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    Anyone shoot a 6.5-06 or 6mm-06???

    I have a 6.5x280ai. I neck down factory Nosler 280ai brass. I ordered a set of custom dies from Hornady. I have no problems with reloading. Shooting 3150 with 150 Bergers. 27" barrel
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    SOLD Leica Televid Spotting Scope

    I am selling a perfect condition Leica Televid APO 62mm spotting scope. It has a 26X wide angle eyepiece. Included with a neoprene cover and Tines Up Scope Cam adapter. $950. Would also consider a 65mm Quality scope with an adjustable eyepiece.
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    11/211 3rd season deer

    We also spent 5 days in 11/211. Saw plenty of deer, but no quality bucks. We had a spot that was out of the way about 30 does and 7-8 bucks. Watched it daily. Not much rut. Best buck was maybe 150". Warden told us 11 is their sacrificial lamb. Need places for the youth and elderly to shoot...
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    So it?s a waiting game now????

    >Did you happen to be using >your phone when you checked? >I tried and at first >I thought I was in >your same situation, then I >closed the drop down menu >(?tags?) and it was covering >the deer options. The >menu just happens to cover >boxs for the deer tags >exactly and you would...
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    Colorado deer Poll

    Utah 1 other hunter 0 spotters
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    Elk load for kids

    My 14 yr old daughter will be shooting my wife's LE bull here in UT via the mentoring program. I am trying to decide which gun/load to have her use. 6.5x284 using a 130gr accubond, or 6.5x280ai using a 140gr Berger. Both loads are very accurate. The best I have found with each gun.
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    Southwest did I not draw????

    LAST EDITED ON May-29-17 AT 07:16PM (MST)[p]I don't think UT averages preference points in the general season draw. They do average bonus points for the Limited entry draw. You would have went in the draw with the lowest individual point total.
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    Lifetime License holder thought

    My dad went to the bank and took a loan out to buy my 2 brothers, my brother in law and me one. We are in the 4040+.
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    Magazine Capacity

    Does UT still have a 5 round magazine capacity for rifles during the deer hunt. My primary magazine is only 4 rounds. But, I have a 10 round I would like to pack my extra shells in.
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    G point creep not as bad as expected

    Creep is still happening. We didn't draw G with 5 in the regular draw
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    Gun Stocks

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-21-16 AT 01:32PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-21-16 AT 01:32?PM (MST) I bought a couple B&C Medalist Alaskan II stocks from Redhawk Rifles in Colorado. A little lighter and cheaper than HS Precision. I am happy with them. Redhawk rifles had the best price I could find.
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    Point Guard

    Huntin Fool states that you now have the option to buy a "point guard" option for $5. The point guard allows you to return your tag within 24 hours of the start of a hunt and regain all bonus points plus the one for that year, you forfeit all tags fees. You can only use this option 1 time per...
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    15x56 Binoculars

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-21-16 AT 04:45PM (MST)[p]I bought the 15Xs in the add. Offered to pay $40 for the Paypal fees. The seller had no problem using paypal gifts and services. Awesome pair of binoculars for under $1300 delivered.
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    Unit 7 Elk

    MI Hunter, Personally I would not burn max points on Unit 7 again. The public land access is just too limited for my liking. I think you could have a good hunt if you can gain access to some private land.
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    Unit 7 Elk

    The trip started out great. We watched my son's football team win the UT 2A State football championship. GO BEAVER. The 1st morning there we saw 9 bulls, all small 4 and 5 points. Didn't see anything the rest of the day. 2nd morning hiked up into a new spot. We saw a herd of 30 with just...
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    Unit 7 Elk

    I am glad you guys talked me into going ack to WY to hunt elk. The weather sucked. Does the wind ever stop blowing? It was all worth it when I was able to spot this bull. He is not a giant by any means, but the best we saw.
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    Unit 7 Elk

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-10-15 AT 02:32PM (MST)[p]Looking for a little advice here. We have 3 unit 7 elk tags. We spent a week in mid September archery hunting. We had a good time, were close on several occasions. Just couldn't quite get it done. I personally had 3 340 plus bulls within 50 yards...
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    Custom Caliber Selection

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-30-15 AT 12:28PM (MST)[p]I am ready to start a custom rifle build. It will be a lighter weight rifle for deer 95% of the time. 24 inch barrel. I had my heart set on a 6.5x06ai. I think it would be an awesome deer round. I have a 6.5 1 in 8 1/2 twist barrel on order from...
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    Bow emergency!!

