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  1. ixsolracxi

    Daughter's Buck

    My daughter was able to connect on this buck yesterday around noon in 59. Yesterday morning while we were stalking we saw a small herd split off and top a hill. It was getting hot and started looking for bedded bucks to stalk. We went around to the area the small herd went to look for them...
  2. ixsolracxi

    Newburg: Death by Dysentery

    I watch all of his videos and here's a new one I was finally able to watch last night. This is about an elk hunt in 17 (i think) where a cameraman quits on him and the video didn't make his regular youtube show. Pretty hilarious, something funny to watch as we begin our final preparations for...
  3. ixsolracxi

    2020-2021 Big Game Proclamation Available

    Hi all, the 2020-2021 big game proclamation is available online. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!
  4. ixsolracxi

    Rhodes Canyon Bull

    Just wanted to share the bull I was fortunate enough to harvest Friday afternoon. I was only planning on scouting a few areas Friday unless I saw a nice oryx. I saw an oryx about 250 yards off the road, glassed him fast, and decided I would make try for it. The horns were about 30-31" I was...
  5. ixsolracxi

    She's 2 for 2 this season

    Well, she's 2 for 2 this season!!! Took my daughter on her youth Oryx hunt on White Sands Missile Range this weekend and she was able to make a perfect one shot kill on this 25" bull early this afternoon. We found him on a hillside as we were hiking looking for a herd we had seen 15 minutes...
  6. ixsolracxi

    Pronghorn Down

    Daughter got it done today on this pronghorn buck! Everything worked out perfectly!!!
  7. ixsolracxi


    Well, the hunting season is upon us again. Good luck to everyone this year. What are the most reputable taxidermists and ones to stay away from? I am curious to know because i have heard of the good, the bad and the ugly, ha ha. I think this thread could be a plus to many hunters because many...
  8. ixsolracxi

    Rhodes Canyon Youth Oryx

    Good day everyone! First, I want to thank everyone in advance and best of luck on this year?s hunts! I am asking for peoples experience and advice on the Rhodes Canyon hunt. My daughter drew the youth hunt and I would like to make this hunt as memorable and hopefully successful for her. I have...
  9. ixsolracxi

    First Elk

    We were down in 34 this past weekend for the youth hunt...bulls were very quiet...Very proud of my baby girl, missed a 5x5 bull Saturday morning at 128 yards, she so mad at herself for missing and kept saying "daddy, find me another one tomorrow and I'll get it done, i won't miss"... found this...
  10. ixsolracxi

    New Mexico Draw Results Posted

    They are up, good luck and congrats!
  11. ixsolracxi

    Wolves to Colorado, Your Help Needed

    Not sure how many are aware of this but it would be nice to send the Colorado Parks and Wildlife an email to support our brothers in Colorado and keep wolf reintroduction out of that state. Anti's from around the nation (and most likely world) are petitioning CPW to reintroduce wolves. Let's do...
  12. ixsolracxi

    Wolves to Colorado, Your Help Needed

    Not sure how many are aware of this but it would be nice to send the Colorado Parks and Wildlife an email to support our brothers in Colorado and keep wolf reintroduction out of that state. Anti's from around the nation (and most likely world) are petitioning CPW to reintroduce wolves. Let's do...
  13. ixsolracxi

    Wolves to Colorado

    Not sure how many are aware of this but it would be nice to send the Colorado Parks and Wildlife an email to support our brothers in Colorado and keep wolf reintroduction out of that state. Anti's from around the nation (and most likely world) are petitioning CPW to reintroduce wolves. Let's do...
  14. ixsolracxi

    Unit 34 Buck

    Just wanted to share a buck my cousin took yesterday down in 34, took about a 50 yard shot Wednesday evening...not sure of all the details so that's why this is a short post...I am really happy for him though...
  15. ixsolracxi

    Montana Antelope Decoys/Midland Radios/Garmin Etrex Legend GPS

    I am selling a set of Montana Antelope Decoys, buck and doe, used once and in great shape, paid $130 for the set, asking $100 obo; a pair of Midland Camo GXT Two way radios, also used once but because I primarily hunt solo I have no need for them (I can talk to myself without them), paid $107...
  16. ixsolracxi

    First Oryx

    Well, back in March, my g/f applied for antelope and oil oryx and as luck would have it, drew both in her first attempt...she took a really nice goat back in August on the Kennedy #2 Ranch so now it was time for seemed like forever before February 20 would arrive but it finally did...
  17. ixsolracxi

    34 Youth Bull

    Took two kids out this weekend for their 34 youth hunts (1 antlerless and 1 either sex). The bulls were really going saturday morning and i was able to get my uncles youngest son on this 5x5. It was strange that we only saw 6 cows on the trip. Sunday morning glassed some about 1/2 a mile away...
  18. ixsolracxi

    Youth Antelope Success

    Took the girls, daughter and g/f, on their speedgoat hunts this weekend. Already posted on my g/f's first kill and now it's my daughters turn. Within 3/4 of a mile of leaving camp we see a goat and could use an old railroad "hill" as cover. We get up on top, open the bi-pod, but the buck spots...
  19. ixsolracxi

    1st Kill

    Took the girls, my g/f and daughter, on their speedgoat hunts this weekend. Fortunately, they were assigned to ranches that were seperated by 1.5 miles. Well, my g/f did it, sealed the deal on her first kill on a beautiful buck which measured 15.5" and is wide. The buck came in to 10 yards she...
  20. ixsolracxi

    Montana Decoys Set of Pronghorns

    For sale, a set of pronghorn antelope decoys made by Montana Decoys in great shape. I am asking $110.00 obo to your door.
  21. ixsolracxi

    Unit 52 First Rifle- Any word from the Earlier Hunts?

