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  1. bpbigperm

    Tag return, anyone else returning their tags?

    I am returning my X9a tag and have posted the link to how to return tags below. DFW is allowing people to get their points back. It is impossible to glass where we want to hunt. I also do not feel safe packing into an area and being dropped off with all of the fires going on. The area we...
  2. bpbigperm

    Are BLM Lands State Parks?

    So NR are not allowed at state parks. I am glad I didnt draw unit 38 elk. But for the antelope hunters this shouldn't include BLM lands right? On a side note, so if you call your disobeying of the law a BLM protest like the other protesters, can you hunt BLM while protesting BLM...
  3. bpbigperm

    Ca posted

    Who drew? I got my deer zone
  4. bpbigperm

    Any CCs been hit yet?

    Last year the draw results were posted May 15, and third week of April the CC charges showed up. I have read this year the results will be posted May 11, and I have also read May 25. I just wanted to know if anyone has seen charges yet.
  5. bpbigperm

    Looking for advice on X9a or X12 or G6 draw

    With Covid I have nothing to do but think about the fall. I have been able to draw some out of state tags, but have only drawn X10 once in Cali. I'm up to 9 points in Cali and I'm not sure what to do. I can draw X9A or X12, or wait a few years for G6 Kern River Herd hunt (12 points plus...
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