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    Man cave confusion

    My wife and I are going to be remodeling a house near Kamas Utah and I finally get a man cave... The space is 6 feet wide and 30 feet long, has 8 inch cement walls, and no windows. I only have a few guns and a bow so I don't need a huge gun room. I could probably shoot a bow in there in the...
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    Good luck

    Good luck fellow archers. Keep us posted as your hunts unfold. Be safe, have fun, make memories, and shoot straight.
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    Man without a land

    I had a near perfect life when we lived in Glendo Wyoming until I was offered a promotion and we moved to a state park near Moab, Utah. My wife and I are both from Utah. Long story short, I am a man without a land this year so I decided to burn my preference points on a third season rifle deer...
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    Colorado 62 or 70 3rd season

    I have enough points to draw 62 or 70 for 3rd season deer. I am moving to Moab so they are both close by. I have 5 points, but I probably only need 3 to draw either unit. Any suggestions? Feel free to send me a Pm. Dillon
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    Have a great Thanksgiving

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    I love Wyoming

    I absolutely love living in and work for the great State of Wyoming. Yesterday, I found a nice 5x6 bull on the right side of the fence and tagged my third animal of the year. I will post more pictures and the story in my HAC under the "Hoyt in my hand" thread soon. Dillon
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    FamDamnLy Reunion

    I have to plan a family reunion for 50+ people next summer and I need ideas. Most of the people live in Utah, but I don't care if they have to drive to Wyoming where I live. Usually they stay in cabins at Bear Lake or Brianhead, but those spots are getting old. Suggestions?
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    Wyoming Elk...

    I watched 13 bulls and 60+ cows for 3 hours last night from about 200 yards way hoping that they would cross the fence on their way to get a drink and I could get a shot. Unfortunately, all I came off the mountain with were these pictures. I have until the 20th of November to get a bull and I...
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    Just another buck antelope

    I hunted opening morning of my Wyoming rifle antelope hunt with my four-year-old son. I took a shot at this nice buck that I have been watching all summer, but I missed. On the second day of the season, my six-year-old daughter and I went hunting together after work and I connected on this...
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    Biggest archery buck to date

    The past week has been filled with highs and lows. The lowest point was when I missed a huge 3x4 mule deer buck with my bow. I have been watching him for two years and it was disheartening to watch him disappear into the canyon below. I also missed a nice three point the day after I missed him...
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    Area 7!

    I'm not looking for information on your favorite elk hunting spots. I'm just excited to get out scouting on area 7 for my type 1 elk hunt. I live in the Glendo area so I should be able to scout and hunt a fair amount. I helped a co-worker get an elk last fall on 7. I also drew deer and...
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    Favorite Father Picture

    Let's see your favorite picture of your dad teaching you how to hunt, fish, etc. Mine is from a 2009 hunt where my dad had to pack oxygen to get high enough up the mountain to find this buck during archery season. We have killed bigger bucks, but this one stands out.
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    Type 3 whitetail and general

    Can you draw a Type 3 whitetail tag in the draw and then pick up a general deer tag after the initial draw as a resident? "A person may apply for and receive a maximum of one (1) limited quota Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 or general deer (resident) or region general deer...
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    Hoyt in my hand

    I moved to Wyoming in March of 2016 to work at a state park and found myself as a "man without a land" since it takes an entire year to become a resident for hunting purposes in Wyoming. I became a resident this year just in time to hunt turkeys in April and May. Unfortunately, I have missed...
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    NM Draw Odds

    FYI just published the New Mexico draw odds data. If you want to improve your odds it looks like you should not apply as a group and order your choices from hardest to easiest. Good luck fellow MMers.
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    UT 2017 Big Game Application Guidebook Good luck in the draws! Dillon
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    Happy New Years

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-01-17 AT 07:26AM (MST)[p]I hope you all had a great 2016 and that 2017 brings you a few good surprises. I'm hopeful that I can pick up several tags this year in Wyoming, Utah, and possibly Colorado. 2017 hunting goals: 1. Buy a Hoyt Pro Defiant 2. Get my first turkey...
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    Lead free ammo

    Do any of the lead free ammo options stand out as winners? My wife wants me to switch to lead free because she watched a documentary about lead bullets that freaked her out. On the bright side, I have a nice budget to make the switch. I am looking for factory ammunition for my Tikka T3...
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    Luigi survived!

