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    6.5 PRC ammo

    PM sent.
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    Swarovski 95mm Objective Lens

    Have you called Swaro NA? They can fix it and there charges are very reasonable.
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    032 success

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    Friends got burned to death

    Very sorry to hear this sad news. Our condolences to all affected.
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    CCW and gun purchases.

    Definately not true. Sounds like the sales guy was being lazy & didn't want to bother calling in for the background check.
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    Marlin mod 60 for sale $60

    One of my favorite 22lrs! If I still lived in PHX, I'd jump on this deal.
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    My daughter's season is over

    Outstanding! Congratulations to all!
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    61-71 elk

    My son & I have cow tags for 61/71 late. With his schedule, we might not be able to hunt until Thanksgiving week. Maybe we'll see you up there!
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    Jumping Jack Trailer Wanted

    Did you see the one in Santa Rosa? It's on Craigslist.
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    Daughter first antelope.

    Awesome! Congrats to all!
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    Vortex Razor hd spotting scope, reviews please

    If you have any interest on a Gen 1 20-60x85, I have one I'm selling.
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    Question on hauling UTV

    Lost the plastic roof off my ranger somewhere along I80 in Nevada... that was with a windshield. Has a steel roof now.
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    WTS Sitka Pants

    I'll take these.
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    colorado ballot measure forced introduction of grey wolves

    I hope this gets voted down, but have my doubts. Fewer game animals, fewer tags, fewer hunters, less revenue. There is no reason to do this other than some tree hugging bunny lovers will feel all warm and fuzzy inside while they sip their triple-soy, half-cafe, non-fat, fair trade lattes as...
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    Best scope 1000 and less

    Redhawk Rifles has some Zeiss V4 4-16x44 demos on sale for $699. Hard to beat that deal!
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    Razor bino comparison question

    I bought a pair of Leica Trinovids 10x42 for $799. Not 12 power, but I did like them better than the 10x42 Razors I had. For $750, the 12x50 Razors are a steal.
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    Unit 61/71 Late Cow

    My son and I drew cow tags for this area. We've hunted 62 & 72 before, but this will be our first time in 61/71. Due to other commitments, won't be able to hunt until mid to late November, but will get at least one scouting trip in next month or early October. I have a call into the biologist...
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    Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II

    Welcome to the site! Where are you located? Which Razor are your selling, 3-18 or 4.5-27? Also listing what reticle and telling whether it's MIL or MOA is helpful.
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    WTB Swaro 15X56

    I have a pair of non-hd's if you're still looking.
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    MIGHT WTB SWARO 15X56 58291 BINO'S???

    Pretty sure the same guy posts on ebay too.
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    SOLD Acohol gun. How do you feel?

    Heck of a first post!
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    Best Boots - Wide Feet

    I'm giving serious consideration to a custom pair from Lathrop & Sons. Soloman Quest 4D fit me pretty good, but not enough support for a heavy pack.
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    Sleep Apnea?

    Been using an APAP (cpap that automatically adjust air pressure to what you need) since April. I'm a side sleeper, so the mask (cushion) kept getting bumped out of place causing air leaks. I switched to the nose only (pillow) after a few months and it's been better. I think my quality of...
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    Muzzle Loader

    RE: Muzzle Loader >>Pm ed you > > >Sorry I fon?t Understand you response >? >Please explain! >Thanks It means he sent you a private message.
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    What are the details of the build? Action, barrel, trigger, stock, etc. ?
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    Swarovski BTX 65 combo w/1.7 ME

    Welcome to the forum.
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    November onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    I need that app!
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    Sitka Mountain Pant.

    What's the inseam on them?
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    072-074 Muzzle Loader Bull Elk Success!

    Nice bull! Great job
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    FS: Swarovski ATX 65mm

    Do you have a case for it?
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    Dream binoculars

    Swarovski EL's... someday.
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    Concealed Weapons Permits ? has a really good ccw reciprocity map.
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    Vortex Razor 12-50 binos

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    Oops I did it again

    Congrats! Great looking pup!
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    Buffalo Trace

    I enjoy a good bourbon & coke.... without the coke! Buffalo Trace is good stuff!
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    Plastic Ribbons

    So you're the one! That's come in handy a few times. Thanks!
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    Leica Trinovid 10x42

    For my eyes, I'd rank them 1. Leica 2. Swaros 3. Razors
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    Wanted: Reno FFL for transfers

    Juggernaut in Sparks charges $25 (at least they did last year)...
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    Vortex 10x42 Razor HD NIB $800 TYD

    >Last call....$650 shipped. I'll take these. PM on the way.
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    Alexus' 2016 Nevada Bull

    Very nice bull! Congratulations to you both!!
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