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    New Gun Bill Introduced

    Divide and conquer is their method.......and it seems to be working as us hunters are always to busy fighting amongst ourselves to unite and come together to defeat the anti hunters and anti 2nd amendment politicians and groups.
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    Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society

    I've been a member of ADBSS since 2016 and found them to be quality organization focussed on putting sheep on the mtn. Yes, they still do multiple projects every year to benefit sheep. Such as water tank repair or install. Very happy with my experience with ADBSS.
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    Southern New Mexico coues!

    That is a great looking buck. Congrats !
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    Unit 74 High Country Rifle Deer

    >Did you hear of any really >big bucks being taken? I've >been thinking about burning my >points on that early rifle >hunt. > >Brian Latturner > >@mm_founder on Instagram >LIKE >on Facebook! No, talked to a few hunters and they said quality is way...
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    Unit 74 High Country Rifle Deer

    >Dirt, > >I sent you a PM. We >had that same tag I'd >love to chat with you >and see if we ran >into you out there. PM sent...
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    Unit 74 High Country Rifle Deer

    >Hows the hunt going? I >archery hunted this unit a >couple times near the Silverton >end, close but no cigar >on a tagging out. Hunt went ok but don't feel it was worth the 15 NR points I cashed in for it. I ended up taking a 170 class buck after 8 days. Saw 4-8 bucks every day but...
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    4b early archery bull help

    4B is generally a flat unit, hard to glass if they aren't vocal. It will be hot so find water sources and sit water if rut is slow. Most people hunt the southern end of unit but don't be afraid to hunt the P/J country as a lot of elk will hang in there also. Good luck !
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    Finally Got Some Scouting In

    58 bucks in a morning of scouting....? Sounds like you didn't have enough money to rent chopper for full day.
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    Hawke Endurance ED 12x50 Green Binocular #36211 on sale for only $199.99

    $199.99......? Never knew they even made a bino in that price range....?
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    Finally Got Some Scouting In

    >the guy in the helicopter give >you that last pic?? > > > > Haha.....that was good !
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    Blaze Orange ?

    Thanks guys...!
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    Blaze Orange ?

    I've read the regulations that state all rifle hunters are required to wear blaze Orange but does this requirement also apply to a buddy that is in the field with me but has no tag ? He would probably wear it anyway but I Wouldn't want him to get cited in case he forgets.
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    Swarovski 12x50 Binos

    What part of country you live..? Are they EL,s....?
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    Good luck on CC hits

    >Any more c/c hits? >Anyone know any NR that drew >the early 12AW with 11 >or less points? >Friend had 11 points going into >the draw. >Last year it took 9 points >to get a tag. Can >not believe point creep went >up 3 points. Did points >in other states figuring this >was a sure...
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    Good luck on CC hits

    >LAST EDITED ON Jun-29-19 >AT 06:14?PM (MST) > >Oh yeah! >13b first choice >13b archery second >12b west late 3rd >what hunt will it be? :) > It will be your first or second choice. They don't even look at third choice unless there is leftover tags which there wouldn't be for that hunt...
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    Unit 29 Coues

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    Unit 74 High Country Rifle Deer

    >I drew the archery tag, dirt > Congrats....! Good luck and let me know how it goes. Greg
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    Unit 74 High Country Rifle Deer

    Looks like I drew. Not asking for areas but would to know when you think the high country will be open for scouting considering this years snow pack...? Hate to make the drive then find out can't access the high country. Thanks
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    Renting a spotting scope

    IMO any spotter that retails for $300 will not be worthy. You might be able to find decent quality used one in $500 range...vortex...? If it was me I'd borrow one from a buddy and use the $300 for scouting gas money. I would have no problem loaning my spotter to a friend. Good luck !
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    Utah Pauns Rifle Management hunt

    Congrats on the tag. I have applied for many years but have never hunted the Pauns. Good luck and post a pic !
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    Henry Mts rifle

    Congrats......Resident or NR ..?
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    A nice morning!

    Yes, nice morning....March is tough time to call them in. Great job !
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    Muskox drawn

    Muskox hunt.....WoW....that is awesome. I have nothing to add but I wish you best of luck !!! Certainly a hunt to remember... I'm sure this is a hunt I will never get to experience....
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    74 Eary Rifle Deer

    PM sent
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    74 Eary Rifle Deer

    I have read conflicting reports on the buck quality for this high country hunt. I'm at 15 NR deer points and should be in running to draw this season according to research. Anyone care to share their experiences on this hunt. Thanks, Greg
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    OTC Archery Hunt Help?

    There is several OTC units in Arizona that would work for you. Two of my favorite are unit 23 and 27. 27 is more remote but has great coues and some good muleys plus quite a few pigs. Unit 23 is also very good for all species. Good luck !
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    Still looking ofr a late, westside Kaibab deer hunter!

    Don- No 12A west late tag but how about a 12A east early tag....
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    2017 NV Desert Ram

    WOW.....Awesome Ram....Congrats! I would have to say that he is pushing 180.....Giant Ram
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    More Kaibab Archery Success

    >FYI We took both of these >bucks on the East. Well then I guess I might as well turn my tag back in as you guys took out the good bucks......🔝
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    More Kaibab Archery Success

    >>>I too was up there at >>>the same time but scouting >>>for the early rifle season. >>>Dan is a great guy >>>and very knowledgeable about the >>>area. Hope to see him >>>up there again soon. And >>>congratulations to you Texas boys, >>>job well done. >> >> >>Beavinaz- Do you have the...
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    More Kaibab Archery Success

    >I too was up there at >the same time but scouting >for the early rifle season. >Dan is a great guy >and very knowledgeable about the >area. Hope to see him >up there again soon. And >congratulations to you Texas boys, >job well done. Beavinaz- Do you have the east or west side rifle...
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    Desert Sheep amounts?

    Here is my full body desert ram.
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    WTS Leica 1600 B/Sitka Bivy 45 Tall

    Does the 1600 B have angle compensatory ?
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    AZ unit 30a

    They are leftover tags for a reason.....most people don't want to deal with the private land issues and illegals...can do ok if you put in your time.
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    At what point to trailcams become litter?

    I was checking drinkers yesterday and there was 4 camera's on drinker. One had been there so long that the strap holding it to tree had rotted out and camera was laying on ground. Now a day it seems like camera's are left year round and people come by once year to change cards and replace batteries.
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    LeftOver Buck Tags

    My buddy and I are returning our Pine Valley early rifle deer tags. Not sure how they re-allocate them. Call next applicant ?
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    13B draw!

    Congrats on the tag. My advice is try to enjoy it as much as possible and not put to much pressure on yourself to kill a giant. If you're worried about score then book a guide. If you're more focused on the experience then go DIY with couple buddies.
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    Kaibab- the Bad, the Ugly and the Good

    >FYI - Only Stage 2 fire >restrictions in place on North >Kaibab, i.e. NO campfires anywhere. >Vehicle/foot travel allowed. Thanks for the kiabab update. I drew 12ae along with my nephew however we are residents.
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    Utah emails coming out

    >Anyone still getting emails? I never >got one. Check your "Junk" email folder. That's where I found mine. Not sure why it went there. Gonna have to check my settings.
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    Utah emails coming out

    Check your "Junk" folder. That's where I found my email. Not sure why it went there.
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