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  1. Waygoner

    61 2nd rifle

    I just returned from a 1st rifle hunt in 61. If you have a 2nd rifle tag and would like a suggestion on where to hunt near Columbine Pass, send me a PM. My brother had one chance on Sunday morning and missed a running herd bull. Little bugling and scattered elk.
  2. Waygoner

    Colorado gun laws

    Anyone know how muzzle loaders fit in with Colorado gun laws? I want to sell my CVA but I don't know if a private sale is legal.
  3. Waygoner

    Buck from 67

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-12 AT 11:35AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-12 AT 10:31?AM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-12 AT 10:31?AM (MST) Here's the buck my brother shot on Saturday right at dusk. We saw over 100 deer that day, hardly any bucks and only this one that was a shooter. Look at the gut on...
  4. Waygoner

    My Colorado buck

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-07-10 AT 08:11AM (MST)[p] I shot this buck yesterday morning around 8:15. Luck was on my side for a change. I didn't get to scout much and picked an area my neighbor suggested that I'd never been to. My...
  5. Waygoner

    Colo non-typical

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-02-10 AT 11:41AM (MST)[p]I got this pic from a friend. He said his brother works for this company and this was taken at their office.
  6. Waygoner

    Is Darner in prison?

    Kirt Darner was supposed to be sentenced on Tuesday. I can't find any info on what happened. Does anyone know? []
  7. Waygoner

    Gunnison pics

    Here are some pics from yesterday. There are 96 feeds sites in operation now. The weather forecast is not good, heavy snow is on the way. [] [] This is what it looks like at my house. []
  8. Waygoner

    Gunnison update

    I went to a DOW meeting about the feeding program last night. There were 300-400 people there signing up to volunteer. The program should last 6-8 weeks depending on the weather. The first shipment of feed has arrived and the program will be in full swing by this weekend. They'll try to set...
  9. Waygoner

    Darner mentally incompetent to stand trial !!!!

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-09-08 AT 07:56AM (MST)[p]Get a load of this B.S. []
  10. Waygoner

    Darner trial starts today

    After many delays, Kirt Darner's trial starts today. []
  11. Waygoner

    European Mount

    My brother shot a nice bull this year. He's got the skull clean and wants to make a wood plaque to mount it to. How should he fasten the skull to the wood? Does anyone have a pattern or plans for the plaque they would share?
  12. Waygoner

    Gunnison Basin Info

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-08-07 AT 08:37AM (MST)[p]There have been quite a few posts lately asking for information on the Gunnison Basin units (54,55,551,66,67). I moved to Gunnison in 1999 and would like to offer up some general information. First is the climate. The elevation starts at 7500' and...
  13. Waygoner

    Colorado Voters

    Here is Charlie Meyers take on the Governor's race and how it might effect sportsman.
  14. Waygoner

    buck pics

    Here are some bucks I spotted across the road from my house. The big guy was free of velvet and raking the willows hard.
  15. Waygoner

    mule deer

    Here are some nice bucks I spotted about 200 yards from my house. I'd pull the trigger on the big guy in a heartbeat.
  16. Waygoner

    Colorado Outfitter Question

    Are outfitters in Colorado allowed to leave their camps up on public land indefinitely?
  17. Waygoner

    Gunnison Tag Auction

    There are two Gunnison basin landowner vouchers for sale on Ebay. The first is item 7171326358 - buck muzzleloader for unit 66, Sept 10-18. The second is item 7171352116 - buck rifle in unit 67, 2nd season Oct 22-30. These tags are being auctioned to raise funds for the Powderhorn Community...
  18. Waygoner

    Mandatory CWD testing for Gunnison

    LAST EDITED ON May-06-05 AT 07:39AM (MST)[p]I just received an email from the Colorado DOW that states that testing for Chronic Wasting Disease will be mandatory in units 54, 55, 551, 66, 67 for the 2005 deer seasons. CWD has not been found in these units, but the DOW is studying winter feeding...
  19. Waygoner

    New Hunting Magazine

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-27-05 AT 10:58AM (MST)[p]
  20. Waygoner

    Colorado Landowner Tags

    It looks like the DOW listened to all the hunters who voiced their opposition to the increase. (cut and paste this link),1413,36~95~2533691,00.html
  21. Waygoner

    Camp Pranks

    With all of the negativity around here lately I thought it would be good to lighten things up a little. For me one of the best things about hunting is having a good time with friends/family. This includes pulling a few pranks while in camp. Let's hear some funny stories, here's one of mine...
  22. Waygoner

    Propane/Butane mix?

    I've been told that a propane/butane mix will burn better at higher elevations (see my post about Mr.Heater). Is this mix commonly available? Anyone know where I can get a 20lb bottle filled in Colorado? BHT
  23. Waygoner

    Wolf found in Colorado

    A wolf believed to be from a pack in Yellowstone was found near Idaho Springs. It apparently was hit by a car on I-70. The complete story is here:
  24. Waygoner

    Colorado Fee Increase Shot Down

    From the Grand Junction Sentinel: "A sportsmen-supported bill to increase fees on hunting licenses for the first time in 13 years was killed Thursday by a party-line vote in a state Senate committee. Sportsmen said they were shocked by the Republican?s majority decision, with some telling...
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