    I had a bow emergency on Saturday. I needed a new string. Lbor day weekend is tough. I ended up calling Impact archery in Las Vegas. They were awesome. It was a 3 hour drive, but 2 hours after getting there they had made me a new string, and tuned my bow up. All for under $50. Great...
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    Pine Valley Antelope

    Look around WECCO.
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    2015 Success?

    I would also add increased predator control, (coyote Bounty) has had an impact .
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    Duncan Ranch

    We drew a permission slip to hunt elk on the Duncan Ranch in Unit 7. There are 75 slips given out. I can't find much info on the ranch. How is the hunting during mid Sept?
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    2014 Polaris Mid-size Ranger 800

    Sorry I missed the price $9000
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    2014 Polaris Mid-size Ranger 800

    2014Polaris Mid-size Ranger 800 EFI It is the Camo edition with a 3500 lb winch, roof, half windshield, back window, roof mounted gun rack, storage box in the dump bed. Tires have been upgraded to 6 ply and 26 inch. Just serviced 440 miles. Located in Southwester UT.
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    what is the best bullet for big bull elk?

    RE: what is the best bullet for big bull elk? Unless you are hunting CO, ID, or any state that prohibits sabots. Go to any decent sporting good store and buy some Barnes TMZ, or TEZ bullets. In 250gr and 290gr. I have killed bulls with both. Whichever one is more accurate in your gun shoot...
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    Why are we using .50s?

    I have used a Knight Super DISC .45 for the last 15 years. I have also wondered why .45 have not taken off. The biggest downfall to shooting a 45 is bullet selection. I shoot Precision Rifles Deadcenters. They are extremely accurate. I see Parker is making a 45 caliber conical now. It...
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    Bench Rest Fill - Make it Lighter

    I filled my bench bags with my used cob media out of my tumbler.
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    ISO Remington la stock

    Check out Redhawk Rifles in Grand Junction, CO. They will ship. I bought 2 B&C Medalist stocks from them. Delivered for under $250
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    Youth rifle choices

    I bought my daughter a Remington 700 243. I chose to go with the regular sps with a 24" barrel. Then called Remington and ordered a youth stock for about $90. Now that she is older we put the regular size stock back on and the youth stock will go on her younger sisters new 700.
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    Hunting Podcast You Might Like

    I have listened to a couple of Jay's podcast. All have been informative. I especially liked last weeks, that talked about the strip.
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    Eberlestock , Badland and Fish Pond pack

    Bcoufal, I was looking for your opinion on the Fishpond chest/backpack. I have used a similar chestpack for my binoculars for the last 2 years. I like it for the most part. The strap around my neck is a pain sometimes. I like the idea of having it attached to a pack. I have seen a couple...
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    Watch LIVE the Wildlife Board meeting

    Huntin50, I agree. We have had about 4 inches of rain in Minersville (Southwest Desert) in the last 3 weeks. More scheduled off and on for the next 5 days. If the division is going to try and cut the elk herd in half, I hope the cattlemen follow suit and only run half of their cattle on the...
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    Watch LIVE the Wildlife Board meeting

    I think it is about time we as sportsman ban together and buy up the grazing rights on our good elk units. The BLM should put AUMs up for auction. Some are worth a lot more than the cattlemen are paying.
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    Unit 21 Elk

    My dad drew a 21 muzz tag, and my son drew a 21 late rifle tag. I am really having a hard time finding any information on this unit. There seems to be very little info on elk. any help would be appreciated. thanks
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    Draw results

    I have 2 credit card hits. It is driving me crazy waiting to find out which hunts we drew. Any chance of results being posted today?
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    WTB- Sako A7 Long Rnage - Cabelas Exclusive

    I am not sure if this one is still available.
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    Private Land Access Draw

    Can someone explain how the private land access draw works? Just found out we drew elk tags today. I had never heard of the private land access draw until recently. How do you apply? Do you apply for individual parcels of land? Thanks
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    Combine all deer units

    Sorry, I don't see the issue with "point creep" every state deals with it. Yes even CO has point creep. I started applying for 61 archery elk when 6 points would guarantee you a tag. I now have 18 and still can't draw a tag. So if you want to make one drawing for deer, lets do the same for...
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