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    Pieces and parts to make a European mount. Steel skullcap, right eye socket and nose from a real skull, right antler is a heavy brown three my son packed out 8 miles and the left is some old lichen covered and chewed relic.
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    6x6 Frankenbull

    Been there many a year. The skull was split in two with mostly just the skull cap remaining. The skull cap was spliced back together and the skull was finished off with a steel replacement and stitched to the skull cap with stainless steel wire.
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    Not the tallest nor the widest II.......

    He is making the skull for the set that he found a coupla days ago. Somewhat bigger than 'Not the tallest nor the widest.......'
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    Wyoming antler hunter mauled by grizzly.

    I guess the bears are now guarding the antlers in Wyoming. Antlers and Griz
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    Not the tallest nor the widest.......

    ......but some of the heaviest found this year. Left side was found in an small bare spot with 12-18" of snow all around. Tracks say the elk had been chewing on it. Weeks later, after the snow melted, the right side was some 60 yards away. Steel prosthetic tips were made by the skull creator to...
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    Adequate day.

    But the boy had a tough hike out.
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    Man up.

    So the snow is 24" deep? Then man up and push on through. Here are 37 sheds. With 4 more yesterday it's now 41.
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    Sheds and a cougar!

    So my son was out scouting for sheds today. He got to some rocks and a ledge around some mahogany and started to glass for sheds. There were a few bucks with only one antler so he was feeling pretty lucky. He had his binoculars up and his German Shepherd was standing on his right when it let...
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    7 months and 3/4 mile to the other side.

    After almost 20 trips back to look for it, my son found the other side of a nice mule deer shed that he had found earlier in the year. I was leading this trip in and got off on the wrong trail while heading for a spot we were going to look for sheds in. Catching up and saying, "Wrong trail...
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    THREE deadheads?

    The three bulls on the tri-stand are deadheads from the same area. The condition of the skeletons seem to indicate they died last fall. Maybe wounded that got away? The bull on the single stand is my son's he got this year with a recurve bow, wooden arrow and a homemade broad head. After the...
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    Last years prize.

    I don't believe these were the biggest elk sheds my son found last year, but I think they may be the prettiest. He also found another much smaller set last year that looked so much like these that we think in my have been this guy's son.
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    Thoughtless shed hunters.

    So the kid was back in about 8 miles on foot from the truck and spots some 15 bulls just below a ridge. Four of them have shed. With the spotting scope he can see sheds in the snow next to the bulls laying there. Thinks to himself, "Man, I could be over there in about 30 minutes. But there is...
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    So, if you find an old shed?

    You could make an old looking skull from exhaust tubing and mount your shed to it. Or you could make a skull from exhaust tubing, and a copy from exhaust tubing of the shed you found, and mount them both to the skull. And I suppose you could even make a big horn sheep skull and horns.
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    A different view.

    This was at the most recent International Sportsman's Exposition in Sandy, Utah.
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    Idaho deadhead

    Rats, never found a shed antler this good. My son found this buck about two years ago. He found him about two days after the buck had died. He had been shot in the nose. Long slow death.
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