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    No birds(waterfowl) in central valley yet!

    Every year gets worse and worse
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    Season Dates Premium Hunts

    Is Cali going to move dates ever?? Move i mean later in months.
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    Unit 21 third season deer.

    Ill be there saturday for about a week checking the unit out for maybe getting rid of points next year., any1 with deer tag let me know. Family has hunted it religiously since 60s up until 2001. Curious to see whats running around there this time a year again.
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    Pine Valley Mule Deer?

    how's unit doing?
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    Season dates pushed back a bit next year.

    19 NR Deer points might burn them on 3rd season next year or year after. To wait or not...for a 4th.
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    Leupold VX-5HD Custom Turret

    Anyone know when Leupold makes custom turret, how far does turret go out to? I heard 600 yards but was wondering if they do further.
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    don't want any honey holes just info of the area. planning on scouting a least once. anything helps. Pops tag.
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