    Sad news about my Best Friend

    Yes, Sorry for you're loss
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    This is ridiculous!

    Yeah, I say wow too.
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    No Deer Permits for the 12s & 13s.

    Don't be THAT guy
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    Broken Leg?

    Dang it
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    S. Dakota

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it
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    Chicken Fried Elk Loin

    Hey Blank I sent a Message
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    89 antelope

    Yes SS, that goat is super heavy on his top end.Blank, Those are beauties too!
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    Is this a Nissan or a Mitsubishi?

    I can't tell. Need more pictures. Thanks
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    Muzzleloader Elk tag for 22 south.

    When I had the late rifle tag a few years ago we camped, but the closest town was Payson. Nice little town with anything you might need. I hunted the north end of the unit.
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    Fish Tacos

    TES it's tough to beat a good fish taco. Whats the sauce you got there Buckhunter?
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    Comfort Food is spelled “Stroganoff!!!”

    Yep, We too like our stroganoff!
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    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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    Colorado elk

    Dang, it seems like a guy needs a point or two just to draw a cow tag anymore. As a NR.
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    S. Dakota

    OK, so I've never hunted whitetails before .Started with the points thing in S. Dakota 4 years ago and now I'm starting to think about it a little more seriously. Anyone hunt out there for the whitetails? Trespass hunts available? Any info would be great .Thanks
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    How many Mule Deer mounts have you got?

    I have 6 shoulder mounts , mule deer.
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    Two more bite the dust!

    Thats a good looking pair right there!
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    It's all in the eyes

    Dream Buck!
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    2020 Big Game Stats are up--FINALLY!

    WOW! Beautiful ram nuts. I'm also one of the 1700 that have max points.
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    Thanks Wyoming

    Yep, Wyoming has been good to me and my son for a lot of years as nasty non-residents. Lots of amazing memories. Cant wait for the next tag.
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    2021 Party Hunt Tag Return Changes

    Same here, just been buying cow points until I draw that bull tag. Might consider burning those cow points now!
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    Mule Deer shed

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    North Cali blacktail going to his new home.

    beautiful buck!
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    Wy unit 57 or 67?

    What about 58?
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    2021 Party Hunt Tag Return Changes

    I like it!
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    For Sale SitkaGear Open Country

    I think I sent you a message
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    Elk hunts

    Deadline for Wyoming elk application was last month. Might be able to pick up a leftover cow tag though.
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    Little Piggys

    Thats awesome! Let me know if you need any help!
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    Any Southern Boys - Brunswick Stew???

    I thought Brunswick stew was made with squirrel? Guess not.
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    That's a wrap for 2020 waterfowl

    Dang, I figured all the birds that AREN'T in the northern sac. valley were up there!
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    Are you a NRA member?

    Yes,LIFE Member
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    2020 Nevada Archery Buck

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    Favorite Movie

    Rancho Deluxe, hands down my favorite. Lonesome Dove comes in second
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    Hunting with Covid

    How did it go Firedad?
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