    My g/f was lucky enough to draw the first rifle hunt in 52, headed out friday morning...any reports out there from any hunters that have been in the field for the early hunts? We will be out there until Tuesday night if needed...I am hoping to get her on her first kill. Thanks and good luck to...
  22. ixsolracxi

    17 Youth Deer

    Good day all. I will be taking 3 youths this year to unit 17 for deer. I have looked through all the old posts here and have some ideas of where to begin my scouting. I am planning at least 3 trips out there for scouting to learn as much as possible. I am hoping to get the kids to see some deer...
  23. ixsolracxi


    to get into the back yard...good luck yall!!!
  24. ixsolracxi

    Nephews 1st Elk Hunt

    Took my nephew on his 1st elk hunt after Christmas in 16D...we had two days to get an elk and were hopeful we would see daughter had the same hunt the month before and had two opportunities but it didn't work out...we got to 16D right at sunup saturday morning...we hit a few roads and...
  25. ixsolracxi

    Sierra Grande- Camping Areas/Lodging

    Hello all...was just wondering if anyone knows of any camping or lodging areas near sierra grande east of daughter has a youth antelope tag there next weekend...her hunt area is between sierra grande and cow mountain in unit 56...the closest state park is sugarite just outside of...
  26. ixsolracxi

    Unit 29 Mule Deer

    Good morning all and congrats to everyone that 11 year old daughter and 14 year old nephew drew this unit as their 4th choice Oct 27-31...this will be their first year hunting...i have never been to this unit but will go out to look it over...they are really excited for this hunt and i...
  27. ixsolracxi

    Unit 13 Deer- Sept Archery

    i drew this unit as my 4th choice and i am happy just being able to go out and be able to hunt...i dont know anything about this unit therefore i am soliciting some information on where to start looking...any info you can provide is greatly appreciated...thank you in advance...
  28. ixsolracxi

    Draw Results

    i know i drew deer and ibex from the email...i dont know where and i just threw my proc away...grrr...going to the store to get one elk for me this year, maybe a landowner permit but the ibex is a good thing and im not complaining =0)
  29. ixsolracxi

    Pronghorn AMU 20 Archery

    i'm extremely excited to draw my first goat tag...i have never hunted this area and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on where i should start? it's pretty much east of the plains of san augustine...thanks for any help. solrac
  30. ixsolracxi

    Unit 34 Deer Help

    I will be hunting this unit w/bow...i plan on hunting labor day weekend w/hopes of getting a buck in velvet and again in january during the rut...what are some areas to look at in sept and jan? any help and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated... solrac
  31. ixsolracxi

    Javalena Help

    i am excited to have drawn my first javalena tag in my first attempt...the hunt is feb 1-15 in units 19 and 23-27...i know nothing about these animals but am extremely excited about the hunt...any information or guidance on where to start looking would be greatly appreciated... thanks in...
  32. ixsolracxi

    New Mexico 6C Cow Hunt

    i have a cousin and good friend that drew this unit as a 4th choice rifle for december...i have never hunted this unit and know nothing about it (other than it borders the valle) is a cow hunt and would like nothing more than to help these guys have the chance to not only see some animals...
  33. ixsolracxi

    NM Unit 34 Deer

    I drew a tag for unit 34 bow Sept 1-22 and Jan 1-15...i will not be hunting deer in september because i will be chasing elk therefore i will be chasing them in january...anybody have some info on where to begin scouting for the january hunt...not looking for your personal sweet spot just some...
  34. ixsolracxi

    New Mexico Results are Available

    the results are can access the results from the draw 1 search on the hunt the page...not sure how long it will be available but check it while you can... drew 21a elk bow sept 1-15 deer 34 bow nothing on bighorn or speedgoats... solrac
  35. ixsolracxi

    Daypacks, what do you use or suggest?

    I am looking at a daypack for elk hunting...just wondering what you all use (why you prefer it over others) and what brands would you suggest...i am looking at something that will distribute the weight away from my shoulders and more towards my waist and hips, what is too large/too small and...
  36. ixsolracxi

    Nikon Monarch or Wind River Cascade

    Alright, i know this topic has come up many times and i have searched previous posts regarding binocs...i have come down to two pair of glass, Nikon Monarch ATB 10x42 and Wind River Cascade 10x42 (yes, i would love to get some swarovski's, leica's or ziess but they are not in the budget now...
  37. ixsolracxi

    Which State and Unit did you apply for?

    so, with applications now being accepted where is everybody applying? my choices for elk are New mexico 1st choice: 21a 9/16-24 2nd choice: 21a 9/1-15 3rd choice: 16b 9/1-15 i also put in for bighorn sheep, oryx and deer in NM solrac
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