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  1. COLO3D

    Was your biggest buck off a limited entry unit, private land or general season public land

    Since every deer tag in Colorado is through the draw, I guess you would say mine was Limited Entry. None of mine are high point value units though.
  2. COLO3D

    Super Duper Mega Archery Buck

    That's awesome! What a buck!!!
  3. COLO3D

    Man cave/trophy room

    Our front room and my office. We have three more at the taxidermist from our 2020 hunts.
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  5. COLO3D

    2021 4th season thoughts

    Start growing bigger mule deer....
  6. COLO3D

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    2013 191" gross 2019 187" gross 2020 182" gross All DIY, public land and archery.
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  10. COLO3D

    2020 Family Hunts

    Thank you guys. It turned out to be a great season!
  11. COLO3D

    Droptine Buck Photo Contest

    Here is a buck from 13 years ago. Still one of my favorites.
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  14. COLO3D

    2020 Family Hunts

    2020 was a tough year for antler growth in Colorado, but a lot of scouting paid off for our family. I started with a buck in archery season, my wife tagged out opening morning of third season and my son took his best buck in fourth season.
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  16. Staci Buck.jpg

    Staci Buck.jpg

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  18. COLO3D

    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    My wife tagged this one opening morning of 3rd Season in Colorado.
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  20. COLO3D

    Maven B.5 18x56??

    I got a pair of the Maven 18's this season and simply cannot say enough good things about them. I have spent numerous days glassing with them and no headaches to report and have managed to find lots of animals. They're as clear as can be and clear to the edges. They're also fairly light weight.
  21. COLO3D

    Swarovski 8x30

    I've used the SLC Habicht 3x30's since 2007 and love them!
  22. COLO3D

    Nevada Archery success

    My cup of jealousy runneth over. Great buck!
  23. COLO3D

    BREAKING NEWS: P&Y Policy Change on Velvet Animals

    I am glad to see this change. I agree with the above that it is long overdue.
  24. COLO3D

    Muley Success Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    After watching this buck in 2018 and 2019, I decided 2020 was his year.
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  26. COLO3D

    2019 Archery Buck

    Way to stick it out to the end!
  27. COLO3D

    2019 kill pics!

    Here is my 2019 buck.
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  29. COLO3D

    2019 kill pics!

    My sons buck from 2019.
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  31. COLO3D

    My son's first two years of deer hunting.

    My son has always had a love for deer and was finally old enough to participate in 2018. He is off to a good start!
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  33. Happy Youngster Scored a Nice One

    Happy Youngster Scored a Nice One

  34. COLO3D

    Pick Contest Winners ... Please Help

    #2 in the Youth Category, those guys killed it this year!
  35. COLO3D

    Which one is the taker?

    If the second buck has a G-3 on his left side, that would be my first choice.
  36. COLO3D

    CO advice

    There are 170" bucks in literally every unit in the state. With 10 points, you could have conceivably killed 5 of them already.
  37. COLO3D

    WY Region G Buck

    Awesome in every way!
  38. COLO3D

    CO 2nd season success

    Nice buck, congratulations!
  39. COLO3D

    To Turn Tag back in or not??

    I would not turn a tag back in this year, not with the moisture we have received. But, that's just my opinion.
  40. COLO3D

    Archer Help for Son

    PM Sent
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