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    Received the below, take the time to send an email to the representatives, as a non-resident even though we don't vote there we do bring in $$$ to the state so make your voice heard? Dear Sportsman, Wyoming Senator Larry Hicks has filed Senate File 103, a 90/10 license allocation and fee...
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    Archery Elk hunt in Unit 5B

    Helllo all, Considering a unit 5b archery hunt, anyone have any experience in this unit your willing to share? or PM me thanks
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    Dad’s last elk hunt

    Awesome, congrads
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    Heading to Unit 80/81 this week

    That's some tough camping conditions! I'm flying out this weekend, will be curious to see if this snow will push any down to lower elevations. The snow looks pretty, but hiking up mountains as a flatlanders is tough enough, in 2 feet of snow......oh my. I think I'll be checking the lower...
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    Heading to Unit 80/81 this week

    Decided to try units 80/81 OTC archery this year, I see some snow in the forecast for Tue-Thurs so that should be interesting, we arrive Thursday for a ~10 day hunt so hopefully snow will push some down from the highest elevations. So looking forward to getting out West, not much mountains here...
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    Thor's group very well out of my Knight, so that's my combo for Colo where sabots are not legal
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    Elk Archery Hunt Unit 12/23/24

    Heading out for the cross country drive to Colo for an elk hunt, drew a non-resident tag for unit 12/23/24. Going to rely on google earth + OnX online scouting, will be interesting to see how this will work out, live too far away to get boots on the ground before the hunt. Anyone been hiking...
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    blackthorn 209, running low!

    If by chance you still have a can of BH209 you'd sell, I'm coming to NM in 2 weeks for a elk hunt at the VC. Any chance you live in Sante Fe or even Albq?
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    which units are wilderness?

    ahhhhh! thank you
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    which units are wilderness?

    Anyone know if the fish & game dept has any listing of which units are wilderness? As a NR, trying to understand which units I can hunt with and without a guide or resident with me.
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    First Time Alone for the hunt

    wild game lasts surprising a long time if it's cool quickly and develops that nice dry "skin" on the outside. I've had caribou hang for 7 days in the bush, it got pretty warm during the day but kept in the shade, it was fine. I'm in the same boat as you this year, doing a solo hunt so...
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    Best way to regain strength for drawing back bow.

    First off, congrats on your achievement, thats awesome Second, go see a doc to make sure you did not tear your labrum or rotate cuff I did the above a while back, after getting artho-surgery to repair the tear, PT included using therabands. Check out their websites, they have some good info...
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    Valle Caldera Archery Bull

    Nice bull congrads. You have me sync'd for my hunt, I'll be there for the Oct 3-7 muzzleloader hunt, can't wait!
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    Hunting stores in NM for BH209 & primers

    Can anyone point me to any stores in Sante Fe, ABQ, Los Alamos or surrounding areas that might carry BH 209 powder and WIN 209 primers. I be flying into NM (Sante Fe) for a muzzy hunt at Valles Caldera, can't ship powder or primers on planes so trying to see if I can find locally when I arrive.
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    Drew Valle Caldera Muzzy Tag

    Received email today finally!
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    Drew Valle Caldera Muzzy Tag

    The email I received after the draw said the authoeization, etc info would be sent by May 23rd, but have yet to receive it. Seems like they are running late on the email notices.
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    Drew Valle Caldera Muzzy Tag

    Well, after ~10yrs, finaly got lucky, odds are not easy for a non-resident, but pretty pumped I'll have the opportunity to hunt this awesome place. Looks like awesome country, can't wait. I see a bunch of folks on this site have hunted the VC before, if anyone is willing to offer any advice...
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