    Earlier this fall I found two bucks that I named Mario (4x4) and Luigi (4x2). I lost track of them both on September 29th, but on December 2nd I found Luigi with a herd of does. I still have not seen Mario. I thought for sure they were both shot during the rifle season in October. Hopefully...
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    Rutting Wyoming Bucks

    These are a few of the bucks I have photographed over the past two weeks in eastern Wyoming. There are more pictures on my hunting blog at if you want to see more. I hope you enjoy them. Dillon Hoyt
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    If I apply for and draw a type 3 whitetail deer tag can I still get a general season deer tag as a resident after the draws? I believe that is how it works, which would allow me to have two antlered deer tags. Thanks, Dillon
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    Best youth bow

    What is the best youth bow out there that is highly adjustable to account for all the growing kids do in high school? I have never shopped for youth bows and I'm looking for one for my nephew. Any recommendations? Dillon
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    A few small bucks

    These are a few bucks that I have found lately on my "nature rides." I don't have a tag this year so I just get to hunt with my camera and tag along with family and friends. Dillon
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    Live Tracking GPS

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-31-16 AT 07:38PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jul-31-16 AT 07:34?PM (MST) I am looking to upgrade my GPS. Have any of you tried to use the Garmin Connect app while hunting so other people (with permission) know where you are at on the mountain? I am curious if Garmin Connect will...
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    Suggestions need for a new bow

    I am in the market for a new bow. Any suggestions? Right now I have a Hoyt Alphamax 32 from 2009. It is a good bow, but I prefer longer bows like my good old Hoyt MagnaTec that was 37 inches axle to axle. Thanks, Dillon
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    If meat eaters acted like vegans

    I usually don't share videos like this one, but it seemed appropriate. Dillon
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    Archery Shops

    Any archery shop recommendations in Casper or Cheyenne? I just moved to Glendo. Dillon
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    Moving to Wyoming

    I hope the hunting is good in Wyoming because I just agreed to move my family there. I am going to be working and living at Glendo. I won't be a resident for a year, so I should be able to do some research and get to know a few areas. I know a lot of eastern Wyoming is private, so I probably...
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    Youth hunts for deer in CO

    My brother and I are thinking about burning our Colorado points this year. He has a son has at least one deer point (maybe 2), we have 5 each. My question is about youth deer tags. Do the youth have a different applicant pool for non-resident deer tags than adults? Or, do they need to have a...
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    Oregon hunting info

    How is the big game hunting in Oregon? I am used to hunting deer and elk in Utah. I prefer archery, but I do have a sweet rifle. I don't have a job in Oregon yet, but almost all of my scheduled interviews and applications that I have out are for jobs in Oregon or Washington. Thanks, Dillon
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    Nevada antelope down!

    I decided to leave home on Thursday for my Nevada pronghorn antelope hunt. I was accompanied by my brother-in-law who had never been hunting and my four year old daughter. On Thursday evening we saw three bucks on my unit. We named the biggest buck M1. Friday we covered just shy of 300 miles...
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    Nevada antelope down!

    I decided to leave home on Thursday for my Nevada pronghorn antelope hunt. I was accompanied by my brother-in-law who had never been hunting and my four year old daughter. On Thursday evening we saw three bucks on my unit. We named the biggest buck M1. Friday we covered just shy of 300 miles...
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    Nevada antelope down!

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-23-15 AT 09:28PM (MST)[p]I decided to leave home on Thursday for my Nevada pronghorn antelope hunt. I was accompanied by my brother-in-law who had never been hunting and my four year old daughter. On Thursday evening we saw three bucks on my unit. We named the biggest buck M1...
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    Credit Card Charges

    Have any of you been charged for the tags you drew this year? I got a new card after I did my Utah applications, but I am pretty sure nothing has changed since I applied for my Nevada hunts. Dillon
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    Nevada Antelope and other Critters HAC

    [p][p align=right]Thread Views Counter.... I have never killed an antelope so this is going to be a great adventure. My wife and three kids age 4 and younger will be my guides. I have a lot of work ahead of me to make this a successful hunt because I have never been on any of these units. I...
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    132-134, 245 any weapon antelope

    LAST EDITED ON May-29-15 AT 11:08PM (MST)[p]I drew the any weapon buck tag with 2 points. I did not expect to draw even an archery antelope tag with only 2 points. It was my first choice. I only did it as my 1st choice because it is close to my family in southern Utah. Now I need to figure out...
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    NDOW Facebook announcement

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    Sage Grouse update-Nevada and California
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    Sage Grouse update
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    Utah April RAC Packet (Big Game)

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-24-15 AT 09:35AM (MST)[p] Cheers, Dillon
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