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  1. Nevadahunter

    2021 Party Hunt Tag Return Changes

    Just looked at Nevada's 2021 regulations and returning a tag in a party hunt was changed.
  2. Nevadahunter

    Utah trail camera and baiting season bill
  3. Nevadahunter

    Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B

    LAST EDITED ON May-23-19 AT 04:08PM (MST)[p]I am selling a barely used Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B's. The are in perfect condition. Local pickup up only. I am located in Cedar City. $1700 obo Please message for me for my number. Thanks!
  4. Nevadahunter

    X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long Range 28 Nosler

    I am interested in a Browning Hells Canyon Long Range in 28 Nosler. Just wondering if anybody has any reviews of this rifle and will 28 Noslers loaded with 180 grain Bergers be able to fit in the Magazine? Thanks!
  5. Nevadahunter

    Magnetic bino cases safe?

    I am looking at the Badlands magnetic bino case for Leica rangefinding binos mainly to keep the weather and dust off them. Can the magnetics effect the electronics on the binos at all? Any feedback greatly appreciated! Thanks
  6. Nevadahunter

    Bushnell Elite 10x42 Binos

    I am going to be to buying a new pair of Binos for my wife. I looked through many pair and was about to buy her the Leupold BX-3 Mojave's but saw that the Bushnell Elite's are the same price, $399, on Midwayusa and Amazon. The problem I am having is I have not found a pair of the Bushnell...
  7. Nevadahunter

    Ely Bulls Video

    I found this video on the web and thought you all would enjoy it.
  8. Nevadahunter

    Poachers Caught

    Glad these guys got caught and will hopefully be out of the country soon.
  9. Nevadahunter

    About Time BLM.........

    I was up scouting around Grassy Mountain and Mule Shoe about a month ago for my nephews deer tag and could not believe how bad the horse problem has become in that part of 22. I came across this article today, they need to remove about 1200 instead of 120 in that area. Hopefully someone in the...
  10. Nevadahunter

    Washing Merino Wool

    I just bought a Kuiu Merino Wool top and looking for some input on what is the best laundry soap to wash it with. Thanks!
  11. Nevadahunter

    Applying for Nevada Bonus Points

    Quick question, but I know if you are successful in drawing or harvesting certain species of big game in Nevada you have to wait 5 or 10 years before you are allowed to apply for another tag. I am probably looking into this too much but are you allowed to apply just for bonus points in that...
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