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    To kill or relocate

    OK professor, let's try it a different way. Trap and relocate the does. Kill the mountain lions. It's a win win.
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    To kill or relocate

    Read it again very slowly and if you still don't understand it have someone explain it to you.
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    To kill or relocate

    I recently read where relocating lions was not very successful. I also read where they are issuing 975 permits to kill does. Maybe we should consider relocating some does and eliminating some lions.
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    Wanted 6MM Ammo needed for a new deer/antelope rifle

    That was about the only thing on the shelves at Smith and Edwards about a week ago. 5 or 6 boxes. Also try Kents Market in Tremonton, they sometimes have a few boxes.
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    What went right on the Oak Creeks?

    Reduce the number of predators and tags and good things happen.
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    What age class are you in?

    I'm old enough to remember when hunting was HUNTING, not killin'.
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    10 seconds to decide....taker or not???

    I would like to see him grow up but his odds of doing so just ain't very good.
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    Who’s going to the Super Bowl?

    Haven't watched an NFL game since the first time Kaper-DICK knelt down and SF let him continue.
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    Getting the Vaccine

    Where did you get the info about 55 deaths? I think I'm calling BS on that number.
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    Getting the Vaccine

    I think we just went passed 1500 deaths from the virus in Utah. I've not yet heard of any deaths from the vaccination. I'll damned sure take when I can.
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    You Shootin'?

    Would be a great buck in a couple years but apparently he won't last that long.
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    Is it worth going hunting in grizzly country?

    Always hunt with someone you can outrun.
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    Antelope Island Bucks

    Was out there last evening. Didn't see buck. First time ever. Just a few years ago it was not uncommon to see several GOOD bucks every time.
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    How big?

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    Big Enough for LE Opening day??

    NO, He needs at least 2 more years
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    Cats and Dogs

    What makes a 150 pound cat run from a 40 pound dog?
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    WY 128, here we go.

    That is my favorite all time thread. Thanks so much for sharing.
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    Fishlake Elk hunt

    I don't think you should go after Alaska moose with that thing. If you do, take a lot of bullets.
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    how about them utah cowboys

    Never did hear them announce the attendance. Wonder how it compared to Vegas? How did it do financially? I'm sure it cost a lot more to set up the arena. Sure am glad they were able to have the finals. Enjoyed it a lot. Utah damned sure has some cowboys. Thanks to the Cowboy Channel. They did...
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    Fishlake Elk hunt

    I would rather see a good clean kill. You are either under gunned or you're to damned far away. Why don't you answer post # 2?
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    I think it was the same guys who would go to the Tuesday cattle auction in Willard and buy domestic pigs for about $120, take them out to West Corrine and sell a pig hunt for $350 on Wednesday. That didn't last very long either.
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    Not real sure but I don't think there are any game animals on the island. Actually I don't think it's an island anymore. I know you can drive a side by side or a four wheeler from the causeway to it. Several years ago there was guy who would put exotic animals on the island and sell a hunt to...
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    CWMU expansion?

    That's good to hear. That is the intent of the program but unfortunately there are some CWMUs who don't treat the public hunters that good. If public hunters who feel they have been mistreated would report it to the DWR/CWMU program administration it would help. My advice would be, read the...
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    CWMU expansion?

    Apparently you don't. I know a few operators and none of them are in it for the fun of it.
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    CWMU expansion?

    If you know of CWMUs offering more than 5 day guided hunts, you should identify them. It would certainly be a good selling point and would help them sell their hunts.
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    CWMU expansion?

    Did not know that. All CWMUs that I am aware of sell only 5 day hunts.
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    Are masks working

    I guess I'm a lot like you. All I know is what they tell me. I'm sure they at least do some good. If your old like me you probably look at it a little different than the young folks. To me it could be a death sentence and to a young buck it's no big deal. Might be a little sick for 3 or 4 days...
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    CWMU expansion?

    Mike, although your writing is very hard to understand I think I have got it. You drew a CWMU tag. You got to hunt 5 days. That is all the rules require. The paying customers usually get 5 days. If you did not get to hunt the entire property you should have reported the operator to the Wildlife...
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    Best mule deer round

    My favorite was a 270 shooting 130 gr for deer and 150 gr for elk. Never had a problem with either one. Retired it and gave it to a grandson. He also has had good success with it. Also love the old 30-06. It's probably the most versatile of all. Not familiar with the 6.5 though.
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    What do you guys think of this #2

    You asked " What doe you guys think of this". I think you guys should quit posting your crap. It's exactly what the antis are looking for. Come on guys, you can do better than your last two posts.
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    Best mule deer round

    That's like asking a guy driving a Chevy what 's the best truck and expecting him to say Ford. What you shoot is obviously what you like best. All the guns mentioned are good for deer and elk. You don't really need the 300 mag for deer but if ya got it, shoot it.
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    What do you guys think of this?

    What a nipple head. Those folks are a disgrace to hunting. That kind of exposure is just what the anti hunting folks thrive on. I would suggest the video be dumped.
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    2020 Mule Deer Video

    Thanks, You do good work, enjoyed the pictures
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    2020 Mule Deer Video

    At 11:50 there is a hard horned buck and one in the velvet. Do you remember the date of that picture?
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    2020 Mule Deer Video

    That's GOOD watchin', Thanks for sharing
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    Antelope Island Draw Tag Filled

    Thanks, I did see that one. They are both great bucks
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    Antelope Island Draw Tag Filled

    I missed that one. Would someone please post a picture
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    CWMU expansion?

    I represent no one but I think I have a fair understanding of the program. There are a few things I don't agree with in the program but sometimes it is necessary to do a little horse trading so to speak, to come up with a workable program. As I see it, if it were not for the extended seasons...
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    CWMU expansion?

    Those which include public land. What part of that rule don't you understand?
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